The Delusional Followers of Convicted Felon Jack Schaap

book by jack schaap

A Book Jack Schaap Wrote but Didn’t Practice

Just when I think the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) church movement can go no lower into the muck they surprise me. Delaine Rae, a recent guest post writer, a former IFB preacher’s kid, sent me a link to a Jack Schaap FAN page. I kid you not.  This page was started AFTER Schaap’s arrest and conviction and has comments as recent as a few days ago.

The fact that this group exists is proof that there is no sin so bad that can’t be forgiven and forgot by just remembering a great sermon Schaap preached or a kind act that he did. If the point of the group was to let people know Schaap is not evil-personified, point taken. However, there are behaviors that are so heinous that no amount of Facebook blubbering can make the stain go away. This group is a bad idea, and for those of you who are on Facebook, you might want to let them know this. (see all posts I have written about or mentioned Jack Schaap)

Lest ANYONE forget…this is what Dr. Jack Schaap, then pastor of the largest IFB church in the world, First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, wrote the girl he had sex with:

From a handwritten letter

Hi [Jane Doe],

Because my time with you is so limited, I find great comfort in writing to you. Certainly it is no substitute for being with you – nothing is – in fact, being with you is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

You have a gift of making me feel more alive and more happy than I have ever felt! THANK YOU! I’ve been doing much thinking about you – our brief journey together has been like a spiritual allegory (a story that illustrates a truth :) . . .

Your life began to deteriorate w/ actions + activities that were self-destructive + that would have brought great tragedy eventually. Then, as your Pastor, I began to counsel you [unintelligible] you to God, the truth, and to a better path of living – that’s what we call Righteousness. Almost immediately, I felt such a profound tug in my heart for you – an intense desire to pull you away from destructive habits + to pull you into pure love + acceptance. I felt the only hope I had to truly make that difference was to pull you 1st to myself – if I could get you to trust me + open your heart to me. I could not have anticipated or hoped for what happened.

You opened your heart wide to me – you made me more than a Pastor/Rescuer – you made me your friend your confidant, your beloved. You gave me your trust, your heart, your love, + your affection. [Unintelligible] must feel when a sinner makes Him more than a Savior – he/she makes Him a beloved lover + friend. I have never felt so truly loved in my life. It is a feeling that is incomprehensible! (off the charts)In our “fantasy talk,” you have affectionately spoken of being “my wife.” That is exactly what Christ desires for us. He wants to marry us + become eternal lovers!

I tried to craftily catch your heart so that I could lead you into a better life. You have caught my heart + I have never felt so loved by anyone! Thank you[Jane Doe]. Thank you for the privilege of helping a struggling teenager. Thank you for opening your heart. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your love. My hope and prayer is that someday you will comprehend what an impact you have made on your Pastor and friend.

[Jane Doe] you have such a wonderful life ahead of you. I must be careful not to spoil that with any of my selfish fantasy desires. It would be grossly unkind to you for me to hold you captive in any fashion. When we get scared, Jesus sends His spirit to live within us. But He does not personally live with us. He waits until we have fully matured before he takes us to Heaven to live with Him. Yes, there are exceptions, but they are exceedingly so – sorta like [name redacted] (sp?) or a young child dying too young.

I must follow the example of Christ. I have espoused you to Him as a chaste virgin. You are pure + lovely + perfect in His eyes. Now you must mature in His grace until the time he brings you to Himself. Until then, I am here to guide you + help you. [Unintelligible] your heart.

I could only wish you would carry my love for you with you + in you forever. For me to wish for more would only be hurtful to the beautiful life He has planned for you. I will die 10,000 deaths knowing I cannot have you in my life as I would desire. But I would far rather die those deaths than to hurt you in any way by injuring your future.I would gladly do anything for you + I must lay down my life – my desires – for you

I will ALWAYS be here for you [Jane Doe]!! Always And I will carry you in my very soul as a part of me forever. I ‘ve never met anyone like you. Please keep on becoming what you are becoming now. I’ve tried to point you in the right direction. PLEEEAASSE don’t ever go back to what you were when we found each other. That would put my soul in Hell!

I promised you I would do anything to help you – and I have shown you what I mean by that. I still promise you I would do anything TO HELP YOU but I be me let + can you when see to by stop time- time from Text you! hurt would that anything do>part of your life + decision-making. But live your life – the life God has for you. Be 17 + enjoy this great stage of life. I’ll always be watching + always be pulling for you. I will always love you -

FOREVER! Your BFF, Pastor.

From another handwritten letter

Hey Baby, Hope you slept well.

I’m sitting at my table reading the Words that help me through powerful emotions that are surging through me. I miss my Bible Reading partner. It was fun to have our Bible Study yesterday morning. I Have my good music on – “I will trust in You” + the “Power of the Cross.” Good music drives me to the Scriptures to find the strength to go forward when my emotions want me to “freeze” time + go back to yesterday.

No matter how glorious the past, the future is the only direction we can go without dying inside. The past 3 days w/ you were beyond my imagination :! But what I hope you take from this wk. is more than the “magic” we enjoyed but also some better understanding of how incredibly important + special + awesome you are to Jesus! I wanted you to feel + know how much He loves you! I wanted to let some of the hurt + headache – the bad hurt – out of your heart.

This week, [Jane Doe], I tried to climb into your heart and write the graffiti of the Gospel on the walls. I wanted to spray paint in Neon colors that you are Priceless + Precious + are “off the charts” important – yes – to me personally -but especially to OUR Savior Jesus Christ. I’m reading my Bible now to draw a little closer to God – even if it’s a millimeter closer – because if we both get a little closer to Him, we also get closer + stronger + deeper w/ each other.

Every relationship not built around that truth eventually must die – that’s what happened w/ you + J. And that’s why afterwards you pursued “dead” things + “dead”relationships. My passion this week was to show you a living relationship + how to keep it alive! [Jane Doe], however, whenever God takes our love, we never have to[unintelligible] to each other. Keep pursuing Good and we keep living because He is Life!!

I have a special gift for you that I want to give you Sunday if you would stop by my office when you arrive. Also, I really want you to download the App Olive Tree Bible Reader when you get it, I’ll teach you how to use it.These days w/ you are tattooed on my heart + in my mind – Forever!

But these days, also gave me great insight to the profound needs of my teens + young adults. You’ve helped me. Finally, I want to thank YOU for giving me something I was not planning to receive. Through you, I have felt very loved by God. I gave Him my heart when I was 5, I gave Him my life when I was 17. And yes I love Him + know Him +understand much about Him, but, sometimes I just need to “feel” His love in away that only He can provide . . . and this week, through you, I have “felt” His love.

I absolutely cannot thank you enough!! It is obvious to me that God must trust you very much. He gave you the work of caring or ministering to His servant- just as the angel ministered to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemine. Of course,you have been given enormous responsibility. The Scriptures do not tell us what the Angel said, how he arrived or how he left + apparently no one knows to this day – 2000 years later – what happened. That’s a very wise Angel! And so are you, Baby! 1432444!!!!!

From the Sentencing Memorandum of Jack Schaap.

Remember, the people running and supporting the Jack Schaap Fan Page KNOW all of this, yet they continue to blindly worship the man. Maybe some of them are so inoculated with the Hyles/Schaap “if you didn’t see it it didn’t happen” virus that they are incapable of seeing Schaap as he really is…a convicted felon who had sex with a minor girl in his church, a girl he manipulated into having sex with him. Anyone with any sense of decency should be able to understand this.

Comments (12)

  1. Delaine

    If there ever was one thing I could point to and say,”this is why I won’t send my kids to your church.” or “no, I have better morals than the mightiest of you, so I won’t accept Christ”. This is it.

  2. 29dinosaur

    Thanks for spoiling my day. I’m Australian so know nothing about this man except that now I want to throw up! Is there something in the water you guys drink that makes some of you go crazy?? 140 letters in his defence…. find out who they are and put them in prison too. Protect them from themselves – they must be delusional…

    This quote from the girls father…

    “My wife and I raised all of our children in a Baptist home. The rule of our house was that the pa stor was God’ s representative on earth. Always do what the pastor says. We taught our children to have implicit faith and trust in pastors. I never imagined such emotional and psychological harm could be inflicted on our daughter and family by a man and Church I respected and trusted.”

    Sounds like a Baptist Pope….

    10 years plea bargained..ha! (Actually got 12y)

    (Just read a bit more about this …
    …40,000 congregation … that’s bigger than my whole district which takes in about 5 towns and rural surrounds… )

    Someone wrote in the HP comments: “what is the difference between a pastor and catholic father?

    A: pastors keep young girls to themselves and catholic fathers keep young men to themselves.

    these two are same as politicians: power, money and sex.”

    1. Jon Weaver

      Don’t be too hard on us Americans, you guys sent us the “great” Ken Ham! ;)

      1. 29dinosaur

        To Jon: Ha Ha! What an embarrassment!

  3. Jada

    Doug Phillips Fan Page on its way in 3 . . . 2 . . .

  4. Kerry

    I cannot believe the illustration he gave bout a ministering angel!!! What a complete crock of shit!!! I must say that his letters show why religion is so dangerous as he is able to twist and interpret scripture anyway he wants to help pacify his disgusting behavior. This guy needs professional help and not from a holy-man/woman….a real professional.

    I also went for 5 minutes to look at the Facebook page in support of him, as that is all I could take. That too was depressing. With their belief structure, one could take any of the worst people to ever live and find “something” positive about them. Kind of like the old joke about Teddy Kennedy…when Reagan was asked to say something nice about him, he thought for a moment and said….”well for a big man he does not sweat all that much.” Booth may not have been a very good actor, but he was an excellent shot…so there is that!!!! Pathetic in every sense!

  5. Patrick

    you know Bruce there’s one thing that I can only say about this and that is this. I would tend to suspected jack Schapp got a lot more p**** than you and I’ll ever get!

    did I just seriously right there in the comment section? Oh yes, oh yes I did…

  6. unapologist

    To be honest, I’m surprised there is only 153 followers. I figured the flock would be larger.

  7. Delaine

    I’ve reported this group everyday since finding it on the sixteenth. Facebook has yet to even send their decision.

  8. Sick of Hyles

    Fundamentalism is the haven for dim-witted, wannabe preachers…. Who like little girls!

  9. IFBfree


    The letters that Schaap wrote his victim were influential in my deconversion. It opened my eyes to the power of the IFB and it’s pastors.

    Schaap used god and Scripture to control and manipulate his victim into getting what he wanted. IFB pastors do this on a routine basis. To get big numbers (for bragging rights), they preach soulwinning. To get more money they preach tithing. To get more control they preach about pastoral authority.

    The list goes on and on. Once I realized that he could manipulate her for sexual reasons. How do I determine if people are manipulating me for other reasons?

    Long story short… I left religion and am a happy atheist.

  10. Mark McCarty

    What sucks is that: 1) Jack Schaap used to be my teacher @ Hyles-Anderson College (had him for Old Testament Survey and Homiletics); 2) I used to be a member of FBCH back when Papa Jack (i.e. Jack Hyles) was pastor; 3) I looked up to this man at one time! There was a time I cared about Jack Schaap’s opinion of me.

    Anyway, long before this whole scandal broke, I left FBCH/HAC; it was September of 1994 I left, actually. I was there when Joseph Cardinal Bernardin was accused of sexual impropriety, and I was there when FBCH was accused of stuff. Seeing the huge DIFFERENCE between how Cardinal Bernardin handled his accusations vs. Jack Hyles was an eye opener; Cardinal Bernardin was very Christ like in his dealing with his accusations, whereas Jack Hyles was not.

    My late mother was also worried about me, and asked me to read up on cults and stuff. I checked things out for myself with the expectation of proving her wrong, but I ended up seeing that she was right; FBCH/HAC WAS a cult-like environment. I then did the unthinkable: I read Voyle Glover’s book, Fundamental Seduction and Vic Nischik’s book, Wizard of God. Doing so was tantamount to heresy! I couldn’t put these books down, because in my heart of hearts, I knew that they were true.

    Anyway, I ended up leaving in September of 1994. I rebuilt my life, and I never looked back. While I cannot renounce God; while I cannot become an atheist; I can understand why some do. That said, I haven’t darkened the door of a church in years, and I suspect it’ll be years before I do so again.


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