Monday is Opening Day for the Cincinnati Reds

cincinnati reds

Thanks to my next to oldest son procuring a ticket for me,  I plan to attend Opening Day for the Cincinnati Reds on Monday. We are leaving early in the day and will return late in the evening. I will not be available on Monday, and since I expect this trip to beat the crap out of me physically, I doubt I will be doing much writing for a few days after the game. If I weighed the cost-benefit ratio every time I did something, I never would do anything. I know that I will be in poor shape for a few days after the game, but this is likely the only time I will be able to attend Opening Day, so I intend to ignore the cost and enjoy the game. A great pain reliever would be if we beat the *&*^% out of the Saint Louis Cardinals.


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  1. fierogirl

    Have a great time. Always wanted to go to Opening Day and/or have Diamond Seats. Oh well, one of these days.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Nathan is a manager for a local internet wireless company. One of the perks is tickets from time to time. I am glad he asked me to go.Definitely one item on my bucket list. We are going early so we can see the parade. Only negative is that they have to push my fat ass all over downtown Cinci. :)

  2. Pat f

    Enjoy. My dad is from that area in Ohio. Thanks to him, I’ve been a Reds fan by default all of my life. I remember the Big Red Machine. Mom would complain about having to listen to Reds games throigh a lot of static…since we lived in Michigan!

    Have a great time!

  3. Steve

    Enjoy the game, numbnuts :) Best of luck to your Reds!!


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