Will You Be Watching American Idol this Year?

american idol judges 2014

Polly and I don’t watch much reality TV.  We watch The Voice, The Sing-Off, America’s Got Talent, and occasionally So you Think you Can Dance. We used to watch The X Factor but lost interest when the show started becoming more about  glitz and stage presence than the singing skill of the contestant.  We watched American Idol for many years, but quit half way through last year. The constant drama between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj was a huge turn-off and we found that the talent level on The Voice was superior to that of American Idol.

During the off-season, America Idol underwent a complete overhaul. Jennifer Lopez was brought back as a judge, Keith Urban will return as a judge, and Harry Connick, Jr. was added as a new judge. The old producers were sent packing and Swedish Idol producer Pers Blankens was brought in to overhaul the show.

We plan to give American Idol a try this year. How about you? Will you be tuning in to American Idol this year?

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  1. Annie

    No. NONONONONONONONONO! No American Idol, no Sing-Off, No Dancing shows – NADA!

    No ‘reality shows’, none of this crap. EVER. And I do mean EVER.

    I have not watched ‘regular’ tv in literal years, I don’t pay money for cable crap either. I have Netflix and Plex. Give me a good British mystery show, had me another book to read, pour that glass of wine, settle down the cats and kittens – and my life is good.

    ‘Heaven help’ the first person that even TRIES to put that junk on in my home, because I will not be held accountable for my actions.

  2. August

    I have been proudly without a TV for at least a dozen years now. If I want to watch something, I subscribe to the program on iTunes and pay for *just* that program, commercial free, and watch it on my computer. Reality TV is nowhere to be seen on my radar.

  3. MichaelL65

    I might watch the first couple of shows just for the outrageous performances. I used to watch Survivor when that first came on years ago, now I just find these shows have become old and tired.

  4. Paula

    We don’t watch any “reality” TV. We watch “The Good Wife”, the news, “Doc Martin” and quite a few other PBS offerings. Sometimes we get started watching something like “The Mentalist” and then drop it because of the unnecessarily graphic violence. Mostly we watch series and movies that we have purchased, which are more to our taste than much of what is being broadcast.

    When all else fails, we watch “West Wing”, “The Gilmore Girls” or “Friday Night Lights” again. We haven’t subscribed to cable since we ought our first house, choosing instead to spend some money on purchasing and keeping what we really like.

    For us, watching on the computer is a make do thing for when one of the recorders is on the fritz and there is a scheduling conflict, or we have failed to record something. We like to be comfortable and in the living room, not hunched in front of the computer.

  5. Steve

    Just set my DVR last night. I too, quit early last year; it just wasn’t there. But yeah, I’m trying it again this year.

  6. przxqgl

    no, i will not be watching. a couple years ago a group to which i belong was invited to compete in America’s Got Talent. we were booed off the stage, and subsequently discovered that they invited us to compete because of the fact that they already knew that we would not be a competition to any of the “real” winners. the producers of the show now own a performance of Big Bois With Poise on national television, that we cannot use for our own purposes (advertising, promotion, etc.)… the only purpose for shows such as that is to make loads of money for the producers while, simultaneously, taking as much advantage as possible of the “talent” who actually makes up the show. if it weren’t for the “talent”, they wouldn’t have a show, but ultimately, nobody wins except the group that they’ve already decided on prior to the airing of the first show…

    i prefer to watch paint dry, or grass grow… 8P

  7. Chikirin

    I like that cop show “The First 48″

  8. the_Observer

    I lost interest in most TV shows several years ago, and that is not a good thing.

    I do like watching Inspector Morse with the parents through over a bottle of wine.

  9. vjack

    Will I be watching American Idol this year? No. I have zero interest in that sort of thing. I’d much prefer to crack a book and attempt to learn something.

  10. Appalachian Agnostic

    I can’t get interested in any of those competition shows. I don’t like the cruel way the contestants are treated or the idea that there can be only a select few “winners”. IMHO, the concept of winners and losers makes no sense when applied to art.

    1. Paula

      What little I’ve seen of Simon Cowel-sp?- really irks me. When the clips of Susan Boyle wiping the condescending smirk off his face with her magnificent voice were all over the news, it was very gratifying.

  11. Becky Rogers Wiren

    I like country and Keith Urban. But I can just listen to his music!

  12. ... Zoe ~

    I watched. But to tell you the truth, I’m usually asleep then so not sure if I’ll be able to make a weekly appointment to stay up. :mrgreen:

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      We DVR it and then watch it on the weekend so Polly can see it. This works well until the live shows and then I have to avoid reading certain entertainment news so I don’t find out who was voted off.

  13. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

    Thank you, everyone, for sharing your thoughts on American Idol. I am reminded that the people who read this blog are a varied lot, quite diverse in opinion about most anything. :)

  14. Ian

    No. I got tired of thieves booing each other and getting boo’ed wham they would say something negative. The same for America’s Got Talent. The Voice had excellent talent, but I hated the drama during the training/practice sessions.

    As much as I dislike Pierce Morgan, I agree with him when he said that the show was about REAL talent. No one is going to pay to see people dressed up like dolls or snapping clothes pins.

  15. Dale

    I will if Jennifer’s hoo-hoos are fighting to jump out of her blouse like the picture above…SHAME ON ME!!! Honestly, I have never watched a single episode. I’ve always felt like an outsider at the office.


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