Defiance vs Wauseon Basketball Game January 17, 2015

Last Saturday, my oldest son, grandson, and I attended the Defiance High School vs. Wauseon High School basketball game. The contest was held at Defiance. I expected the game to be blow out, and it was. Defiance easily beat Wauseon 60-32, improving their record to 10-1. The previous night, Defiance lost their first game, losing to Celina 48-44.

Here are a few pictures I took during the game.

katwan singleton

#22, Katwan Singleton, defended by #32, Jacob Newlove

noah castle

#22, Noah Castle

carter bzovi

#30, Carter Bzovi

michael menendez

#4, Michael Menendez

katwan singleton 2

#22, Katwan Singleton, #30 Carter Bzovi

noah castle 2

#22, Katwan Singleton, #22, Noah Castle

jacob newlove 2

#32, Jacob Newlove, defended by #22, Katwan Singleton

katwan singleton 3

#22, Katwan Singleton, #22,Noah Castle, #14, Zach Johnson

katwan singleton 4

#22, Katwan Singleton, #14, Zach Johnson

wes detter

#10, Wes Detter


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