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February Blog News

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Thank you for reading The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser. What follows is the February 2015 Blog News.

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Health Update

I have a March appointment scheduled with a colon/bowel surgeon. My primary care doctor wants me to have a colonoscopy. Since I am still having the same problems I detailed previously, and the endoscopic ultrasound showed no cancer on the pancreas, it is time to take a look at things from the ass end up. I had a colonoscopy done in 2007. At the time, the surgeon removed two noncancerous polyps.

Something is not right, so the hunt for answers continues. These problems are in addition to the chronic, unrelenting pain and debility I live with every day.

If you have not read my THANK YOU post, please do so. I greatly appreciate the outpouring of love, kindness, and support I’ve received over the last several months. Some days, it is a kind word from a friend that keeps me going. Never underestimate the power of kindness.


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Domain Switch Over

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Currently, this blog is hosted by NameCheap, the registrar I use for my domains. It is a cheap package, so the cost is right, but page load times are way too slow for my liking. So, at around 1:00 AM EST, I plan to switch over to Flywheel, the company I used before. You should notice a big change in page load speeds. I hope that the changes will propagate quickly, but there could be some sporadic unavailability tomorrow. I apologize for this if it happens to you. Any unavailability will be temporary.

After tomorrow, if you still can not access the site please let me know. You may want to flush your browser cache before contacting me. Sometimes, an outdated browser cache can result in page errors. (as can an incorrect IP address in the DNS cache, though this rarely a problem)

Facebook and Twitter

facebook and twitter

I decided I need some virtual human contact so I signed up for a personal Facebook account. This will be the place I hang out with family and friends, so don’t expect deep discussions about atheism or religion. Expect light discourse, pictures of the grandkids, and exposure to the “rest” of what makes up Bruce Gerencser. If you would like to be friends, you can friend me here.

As far as Twitter is concerned, I am not a big Twitter fan but I know others are, so I will do my best to accommodate the Twitterites by posting my writing to Twitter. You can follow me here.  Please don’t expect long 140 character discussions. I am not built for such discussions. I get too snarky. I am better suited for long, friendly discussions over coffee, wine, or a good meal.

Old Posts

Several readers have asked about reporting my previous writing. I will not be reposting my past writing, except for 20-30 old posts that I think are important and will give context to those reading my story for the first time. I want to revisit some of the things I wrote about years ago. Over the past 8 years I have changed a good bit and I think my writing should reflect this change.

Thank you for your understanding.


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Thank you for once again reading my blog. You love and support is greatly appreciated.


The Fifth Coming of Bruce Gerencser

bruce gerencser

Bruce Gerencser, shore of Lake Erie, 2014

High Resolution Photo

Dear Reader,

Four and a half months ago, primarily due to health problems, I stopped writing. Since then, outside of a couple of letters to the editor, I haven’t written a word about anything. Needless to say, my word cache is ready to explode.

My health has not changed. In fact, my health is worse than it was in August when I stopped blogging. It seems that whether I write or don’t write, the one constant in my life is my health.

As I ponder firing up the Bruce Gerencser writing machine, I ask myself, what do I want to do differently? Here’s what I have decided to do:

  • I intend to focus on local/state/federal politics, religion, mental health issues, and photography.
  • I intend to write original content.
  • I intend to write my book one post at a time. When finished, if there is enough interest, I will have it published.

Here’s what I have decided not to do:

  • Use social media. I will rely on readers to publicize my writing if they wish to do so.
  • Accept guest posts. This is no reflection on the wonderful people who have written for me in the past. My goal is to focus on my writing. As always, my writing will be freely available to anyone who wants to use it. (with proper attribution)
  • Write about my family. Outside of their appearance in my book posts, I will not be mentioning my wife, children, grandchildren, or siblings on this blog. They have a right to privacy and I intend to protect that right.
  • Invest significant time in comment section discussions/debates or contact form replies.  The comment section is me asking the reader, what do you think? I hope you will tell me what you think. I may respond from time to time, but don’t count on it.

I am sure there will be those who think I am a nut job, a mentally ill Evangelical preacher turned atheist. Those who know me well already know that I am a little off upstairs. As a reader of my blog, you voluntarily jump on the Bruce Gerencser crazy train. I am glad  you have decided to come along for the ride, whether this is your first trip, your fourth, or your fifth. I can’t promise you anything other than it will be fun while the train wildly careens down the track.

Thank you for riding.

Bruce Gerencser