James Dobson Threatens to Close Up Shop: Dare we Hope?

focus on the family

Right Wing Watch reports:

Last week, the Alliance Defending Freedom filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of James Dobson against Obamacare and its contraception mandate …. or, as they put it, against  “Obamacare’s abortion pill mandate.”

Dobson and his attorney, Martin Nussbaum, discussed the lawsuit on his radio program today where Dobson railed against the law, said his lawsuit might be the most important religious liberty case ever, and vowed to close up shop before his organization would ever comply.

Here is a transcript of what Dobson said:

James Dobson: How dare the government do that do us! These principles that we believe in are more important to us than our own lives!

…[ADF President Alan Sears] told me recently that he thinks that our case is one of the most important religious liberty cases ever to be adjudicated  and I said ‘why, what gives it that kind of stature and importance in history?” And he said ‘because never before has the federal government required individuals and businesses to kill human beings and get fined if you don’t, or to facilitate the killing of human beings….

Ryan Dobson: It’s important to stand up for righteousness in the culture and to save the lives of millions of babies that are going to be killed because of this. We have to do this.

James Dobson: And we have to win, too.

Martin Nussbaum: And you have to do because you either have to provide the benefit that you’re morally opposed to or you have to pay a fine of $36,500 per employee, per year.

Ryan Dobson: Which would close our doors.

James Dobson: Well, we will close the doors if we have to do this! Rather than be complicit in the killing of babies, we will go away. I mean, it’s as simple as that.

Dare we hope that Focus on the Family and the Dobson empire will close up shop? If anyone thinks Dobson is REALLY going to close up shop they haven’t been paying attention. Right-wing zealots like James Dobson need abortion to be legal and same-sex marriage to be legal. If not, they would have nothing to talk about.

Dobson ain’t going anywhere. He has an empire to keep running and he will always find a new boogey man to scare the faithful with.  And let’s not forget Dobson’s 2008 Letter, Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America, a letter he tried to use to scare the shit out of American Evangelicals. This letter is no longer linked on the Focus on the Family website. Fortunately, I was able to find a copy of it on the right-wing Christian, conspiracy-oriented, news site, WorldNet Daily. Enjoy! In the Old Testament, false prophets were stoned to death. Based on how wrong Dobson was in his letter, perhaps it is time to gather up some rocks.

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  1. Heather

    Blech… Makes me SICK to think how I used to love Focus on the Family and James Dobson.

    1. ... Zoe ~

      Me too Heather. Me too.

  2. TIM Johnstone

    No rocks needed, The word is clear, embryos are life. Abortion is a crime. Obama “blessed” an abortion clinic. You what? Christ did not come to whitewash sin, but to end its power over us. TIM

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      You said, “The word is clear, embryos are life. Abortion is a crime.” and the Word says this WHERE?

      You do know that God killed unborn fetuses when he destroyed the world with a flood and that God, through miscarriage, is the biggest abortionist the world has ever known?

  3. Steve

    Me too, ladies. I remember in the early 90′s, being afraid that he would close his doors and also bring afraid of what “Bill Clinton’s America” would mean for all of us. Sad, ain’t it?

    Now, 20+ years later, Dobson was wrong about his “prognostication” & he continues to make his millions. Ashame. And, ashame I used to be so stupid & gullible.

  4. justjohn

    oh please. and didn’t god hold oral roberts hostage in an ivory tower?


  5. Texas Born & Bred

    I used to be quite spiritual and listen to Focus on the Family regularly. One vacation, I stopped by at their headquarters in Colorado Springs. I was blown away at the posh and luxury of the place. I became disgusted and left with my faith at a much lower level than before. The very next year, i got to tour Jim Bakker’s old digs in South Carolina. I was again blown away by the posh and luxury. So my faith dropped even more.

    Now I hang on by a mere thread of faith, but have become accustomed to the snake oil salesmen/millionaires that seem to plague christianity.

    Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? The nation turns its lonely eyes to you … woo, woo, woo!

    1. mary d

      maybe go visit Shane Claiborne. there are plenty of Jesus followers out there who are not of this ilk.

  6. Stephanie

    Ok, I have thought about this whole birth control coverage thing quite a bit. It seems as if, correct me if I am wrong, the opposition to birth control among evangelicals has grown stronger. I don’t remember it being mentioned really before this. Another thing that grinds my wheels is that they blatantly lie about birth control being a form of abortion. Plan B does not even cause abortions. Plus, what business does a company have in knowing which health care services you utilize? It is a part of your reimbursement as is your paycheck, which they can’t control what you spend it on. I really hope the supreme court makes the right choice on the whole Hobby Lobby debacle.
    As for Dobson, just another political ploy to pander to the Christian right and claim “persecution.” If he wants to shut down over it, eh, whatever. More cash will be rolling in from the good Christian folk that follow him.

  7. Kathy Slaughter

    Another time he threatened to close due to “near bankruptcy” they were actually building a multi-million dollar welcome center that he paid for with the $20 and $40 he got from frightened older people in their devoted letters and cards.

  8. Aram McLean

    That letter ‘from 2012′ was just…wow!
    They really don’t get that we don’t have an ‘atheistic-dogmatic’ agenda to force on them. They can’t see past the fact that they’re the only ones trying to force shit on others. Such a weird world to inhabit in their heads. I can’t say I miss it. Not even a little bit.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Yep. I am quite content, outside of this blog, to live and let live. People are free to read or not read. However, people like Dobson have theocracy as their goal and this is why they are dangerous.

  9. gimpi

    Ryan Dobson: “It’s important to stand up for righteousness in the culture and to save the lives of millions of babies that are going to be killed because of this. We have to do this.”

    OK, for the last time, birth-control DOES NOT cause an abortion. It prevents a woman from becoming pregnant. You can not abort a pregnancy that has not happened. This as a brand-new (within the last 7-10 years) evangelical myth. It’s not true. And, no, we should not have to write law or tax-policies around untrue beliefs. That would be like trying to get a Small-Business Administration grant to set up a green-cheese importing business from the moon.

    1. Stephanie

      Thank you. When this comes up I try to educate. I figure it is the least I can do. My mother has even corrected people at church! That goes over, well, as expected. There is resistance. But the pastor said, Focus on the Family said…

  10. Scott

    Actually, Dobson was, erm kicked out of Focus, when he was pressing the board to turn over the reigns to his son Ryan and the FOF board balked at that. Dobson left FOF to form his own organization in 2010. He formed a new organization called “Family Talk”, see Rand Paul’s favorite resource, Wikipedia.

    FOF has been losing supporters and cutting budgets and employees the last couple of years.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      I wondered about that. When I saw their interview, I thought he and his son were talking about FOF. Thanks for the correction!

  11. bobkeelerBob

    Many writers here state it as a fact that contraceptive pills do not cause abortions. Is that really fact? I think you need to read more studies on this. Sooner or later life will be defined as starting at conception. Then the law of the united states will bring an end to legal abortions and the rights of those individuals will be recognized as protected in our constitution.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Some birth control pills can cause spontaneous abortion. Your point? The assertion that all do and do so every time is incorrect. I suspect you want to outlaw birth control pills too? Good luck with that.

      I will agree with you on one thing…there is an ongoing states battle over abortion and I intend to do what I can to make sure that woman have access to birth control and abortion services. I do not support unrestricted abortion, but since the vast majority of abortions occur well before viability, I think women should have the legal right to an abortion.

      You can check out the abortion facts here http://brucegerencser.net/2013/09/abortion-facts-lies-and-contradictions/

      1. Stephanie

        But isn’t abortion defined as after a fertilized egg has implanted in the uterus? If so, then birth control can’t do anything about that. From my understanding, it has has never been formally proven that it can keep a fertilized egg from implanting. It is speculation and even if it did happen it would be exceedingly rare since that is not the primary or even secondary function of birth control. Plus, I don’t view a fertilized egg as a person so whatever. Of course, I respect differing views on this subject provided the person actually does something constructive to make abortion less needed. Sorry, but someone trying to ban birth control is completely asinine. If you don’t like it, don’t use it!

        1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

          Yes, but I think they move the goalposts, so to speak, when they talk about personhood and life begins at fertilization. As I said elsewhere, God is the biggest abortionist in the world. I don’t know what the exact number is, but the number of spontaneous abortions are quite large. When we found out Bethany had Down Syndrome, our Catholic doctor explained to us that most pregnancies with the Down Syndrome chromosomal abnormality spontaneously abort. He told us that God gave us Bethany to us because we were special. This explanation worked for us at the time. Now we know we aren’t special, but Bethany is. :)


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