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One Million Moms Outraged Over Women Not Wearing Underwear

cottonelle going commando

Humor and snark ahead

One Million Moms, the outrage department of the American Family Association, are upset over a new Cottonelle ad that asks women to dare to go commando. Here’s what director Monica Cole’s press release had to say:

In Cottonelle’s newest advertising campaign “Dare to Go Commando,” a company spokeswoman asks individuals if they feel cleaner after using Cottonelle because of the ripple texture. The Cottonelle spokeswoman goes so far as to ask another woman if she feels clean enough to go commando now. The woman agrees and walks back into the restroom to return with her undies in a small shopping bag. The commercial ends with both women pulling down the waistbands of their pants just enough to reveal they don’t have panties on.

Cottonelle is encouraging consumers to go without underwear. Oh, please! This is ridiculous. This type of advertising is extremely inappropriate.

The tissue paper company also has a similar ad, “Go Cottonelle. Go Commando.” In this ad, the spokeswoman asks a man to go commando, and it ends the same way.

Evidently, the women of One Million Moms want to hold on to their cotton Fruit of the Looms and they don’t want American women walking around sans underwear. They really should pay more attention. As a man who has seen plenty of female backside over the years, I can say that women have been going almost commando for years. These days, they can make dozens of pairs of underwear from a yard of material. I will leave it to female readers to decide whether going commando is more comfortable or appropriate. All I can say is that One Million Moms better not ask their husbands to support their effort. I’ve seen on the street Christian men, one hand over one eye, carefully observing the female anatomy. I highly doubt they want to see the return of panty lines.

This is so silly, is it not? Of all the things one could be offended and outraged by, women not wearing underwear tops the list?

cottonelle promo photo
Cottonelle Promotion Photograph



  1. Avatar

    I snorted my diet Pepsi and thought this had to be from The Onion. I seriously thought you were joking. Alas, ’tis true.

    That will definitely destroy biblical family values and the entire fabric of society. For reals.

  2. Avatar

    Wouldn’t it be great if 47,000 Moms would take all that outrage and put it towards something actually constructive like say, campaigning for better healthcare access for the poor, a living wage, etc?

    • Avatar

      Now you know there is no need of that! If all the liberal heathens became Christians and started running the country that way then everything would fall into place.

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    Heh, I’ll never tell. But it’s hilarious that these women have enough free time to worry about whether you’re wearing underwear or not. Sound like a very privileged life most of them lead, able to sit around playing internet games all day and likely ignoring their own kids while scolding others for the ‘wrong’ choices they make and lives they lead. Grow up, ‘moms.’

  4. Avatar

    Whenever I see “family” in an organization’s name I mentally change it to “hate” and it is usually correct.
    This is about as absurd as me complaining that all the cats running around the house are naked.

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    A close relative worked in store display for years. Customers sometimes complained about the sight of naked plaster mannequins when the display staffers were changing the mannequins’ outfits. They wanted the mannequins to wear underwear.

    Mind you, they never complained about the amputation of mannequin limbs or the removal of their heads. It was all about the nakedness.

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    “Oh, please! This is ridiculous.” No, what is ridiculous is that she took this seriously!! Apparently they are worried that these “inappropriate ads” will give their innocent daughters bad ideas…and we all know that once the underwear falls off, sex is sure to follow….

  7. Avatar
    Becky Wiren

    Way for Million Moms to obsess over something totally NON-important, while there are hungry and homeless children in this country. They don’t seem to care about THAT, do they?

  8. Avatar
    Jamie Tipton

    C’mon!!! It’s a parody!!! Laugh a little… There’s more things to worry about than someone going ‘commando’ and showing an inch of hip skin!!! I would hate to see what they say about all the Victoria’s Secret commercials and the sexy, steamy cologne commercials!!! Jeeze! lol

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    Actually it is better for vaginal health to go underwearless. By wearing tight clothes, such as tights or panties, moisture is more likely to collect on the area close to the crotch. Allowing this to happen everyday can lead to imbalances causing yeast infections and bacterial vaginitus. I have a slew of hereditary gynecological problems that also make me more prone to these things. I wear loose pants with no panties year around. Doing this honestly really helps prevent problems. It is not shocking that million moms is so out of touch with such a basic thing about womens health.

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