Amy Duggar and the Duggar Virginity Index

amy duggar dillon king

Amy Duggar and Dillon King

Count me as one person who is tired of all the news reports about this or that Duggar being a virgin and saving herself for marriage. Amy Duggar, a cousin to the 19 and counting crowd, is the latest Duggar to inform the world that she ain’t putting out until her wedding day.

The Christian Post reports:

The famous Duggar cousin, Amy, and her boyfriend of three months, Dillon King, are shopping for wedding rings but still planning to abstain from intimacy before marriage.”We’re both committed. There is no time frame. I have no idea when it’s happening,” Amy told Radar Online. “I don’t want to be involved in the actual engagement, so it’s going to be a huge surprise!”

The two were friends for five years before they actually began dating and she described their first kiss as a “magnetic force.” It’s yet another difference between Amy and her famous cousins who abstain from all physical contact, except holding hands, until exchanging vows. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald did not even share their first kiss in front of people but instead saved that moment private…

…One way they’re expressing their love is by abstaining from intimacy until their wedding night. It’s a mutual decision they came to in order to show respect to one another. Amy admits that “it’s hard” to wait to be with Dillon, though one thing that is seemingly helping is Dillon breaking his leg, which has “put a big chastity belt” on the relationship.”He’s doing better,” she joked. “He can hobble. I call him Mr. Hobble! He can’t really work that much right now, so I’m helping him out when I don’t work. I help him put his socks on, make him dinner, little things he appreciates. It’s growing us closer together.”

The two have not set a date yet but know that God is watching over them, guiding them in their future together. Amy has been very vocal about her faith and through it all has placed her trust in God.

Pleeeezzee, God, will you let one of these Duggar girls commit fornication so we can stop reading stories about their virginity, dating life, and first kiss? Amy and Dillon sound like good candidates, God. Unlike their cousins, Amy and Dillon have already committed the mortal sin of pressing their lips together. If you would hormonally encourage them, God, to round third and head for home, I’d really appreciate it.

And the FAMOUS Duggar cousin? Famous for what? Being born out of wedlock? Her singing, which one Nashville producer called horrifically awful?


Only in America.



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  1. Geoff

    I wouldn’t want to buy a new car without test driving several first. Why not the same for spouses?

  2. Becky Wiren

    There are two many Duggars for ALL of them to remain perfectly chaste. That goes against human nature. Also, I’ve heard it pointed out that at least 2 of them, statistically speaking, must be gay. Anyway, we may have to wait awhile for all the real good stuff to come out.

    1. Lydia

      I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the older kids writes a tell-all book in the next 10 years.

      1. Suzanne Titkemeyer

        Lydia, I’m counting on it and I’m betting it’s going to be the clearly gay Duggar boy.

      2. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

        I see them as a polite version of the Phelps family. As the Phelps children/grandchildren ave gotten older, out come the stories.

  3. Becky Wiren

    There are too many Duggars for ALL of them to remain perfectly chaste. That goes against human nature. Also, I’ve heard it pointed out that at least 2 of them, statistically speaking, must be gay. Anyway, we may have to wait awhile for all the real good stuff to come out.

    1. Becky Wiren

      Oops double posted Bruce!

    2. Matt Martin
      1. Suzanne Titkemeyer

        Matt, according to gossip one of the boys has already been away at a pray the gay away camp. Met the family last year and it was pretty clear to me which of the boys it was. There is already a ghey Duggar but he’s so closeted at this point he’s looking at next century’s Christmas presents.

        1. Matt Martin

          It’s heart breaking stuff. Growing up as a gay in a working class catholic community was difficult enough, I shudder to think about what young faggots and dykes go through in Duggaresque circumstances.

  4. Stephanie

    Here’s the thing: I don’t care what they do or don’t do. It’s a personal choice. I do have a feeling, however, that they would care and condemn me and everyone else for choosing differently.

  5. Wayne Beamer

    Bruce: Amy got her “shot” at a music career with boatloads of help from TLC. It’s almost like the Duggar family is its own multi-level marketing scheme. I wonder what happens when Momma Bear’s body stops carrying babies. Will Jim-Bob find a younger “sister” wife to continue the series?

    1. Angiep

      I have seen better videos on YouTube made by people in their basement. Not only was it so squeaky clean I needed an insulin shot after seeing it, it was also boring, boring, boring. I stupidly watched it to the end in case something actually happened. It didn’t.

  6. Lynn123

    Is it not bizarre when you have a need to tell the world what you and aren’t doing with your boyfriend? Seems to cheapen the whole relationship? Isn’t part of the beauty and specialness of a relationship the fact that it IS private?

    They’re really like a preacher’s family-being models of goodness to help the rest of us. Doesn’t the Bible say something about not strutting your goodness before others? I know it also says the opposite of that-but that’s the Bible for you.


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