Yes, I Know Everything, Almost

i know everything




Catholicism, West and East

Western Christianity

American Christianity

Evangelical Christianity














How many times do I need to read a book until I know its contents?

I know the Bible

from cover to cover

50 years in the Christian church

25 years as a pastor

Thousands of sermons

Thousands of hours spent reading and studying the Bible

What are you going to tell me that I do not already know?

I am not an atheist because of ignorance

I am an atheist because of knowledge

You believe

I don’t

You have faith

I don’t

Call me a fool

An apostate

A false prophet

But don’t insult me by suggesting that there is something I don’t know about Christianity, God, Jesus, or the Bible, and if I just had this knowledge, I would then see the light, repent and believe on Jesus.

Will you “hear” what I have written here?

Of course not

I wish I could test out of this class you think I need to take

Then maybe you will stop…

Forget it

You will never stop

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  1. Lan

    People are saying you don’t know enough? oh geez

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Yep, they are certain that if I just knew____________, everything would change.

  2. Becky Rogers Wiren

    Cute. I imagine that you could get into interesting debates with Biblical scholars, but since many of them are NOT conservative or fundamentalist, it wouldn’t be about trying to convince you to become a Christian again. And the fundies wouldn’t consider your knowledge to be acceptable. I was thinking about this whole leaving the faith thing and how you/we are accused of our beliefs changing due to our emotions. I’ve actually started to think that what happened to many of us was, the strong emotional component that held us to our beliefs WAS threatened. But then we were able to look at conflicting facts once we were no longer under the spell of our delusions. Of course we couldn’t convince the fundies of that reason either. Too bad… :)

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Yeah, the scholars and I would likely agree on many things. (Non-Evangelical scholars)

  3. pilgrimsinthisworld

    Mr. Bruce, just a quick question for you or anyone on this blog.. How would one seek to aid in healing a friend that has come out and is very wounded by the extreme conservative church.. who is still a Christian by faith.. but so very worn and tattered? And also for those that are wounded but still bound by chains of legalism and bondage?

    1. Clare45
      1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

        I get comment notifications via email and it doesn’t show who it is a response to. When I got your comment I thought, why is Clare45 leaving me a link to a secular counseling site? :) I now see that it was not for me. :)

  4. Lynn


  5. Connie

    Not sure if this will work as I don’t have internet and I’m posting from my phone.


    I love how the words on top have the shape of a person. A rather henpecked person to be sure I believe.

    Awesome art with an even better rant

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      It worked ! :)

  6. sgl

    i think these are the same people, that when they go to a foreign country and speak english which the locals don’t speak, they just repeat themselves LOUDER, thinking that somehow that will magically make them comprehend english.

  7. Alice

    But Bruce, it’s about RELATIONSHIP!!! ;)

  8. mikespeir

    They can always find something about your Christian background that was wrong according to the way they think. So, obviously, you weren’t a Real Christian, and they can dismiss everything you say.

    Well, here’s my take on it. There’s no such thing as Real Christianity in the sense of anything supernatural going on. So in the same sense there’s no such thing as a Real Christian.

  9. Anna Hayward

    Oh, that’s just HEAD KNOWLEDGE ;)
    Have they tried that one on you yet?

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Oh yeah, this is a common one. I am considered book learned but spiritually illiterate. :)


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