A Tour Through Our Yard January 15, 2015

I took a brief walk through our yard today. Brief, because there is about six inches of snow on the ground and I have no boots. Here are a few of the pictures I took while circling the house.

wood ornament

Brr. It’s cold and snowy out here. My bones feel like wood.

snow in boughs of pine tree

Snow in the boughs of the 50 foot pine tree that sits in our front yard.

japanese flowering cherry tree

Snow on Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree

Snow on our Japanese Flowering Cherry tree. It did not flower this year due to a late freeze and it dropped its leaves in the middle of the summer. We fear it is d-e-a-d. In about ten or so weeks we will know for sure. If it is dead, I plan to turn it into a woodpecker haven.

winter 3am ney ohio 2015

Winter 3 AM, Ney, Ohio 2015

Not related to the yard tour. I shot this photo a couple of nights ago at 3 AM. The sodium light gives the street a yellow tint. I shot this picture out of an open bedroom window. Thank you to Polly for holding the curtain back while standing there in her PJ’s freezing her ass off.


  1. Ami

    I love the photos. We don’t get Cardinals here, but we do get Steller’s Jays. They’re very striking. And we occasionally get these gigantic woodpeckers, but I don’t know for sure what they’re called.

    I am very glad I don’t live where it snows. I prefer seeing snow in photos only.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Large woodpecker is likely a pileated woodpecker. I have only seen one once. It was a HUGE bird, standing in our yard in north central Michigan. It was awesome to watch.

  2. Tom Whitten

    The Japanese Cherry tree…the snow is roughly shaped like Japan itself. I notice very strange things.

  3. kittybrat

    These are wonderful, Bruce. The sodium lighting is pretty cool, isn’t it?
    I hope Polly gets her ass back.


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