One Million Moms Object to Fun Between the Buns

The Christian Fundamentalist group One Million Moms is offended by Ruby Tuesday’s humorous, albeit slightly risqué, ad campaign titled, Fun Between the Buns.

Here’s  the offensive ad:


One Million Moms had this to say about the ad:

Ruby Tuesday’s new pretzel burger “Fun Between the Buns” ad campaign is tasteless, blurring everything in the middle of the burger similar to an advertisement that reveals inappropriate images. Ruby Tuesday is replicating a form of media that is gaining popularity and intended to be naughty but should be avoided if a company is concerned with its reputation.

The only question is which is worse, the slogan “Fun Between the Buns” or the graphic that is included with it? Parents do not want their children repeating the slogan, and the graphic is equally disturbing because it is symbolizing nudity. Everything between the top and bottom hamburger buns is pixelated, including condiments, meat, cheese and other toppings. This should only be done when trying to protect someone’s privacy and should not be tolerated when unnecessary in any other form of media.

Marketing campaigns using sexual innuendos are never appropriate, especially when advertising food for a family restaurant. Offensive ads cause parents to lose their appetites and their respect for a company.

And let me give you a quick a reminder of the fact that there are nowhere near one million moms that support One Million Moms:

one million moms


one million moms twitter

One Million Moms is really a small group of sexually frustrated women and men who find offense any time anything remotely sexual is mentioned on TV. If they have young children at home who understand what “fun between the buns” means have a much bigger problem than a Ruby Tuesday ad. I suspect MOST Christians who saw this ad…smiled.

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  1. Ami

    59,000 is almost a million, isn’t it? That’s how many ‘likes’ I see there on their home page.
    When I thing of all the things going on right now in the US that are worth being pissed off about, pixellated images aren’t even on my list. Seriously.
    Jesus H. Christ.

  2. Ahab

    I’m tempted to go order that pretzel burger just to spite One Million Moms.

  3. Paula

    If they are this worked up over a picture of a burger, they seriously need to get a life. Maybe they should have to try worrying about whether Speaker Bonehead and his Tea Party contingent are going to get away with delaying the ACA when many people are desperate to be able to get insurance.

    Maybe they should have to worry about their retirement fund losing money because the Tea Party House members are making the markets nervous.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      You are spot on, Paula. So many real issues, yet they focus on things that do not matter.

  4. Dale

    This is the same bunch that tried to bully J.C. Penney into removing Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson. Luckily, Penney called their bluff.

  5. Lynn

    I’ve got this image of women marching through town in the Temperance Movement fighting a futile battle. If this is an ad on TV, they could severely restrict TV or even get rid of it entirely. Then their kids wouldn’t see or hear it. Although it has such a fun ring to it, that I can see kids saying it for laughs. I don’t know. I can see from the business side that restaurants have lots of competition, so they’ve gotta do something to get people’s attention, make them laugh and visit the restaurant.

    To get practical, what is it that’s on TV that mothers simply can’t do without? So they keep the TV on, yet complain about the commercials. It just seems like if the point is to truly solve the problem, giving up TV entirely would become an option. We’ve gone without TV off and on over the years. If I have TV, I watch it. If I don’t, then I read more and watch DVD’s from the library. I think TV is more of a negative than a positive, for the most part. And my house includes two teenage boys and a 21-yr.-old daughter and a husband. The boys are happy playing on their PS3, and we all decided that going without TV is no big deal, but we can’t do without the internet. (Our purpose was saving money mainly.)

    So I think mothers protesting “immoral” commercials simply serves to reveal that we mothers can think that we can’t have a good life without the tube.

  6. Angiep

    The point is that fundamentalists have to have a cause to stand up for, or against. It’s not that they can’t do without TV; it’s that they have to search out whatever “ungodliness” exists in society so they can convince you to join them. There has to be a problem, and they have to have the solution. There was an outcry against a gay TeleTubby at one time, as I recall.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      You are so right. The Fundamentalist is known for what they are against. Perceived evils is what fuels their churches and preaching. I think their eschatology plays a part in this. It is literalistic, driven by the belief that a real devil and his demons is out to destroy the world.


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