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Updated May 2, 2019

Warning! What follows is not suitable for children or fundamentalist Christians.

If you have not read the serious version of Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Bruce Gerencser, please read it here.

I have noticed in the search logs that people are looking for information (more likely dirt) on Bruce Gerencser. They are entering search strings such as Bruce Gerencser, Bruce Gerencser sermons, Bruce Gerencser bio, etc. Many times they misspell my name, spelling Gerencser: Gerenscer, Gerenser, or Gerencer.

In order to facilitate their search for the Kim Kardashian lowdown on my life, I thought I would write two posts, a serious one and this one.

Where can I listen to your old sermons?

There are no online sermons of me preaching. For many years, all of my sermons were taped. I am sure there are tapes of my sermons gathering dust in former parishioner’s closets.

All told, I preached over 4,000 sermons.

What is your shoe size?


What clothes do you wear most of the time?

I wear blue jeans and tee shirts 99% of the time.

I still have a tie I bought in 1976. I haven’t worn a tie in almost ten years.

I don’t wear shorts in public and I have not taken my shirt off in public in over 30 years. I know all the babes in Ney are just waiting for me to go strutting down the street with no shirt. I am sure they will think, what a stud. Or maybe they will call 911.

I always wear a hat in public. Usually I wear a Reds or Bengals hat. In the winter, I wear wool fedoras.

What kind of underwear do you wear?

Currently, plaid boxers.

What is your…?

Don’t even ask. I am told that it is big enough. But, the person telling me this has only seen one flesh and blood man naked. Compared to what I have seen, uh, well somewhere on the internet, I doubt I will become a porn star any time soon.

Are you on Social Security?

No. Thanks to listening to well-off, hate-the-government preachers, I opted out of Social Security when I was 24 (seemed like a good, money-saving idea at the time). By the time I realized those preachers were full of shit and opted back in, it was too late. While I cannot draw Social Security Disability, I will be able to draw Social Security based on my secular work in July 2019.

Do you have animals?

Yes, I currently have a dog that somehow stayed behind when my youngest daughter moved out. I also have a cat. Polly tolerates and sometimes loves the animals. Thanks to my mother, I am a hopeless animal lover.

Do you kill spiders?



Never. It’s the Buddhist in me.

Are you afraid of snakes?


I do wish the snakes that stand in fundamentalist pulpits Sunday after Sunday would climb into a hole never to be seen again. Dare we hope?

What kind of temperament do you have?

Why, just ask my family. I am quiet, meek, passive, and never get angry. Okay, I might be lying just a wee bit.

Back in the real world, I am temperamental and have a wry sense of humor. I can quickly become angry, but my anger rapidly dissipates. I don’t hold grudges and I am quick to forgive.

My humor has gotten more risqué post-Jesus. I blame this on my children.

Do you have any identifying marks?

I am circumcised. That sure as hell had to hurt. I don’t remember it, but it sure left a scar.

I have a scar on my nose from skin cancer surgery, a scar on my left hand from carpal tunnel surgery, and a scar on my hip from cancer surgery.

I have a scar on my leg from being bit by a dog when I was 11.

I have short legs, a long body, and no butt. I have spent most of my life pulling up my pants and tucking in my shirt. I wear suspenders lest locals someday open their newspaper and read Local Atheist Moons Christians at Meijer.

What was your greatest sports achievement?

As a 12-year-old, I won third place in the Deshler Punt, Pass and Kick contest. There were four kids in my age group.

Are you allergic to anything?

Bees and Republicans.

If you had to concoct one meal, what would be in it?

The Whopper from Burger King, French fries from McDonald’s, onion rings from Sonic, washed down with a super-sized Pepsi. And then, for dessert, a banana split from Eric’s Ice Cream.

Man, I wish I could eat this meal right now. Sounds like a dying man’s last wish.

Do you swear?

Hell, no.

Have you ever killed anyone?

Just myself, one fast food and junk food meal at a time.

Have you ever looked at pornography?

Really, you are asking this? I am a guy. Next question.

Have you ever committed adultery?

Yes. Jesus said if I look at a woman in lust I have committed adultery with her in my heart. I must admit I have an adulterous heart. My wife now says we are in an open marriage, so I can look but not touch. Touching will bring the death penalty.

Do you have any irrational fears?

One — flying on an airplane. I did it once and it ain’t happening again, ever! If my brother or sister in Arizona dies before me, they better keep them on ice until I get there. I will be taking the bus or Polly will be driving me. No planes. The good news is that I will likely die before they do, so I don’t have to worry about flying again.

Have you ever committed a crime?

Felony or misdemeanor?

I shoplifted clothing as a teenager, mainly Levi jeans. My Dad thought Rink’s Bargain City, also known as Bargain Shitty, and Twin Fair were fine clothing stores.

Years ago, I stiffed the IRS by not claiming cash gifts from parishioners as income. This is a common practice among clergy.

A teenage friend of mine and I stole his father’s 1955 Chevrolet and turfed a bunch of lawns. We made the newspaper the next day.

As a teenager I pelted cars with apples, water balloons, and snowballs. I now threaten to beat the shit out of kids who do the same to me.

I have had more traffic tickets than I can count, but none since 1985.

In 2014, I found $27 in a school parking lot. I thanked the Sky God for his blessing and put it in my pocket. I did look to see if anyone was nearby to whom the money might belong. My eyesight was pretty bad. After the game, I used the money to buy dinner.

What are your favorite sodas?

Pepsi, Suncrest Cream Soda, Jones Cream Soda, Big Red, and Faygo Rock and Rye.

I refuse to drink diet pop. Diet pop is like taking Vicodin without the Hydrocodone. Why bother?

What are seven things you hate?

Any team from Ann Arbor, Michigan that is playing Ohio State.

The Saint Louis Cardinals.

Fundamentalism, wherever it is found.

Rude, self-absorbed people.

Air conditioning.


Any fart but my own.

What is your favorite practical joke?

I put brown shoe polish on toilet paper and then came out of the bathroom screaming at my kids about who left the shitty toilet paper in the bathroom. Much to their horror, I proceeded to put the toilet paper in my mouth.

Have you ever used illegal drugs?

Never, but I sure would like a joint. I think it would help with my pain. Anyone from Colorado coming this way? Please, don’t send me pot in the mail. Front door deliveries only.

Have you ever had an affair?

Only with God, Jesus, and the church. They sure turned out to be lousy lovers.

What’s the oldest thing in your house?

You mean beside me and Polly?

Old photos of family are the treasure I hold on to. I have the baseball glove I bought at the age of 14 from JC Penny. I also have a knife my Dad gave me 47 years ago.

What are your favorite homemade desserts?

Pumpkin pie.


Vanilla pudding with vanilla wafers and meringue on top, but only if it is made exactly like my mom made it. Polly has finally perfected the recipe, so she no longer has to hear me say, “this ain’t like Mom’s.”

Anise cookies.

Oatmeal, raisin, and chocolate chip cookies.

Any cake my mother-in-law-makes.

Oreos — they are homemade, right?

What things do you refuse to get rid of?


I’ve had the same metal desk and file cabinet in my office for 33 years. They were made in the 1950s, back when Americans made stuff.

What was the first car you owned?

My first car was a 1960 Mercury Comet. I let an unlicensed friend of mine drive it one day and he lost control of it. The car hit a ditch bank and flipped over several times. He ended up in the back with the seat on top of him and I ended up with my head sticking out of where the windshield used to be. The car was totaled. I paid $200 for the car. To hear my friend tell it, we were going 100 mph when he lost control. The car had a six cylinder 144 CID motor, with a top speed of 68 mph. He was actually doing about 40 mph when he lost control.

What magazines do you read?

I now subscribe to Apple’s $9.99 a month magazine service. I read the magazines on my iPad Pro.

I also read magazines when I use the toilet. If no magazine is available, I read the ingredients on whatever is nearby. Always learning.

If you could sit anywhere with Polly where would it be?

Okay Bruce, they want a romantic answer. The fifty yard line at the Super Bowl is not what they are looking for.

On the banks of the Blanchard River, Riverside Park, Findlay, Ohio.

The eastern shore of Lake Michigan when the sun is setting.

What are your toilet habits?

I put the seat up when I pee and I don’t put it back down — that is IF I make it to the toilet before my bladder screams PEE! I have no ability to keep from urinating. So, when it is time to go, it is really time to go, like n-o-w.

I don’t care which way the toilet paper roll dispenses the paper.

Do you have a reoccurring dream?

Yes, and it involves Pamela Anderson. Enough said.

I hope you have had some fun with this post. I have no doubt this will not satisfy those looking to get some dirt on me or discover who the r-e-a-l Bruce Gerencser is. Who knows, maybe they will find out I am really a cross-dressing, vegan, University of Michigan-loving man. After all, the lies told about a person always make for better news than the truth.



  1. Justin

    The invisible kind
    Aaaargh! TMI! TMI!

    Any team from Ann Arbor, Michigan that is playing Ohio State
    I… I don’t know what to say… I thought you and I were friends?

    Anyone from Colorado coming this way?
    On your way to that funeral in AZ, stop by the house… someone can help a brother out.


    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Hate the team but not the person? 🙂

      I hope Harbaugh will be good for Michigan. The Big Ten is a better conference when Michigan has a competitive football team.

  2. Erin Word

    Anise cookies. Yes. I never thought I’d meet another fan.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      My mother made them when I was a kid. A few years ago I asked Polly if she could make them. She did and they are scrumptious.

      1. TieceyKaye

        A student made me anise cookies many years ago. Having forgotten the name of the spice, she informed me they were anus cookies. Still tasted good!

        1. Michael Mock

          Bwahahahahahahaha! Was she willing to make them because she had placed you on a “pedal stool”?

  3. Robt

    At least we agree on the Buckeyes 🙂

    Go Browns!

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Oh no, a Browns fan. 🙂 Actually, I like the Browns. When I feel sorry about the Bengals I just look to the north. Here’s to better days for all the pro football teams in Ohio.

  4. Lydia

    “Have you ever looked at pornography?

    Really, you are asking this? I am a guy. Next question.”

    This made me snort.

    Enjoy your weekend off from blogging!

  5. Ian

    The St. Louis Cardinals statement hurt a bit. I never thought you could be so mean.

  6. Anne

    So glad you’re back in the blogosphere Bruce! Just discovered your return & going to spend this chilly, drizzly day catching up on your posts. All the best to you & yours!

  7. Steph

    Is polly still a believer? And what and how did u decide to become a preacher?

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      No, she is not. She self-describes as a non interested agnostic. In many ways, she is much more anti-religion than I am. For us, we have moved to a new phase in our life.

      1. Steph

        That’s good.. I still love you guys no matter what you believe

        1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

          The cs is the problem. As far as I know, there is no cs in the English language.

    2. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      About being called to preach. It was a feeling, an impression, as I was taught growing up in the Baptist church. That said, I always wanted to be a preacher. I never went through the what should I do with my life angst many people go through. For 30 plus years I got to do the one thing I always wanted to do.

  8. Tige Gibson

    Your last name really isn’t spelled intuitively. Perhaps you should change it Gerentzschtzer.

  9. Kenneth

    I too, am guilty of reading ingredients while on the pot (at least, before I got a smartphone). I thought I was the only one.

  10. Steve Scott


    Your “About” comment on music was awesome! I, too, don’t like rap or opera. Old school country is fine with me, though. My list would also include CCM and pop that is post-mid-80’s. Extremely progressive jazz is falling off my list, as a FB friend is a jazz guitarist and a nephew is a jazz sax player (and numerous other instruments.)

    In short, we seem to dislike the same music.

  11. Becky Wiren

    You have LOMA-Little Old Man Ass. My husband has it too!

  12. PatF

    Rock and Rye. That’s from time spent in Michigan.

  13. Chikirin

    Were your teenage hi-jinks (shoplifting, pelting cars) before or after getting saved? I was a sincere believer as a kid, but I did bad things too. Most times it was other friends who coaxed me to go along, but sometimes I would be the instigator. It’s interesting how people do stuff and then rationalize it.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Mostly before, but some after. The shoplifting was driven by poverty and my Dad’s unwillingness to buy us decent clothes. Like most teens, I wanted to fit in.

  14. Karen the rock whisperer

    I worked for an old flight simulator company from 1981 to 1991. I started out in a cubicle with Ghastly Standard Cubicle Furniture (it hangs with hooks on the cube walls), but eventually I ended up as a lead engineer, sharing an actual office with a colleague. The office was old, the previous occupants had taken early retirement packages, and there was no furniture. The company dredged up a couple of dented metal desks for us, along with mismatched chairs.

    Those metal desks were wonderful! All the drawers were the right sizes; the things were sturdy and didn’t wiggle when you thrashed about with an eraser (or just wiggled); and (this is California) they provided a sturdy hole to dive into in an earthquake. My colleague and I thought the damn things were made in heaven. We were involuntarily moved a couple of times, and insisted on taking our desks with us. The moving guys had no end of trouble shifting the heavy things.

    Metal desks, mismatched chairs, and a really big white board, and they could have planted us on the front lawn for all we cared. (Though the computers might not have been happy.)

  15. Karen the rock whisperer

    Oh, and regarding “adultery” — if my husband didn’t look, I’d wonder what was wrong with him. And vice-versa.

  16. Mark R

    On the next episode of “Life After People” (a very interesting short series, where all humanity disappeared — no reason given — but the rest of the natural universe continued on):

    “One hundred years after people, a metal desk and file cabinet in Northwest Ohio remains, undisturbed by the elements, now home to the descendants of a cat belonging to someone identified only as ‘Ger nc r”.

  17. Mark R

    Forgot to add–Now that pot sales are legal in Illinois, you might be able to make a short day trip and finally partake. (Plus it may help with some of your ailments–there’s something in it that obviously works)


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