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Currently, this blog is hosted by NameCheap, the registrar I use for my domains. It is a cheap package, so the cost is right, but page load times are way too slow for my liking. So, at around 1:00 AM EST, I plan to switch over to Flywheel, the company I used before. You should notice a big change in page load speeds. I hope that the changes will propagate quickly, but there could be some sporadic unavailability tomorrow. I apologize for this if it happens to you. Any unavailability will be temporary.

After tomorrow, if you still can not access the site please let me know. You may want to flush your browser cache before contacting me. Sometimes, an outdated browser cache can result in page errors. (as can an incorrect IP address in the DNS cache, though this rarely a problem)


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    Surprised to hear what you are saying. Your site loads like lightning for me – I am using Firefox on a Windows 8.1 desktop. This likely reflects that the experience varies from device to device, which totally slipped my mind a while back when I tried venturing advice to someone who wanted the comments link to follow the post rather than preceding it – I realized shortly after my comment that different folks are accessing your blog with different devices and my advice might not apply.

    I hope this goes smoothly for you – I have gleaned from various past tidbits here that you are pretty far beyond me tech-wise, and have a faith (somewhat like my faith in a chair) that it will go smoothly.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      It “should” go OK. I have worked with domains,hosting, computers, networks, and the like for over 20 years. Of course, my experience has also taught me that the moment you think something can’t go wrong it will.

      Since NameCheap is my domain registrar and my hosting company, I have to disconnect the NameCheap nameservers and change the host record. Usually, I could just modify the host recordsand all would be well, but since they are the registrar and hosting company, it is impossible to avoid some down time. Domain propagation works quickly these days. Years ago, making a change could result in your site being down for days. I know, probably too much information. 🙂

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    Hey Bruce, I always love your blog. One problem though, is that though I can get here by using “” I cannot do the same with “” as that takes me to a flywheel problem page. BTW, I know you probably said so somewhere already, but how do you pronounce your last name? Too many syllables for a hi-tech redneck like me. I am so blessed to have a last name of “Smith”. Much simpler, LOL.

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