Proof That Christians Are Not Persecuted in America

My friend Steve snapped the following picture while out and about in North Carolina. I added the appropriate caption.

christian truck in north carolina

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  1. Catherine Carter

    There’s a truck in our neighborhood with an odd arrangement of stickers: Norfolk Jesus Southern. Railroad as god? I’ve got to find our picture of it!

  2. Steve

    Yep. Very real picture, taken in the Sprawl-mart parking lot. I just HAD to take it for you :)

  3. Rike

    To answer your question, I add my own question: Do you think an atheist could drive a comparable car with atheist quotes on it without having it vandalized within three… days?

  4. Dale

    I’m sure this person gets laughed at a lot for “not being ashamed of Jesus.” Like bunches of Americans, this qualifies as persecution to him/her since being laughed at or told to shut-up is the closest he’ll/she’ll ever get to being persecuted.


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