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A Letter to Family, Friends, and Former Parishioners

Dear Friend

Dear Ann, A Letter to My Fundamentalist Grandmother

Dear Bruce, A Letter to My Youth Pastor

Dear Mom and Dad, A Letter to Fundamentalist Christian Parents

Count the Cost Before You Say I am an Atheist

From Evangelicalism to Atheism, A Series

I am a Publican and Heathen, A Series

The Evangelical Closet

Never Measuring Up

Escaping the Emotional Damage of Our Fundamentalist Past

Dear Christian, If You Believe There is a Hell

Methods Used By Evangelicals Make Me Glad I Ain’t One

Does Evangelical Christianity Cause Emotional Damage, A Series

Prayer, A Few Thoughts on My Life of Praying to the Christian God

An Ex-Pastor’s Dilemma

Can a Person Really Know They are Saved

My Pain Philosophy

A Few Thoughts About Mental Illness and Depression

Bruce Gerencser CLAIMS He Once Was a Christian

God Spoke to Me

What About Your Children

The Danger of Being in a Box and Why it All Makes Sense When You Are in a Box

What I Found When I Left the Box

It’s Been Good

I was a Cult Leader, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Is God Punishing Me for My Sin

Emotional Manipulation in the Evangelical Church

IFB Preacher, Ralph Wingate Jr, Uses Me as a Cautionary Tale

She Would be Seventy-Five Today

25 Years of Preaching the Gospel, An Article I Wrote in 2002

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder: An Ordered Life

A Few Thoughts on Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain

Midwestern Baptist College (ongoing series)

From Evangelicalism to Atheism (ongoing series)

I Am a Publican and a Heathen (ongoing series)

Is the IFB Church a Cult? (ongoing series)

Questions for Polly (ongoing series)

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