Yuma Arizona 2004 Part One

In 2004, my sister talked me into moving to Yuma, Arizona. She thought the weather would be good for me, so she bought us a house to live in, paid our moving expenses,  and we packed everything into a U-Haul and moved 2,600 miles to Yuma. We lived in Yuma for 7 months. When we could no longer quash our yearning to see the children we left behind in Ohio, we moved back home.  We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with my sister Robin, and we are forever grateful for all she did for us, But, our connection with our children runs so deep that we find it hard to live away from them.  If this was not the case, we would still be sitting by the pool in our shorts enjoying a wonderful Arizona winter. What follows is a few pictures I took while we lived in Yuma, Arizona.

gerencser home yuma arizona 2004

Our home in Yuma. The biggest and most expensive home we have ever lived in.

ashes yuma arizona 2004

Ashes, the cat we got from the cat shelter in Yuma. Why the name Ashes? When we turned him loose in the house he made a run for the fireplace chimney and tried to climb it. He was quite black afterward.

laura josiah polly bethany arizona 2004

Laura, age 12, Josiah, age 10, Polly, and Bethany, age 14.

bethany laura josiah arizona 2004

Bethany, Laura, and Josiah, near the top of Miller Peak, outside of Sierra Vista, Arizona. (my brother lived nearby in Tombstone)

bethany laura josiah arizona 2004-001

Bethany, Laura, and Josiah, somewhere in Arizona (we took a lot of sightseeing day trips)

bethany josiah laura arizona 2004

Bethany, Josiah, and Laura outside of Yuma, Arizona.

This week, both Laura and Josiah will be moving into nearby apartments. Josiah will be living in Defiance and Josiah will be living in Bryan. In less than two weeks, Laura will graduate from Bowling Green State University. I am grateful that my children are close.

These pictures remind me of how quickly time flies. One day your children need you, the next day they are on their own and you hope that they still will need you.


Forgive the quality. My scanner does not as good of a job as I would like it to on old photos. These are OK but not up to my usual OCPD standard. I switched to a digital camera in 2005.

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  1. Paula

    That was a nice looking house. I love those tile roofs they have out west.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      The Arizona housing market was booming in 2004. I think my sister paid $210,000.00 for the house. We moved out in September and she sold the house the day after we left…and made a tidy profit. It was a wonderful. spacious, older by Yuma standards, home. I couldn’t believe how expensive housing was. I could buy three of my houses for what Robin paid for this one. She told me the housing market has recovered there. (she lives in Chandler now) Here? Still in the tank. Neighbor accross the street listed his house a few months ago for $81,000.00 Recently, he dropped it to $64,000.00 Not good around here. Our other neighbor had to reduce their home price too. It took them over two years to sell their home. They moved out over the weekend.

  2. Steve

    Beautiful home & a lovely family. Sounds like they were some good times; I’m glad you had them. I’m sure you miss those times.

  3. Kat

    What a lovely crop of gingers! It does my heart good. ^_^


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