IKEA Expands Business with Sauder Woodworking


What follows, is a video about IKEA’s recent decision to expand its business with Sauder Woodworking in Archbold, Ohio. Over the years, Sauder Woodworking has been very good to the Gerencser family. All of our children worked college summer jobs at Sauder’s and currently Polly and two of our children work for them. One son and two daughter in-laws also worked for Sauder’s at one time.

The new IKEA business will result in new¬† jobs, stable employment, and hopefully pay raises. Sauder’s is a privately held local business that recognizes that over 1,600 people count on them to provide decent jobs that pay well. Though they have faced extreme economic pressure in recent years, I, for one, appreciate all the Sauder family has done for the Gerencser family and NW Ohio.

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  1. Paula

    In my experience, Sauder makes a product that is a good value for the money for those on a budget. When we bought our current house, we had a couple of men working here for about a month painting and doing assorted odd jobs before we moved in. We bought a huge entertainment center that had to be put together–from the world’s largest retailer–and left it here for the men to put together. They called one afternoon and said they were breaking it back down and boxing it up for us to return, as there was no way it was going to be stable empty, let alone loaded down.

    We got a Sauder at Service Merchandise and everybody was pleased with the result when it was put together. We are still using it nearly twenty years later. (Unfortunately, since people keep fixing things that aren’t broken, our next TV will be rectangular instead of square and we will have to go to a lot of trouble to change.)

    (We also have five Sauder bookcases. My husband put the first one together while I watched, them we each did two of the remaining ones. These, too, have lasted twenty years, despite being overloaded.)

    This sturdy, presentable piece of furniture cost a few hundred instead of a few thousand, and allows people of modest means to have something to house our stuff.

  2. Erin

    We, too, have owned multiple Sauder products over the years. I’m happy to hear they are beneficial to the community, and I hope the new deal with Ikea only brings positive change.

  3. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

    The RTA (ready to assemble) business has faced huge economic pressure and contraction. Raw board prices continue to increase and foreign imports have cut into Sauder’s business. They continue to look for new markets and design new items. They now make low cost caskets. :)

    Sauder employees have lost benefits and seen huge increases in insurance costs in recent years. I don’t blame Sauder’s for this. I blame our politicians and anti-American trade policies.

    Polly has worked for Sauder’s three different times, a total of 16 years. Our one son has worked there 17 years and our daughter started working there a few weeks ago.

  4. Casey

    As long as the workers are treated justly, I’m glad whenever manufacturing jobs expand in this country. Out of curiosity, will the plant be unionized?

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Doubtful. Sauder’s pays competitive wages so there has never been any pressure to unionize. Employees always want more but I think the wages are decent, especially after you have been there a few years.

  5. fierogirl

    Bought many of their products through the years. No complaints. Just hard to put together at times, but that is just me. I’m not good at putting stuff together. LOL

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Oh I have cussed them many a time as I put together one of their products. :)

  6. NeverAgainV

    I own some Sauder products. Very decent for a good price!

    Cool to know that it’s midwest based and helping the economy where my friend & his family lives. Nice. I’ll keep it in mind when we do some more shopping to look for Sauder products.

  7. tlethbridge

    We are doing a remodel and will finally be parting with two Sauder bookcases we bought as newlyweds 20+ years ago. I did not know they were American made and I am always happy to see American manufacturing expand.


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