Jesus Ruins Everything

no jesus phil robertson

I am sure you wish that she hadn’t married that boy she met in college.

I am sure you wonder what might have been if she hadn’t met me.

If only…

If only is the game of fools.

She might have married Jim instead of Bruce but how can you know how life might have turned out for her if she did?

But look at how things turned out…

You are not on the ministry…

You don’t go to church…

You don’t even believe in God…

And you have that awful blog…

Little do you realize that she willingly walked away…

From the family God…

From the family Church…

From the all that she thought she would spend her life being…

So there is no value in wondering about what might have been.

All that matters is what is.

Why can’t you see this?

I know, Jesus.

You see Jesus ruins everything.

You can’t see how good life is for us.

Six grown children, all of them save one, gainfully employed.

Three grown children happily married with families of their own.

Nine grandchildren…

Maybe you will live long enough to see your great-great grandchildren.

In but ten years the oldest grandchildren will be entering college.

The marriage you thought would never last…

The marriage you thought be ruined because divorce is hereditary…

The marriage that has had plenty of ups and downs…

The marriage you prayed would last but doubted it would…

Has endured.

And we are happy.

We are in love.

Most of all we are friends.

Just think…almost 36 years we have been together.

Yet, the blessing of our life, all that we have, from our family, to our home, to our material possessions…

Leaves you with disappointment.

And I know why.


You see, for you, and others in the family…

Jesus is the beginning, middle, and end.

He is the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last.

Without Jesus life has no meaning.

Yet, right in front of you, what you can plainly see with your eyes, our life does have meaning.

Instead of being pleased and grateful that we have a wonderful family and a great marriage…

Your thoughts turn to…


If we only knew Jesus…

Then all would be well.

But, would it?

Would it be OK if we followed the Mormon Jesus?

The Catholic Jesus?

The Methodist Jesus?

The Presbyterian Jesus?

The Seventh Day Adventist Jesus?

The Quaker Jesus?

Don’t answer because I already know…

There is only one real Jesus and that is the Baptist Jesus…

If we would just return to your Jesus all would be well.

The family circle would be unbroken once again.

But that’s not going to happen.



Can’t you just love us as we are?

Can’t you just rejoice overĀ  how good our life is?

Can’t you?

Of course not.

Because of Jesus.

Because there’s a hell.

And knowing the right Jesus is the only way for us to escape your sadistic God’s eternal, never-ending torture chamber.

In a few years, if Jesus tarries as you Baptists like to say, you will be 80.

You know that death is right on your bumper.

You want us to meet you on the other side.

At least your daughter and grandchildren anyway.

Maybe you think I deserve hell for leading her astray.

You want there to be a big happy family reunion in heaven some day.

And so, you wish things were different…

Perhaps you will make one last plea when we come to visit you on your deathbed…

We have decided to lie if that will make your passing more peaceful…

Sure, we believe in Jesus…

But not your Jesus…

Our Jesus lived and died…

End of story.

Your Jesus ruins everything.

Your Jesus keeps you from embracing all that we are and being all right with it.

You see, we hope too…

We hope that some day you can see us as we are and not as what you think we should be.

We hope that some day you will see us in the present tense and not the past.

Remember, yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come, we only have today.

What we are now is all that matters.

We hope that some day you will see how happy we are…

That our children and our grandchildren are the center of our world…

We would love for you to be the center of our world too…

But Jesus ruins everything.

Comments (13)

  1. Paula

    It’s always a pleasure to see a marriage thrive for the long haul despite doubting parents!

  2. Heather

    Out of curiosity…do your relatives read your blog? I wonder sometimes if my family has noticed my atheistic postings on Facebook and report to my parents. but of course I cannot tell who reads my posts.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      I know some of the extended family do. If I wanted to be a little shit :) I would have Polly put my posts on her Facebook page. :) but I don’t. They all know about my blog and I know they talk among themselves about it. I can only imagine what they say. This is Polly’s family btw. My parents, grandparents long since dead. My sister is ok with where I am. My brother and I aren’t close but I suspect he is ok with it too. Polly’s side of the family is where all the fundamentalist Christian preachers/evangelists/missionaries are. They are definitely not ok with it. I suspect most of them think…poor Polly, big bad Bruce has led her astray. Oh if they only knew, but they will never know because they will never ask her. Much easier to blame the redheaded guy. :)

      1. Paula

        Bruce, it would always be SOMETHING. My husband is somewhat the black sheep of his family for being a Democrat, a union man, and childless. The older I get the more sure I am that we each have the right to live our own life.

    2. Becky Rogers Wiren

      Heather, they might be polite. I commented on a post on a page my conservative aunt didn’t get, but because it was MY comment it showed up in her feed. And since I was speaking about how the Bible wasn’t literal, I ended up hearing about how she was praying for me really hard and very upset. If she wasn’t one of the really kind conservative Christians, I would have been more put out than I was. Instead I just thanked her, although I felt annoyed.

  3. david buckley

    “The dogs bark,but the caravans move on”- Afghan(?) saying

  4. Steve

    Beautiful post, man. Could tell it was from the heart. I know; I could write something like that, too.

  5. Ian

    Wow, that was great. My wife’s family feels exactly the same about me.

  6. mikespeir

    Both Phil Robertson and Bruce Gerencser have prophet beards, so I don’t know who to believe.

  7. biblebeliever

    What if you were childless and single? What if you owned nothing and the street loomed? What if you had no family? There are many people in that position. I think for many their progeny becomes their form of “eternal life”. And there we thought it was only the Duggars who focused so much on the multiple people they’d leave behind. :p

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      My oh my the assumptions you make.

      Actually I support radical population reduction through birth control and financial incentives to NOT have children,

      But, my six kids are already here, so yes, I do care about their present and future life.

      I hope you can see that my belief is nothing like the Duggars.

  8. NeverAgainV

    Yes their Jesus does ruin so much. Hoping someday people will open their eyes.
    I’m just glad that you and Polly have each other Bruce. It makes it easier when you are
    with someone who understands what you have experienced.

    I just so do not like bible religion because of the terrible damage that it does to people.
    :( :(

  9. oneperson

    Beautiful…brought tears to my eyes…mostly good tears…for the life that is. <3


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