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One Million Moms Offended Over Old Woman Flashing Her Husband in Taco Bell Commercial

taco bell

Have you seen the new Taco Bell commercial featuring an old couple sitting in a car eating Taco Bell’s newest addition to their menu, the Chipolte Chickstar? If not: (video no longer available)

As a man who has been married almost 37 years, I found the commercial to be quite funny. Unfortunately, sexually frustrated Monica Cole and her One Millon Moms (OMM) horde did not. In today’s OMM newsletter, Cole wrote:

Taco Bell is following a trend in crude commercials. While a few fast food restaurants are cleaning up their ads, Taco Bell decided to air a new ad named “Flash” to advertise Chickstars.

The ad shows an elderly couple eating Chickstars in their car when the woman lifts up her shirt, implying she is showing her bare chest to the man. Showing a female flashing a man during a television commercial is completely inappropriate. This act has nothing to do with the food product.

Even if the couple is supposed to be married, this ad is in poor taste. It would be something children would duplicate. Everyone knows children repeat what they see. This disgusting advertisement is airing during prime time when children are likely watching.

Ah yes, coming soon to a neighborhood near you, an outbreak of young girls flashing boys. Does Cole really think that a thirty-second Taco Bell commercial will cause young girls to lift up their shirt and expose themselves? I thought girls had to have a cellphone to do that?  Doesn’t she know that girls usually wait to Mardi Gras to do act in such a decadent, immoral way. Why, if this commercial isn’t immediately taken off the air, soon America will be flooded with Girls Gone Wild videos of young children running around half-naked. In my generation these were called home movies.

As always, Monica Cole and One Million Moms has provided free advertising for a major corporation. OMM members will dutifully express their outrage in letters to Taco Bell and in a few weeks there will be some other offense to wage war against. And the rest of us will continue to mock and ridicule their petty, puritanical look at the world.

As a normal heterosexual male, I’d love for my wife to flash me in a Taco Bell parking lot. Or a McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Jack in the Box, or Carl Jr, parking lot. As Jon Stewart would say, DAMN YOU Taco Bell. Thanks to your commercial, all I can think of is my wife flashing me.


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    Flashing my husband is fun. I’m sure if I flash him at Taco Bell he’d have heart attack!!

    OMM is correct. I feel the urge to flash him right now.

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      So where are the OMMs when they see on the prime time TV showing a man kissing a man or a woman kissing a woman? That doesn’t offend them what a bunch of OMM prudes!

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    Tom Whitten

    Why I love being single. I could never imagine being married to someone in one million moms….mini van, new house in a cul de sac…mom jeans…our whole social life revolving around kids and some mega non denominational church in suburbia….sweating if I can keep all that because the job is shaky (shudder) ….boobs are just jiggly happy fun…they don’t hurt.

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    The OMM comment says ‘Even if the couple is supposed to be married…’
    So the ad would be kind of OK if she had flashed her wedding ring to the camera and proved they weren’t living in sin.

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    Funny, Bruce.
    And your commenters really outdid themselves on this one.
    Read them to my husband while we were getting ready for work this morning. We both cracked up over ‘cat butt face’. I will never be able to forget that one. hahahahaa

    I won’t mention all the grabbing and groping we do on a daily basis as we pass each other in the mornings, either.

    Someone more technically savvy than I am should film a parody of the commercial by showing a woman flashing a man in many, many restaurant parking lots. And then get that thing on the internet!!!

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    I concur with the comments above. And have to add some amazement at OMM stating the couple who would be old enough to be many people’s grand parents as ‘supposedly’ married.

    Wow. If OMM’s message wasn’t clear before it is now. They aren’t pro anything and very much anti sex in all it’s flavors and colors.

    Laughter is the best medicine and I will do so every time I meditate. Ohmmmmmmm. LOL

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    LOL….sometimes I honestly think that “One Million Moms” is trolling us all, since all they basically do is draw more attention (and business) to the very things that seem to get their (granny) panties in a wad.

    At least they didn’t call for a boycott this time (maybe they finally figured out their boycotts don’t really work?) Because if they did scream “Boycott Taco Bell!!!” That just might force me to go eat there, just to spite them. And I CAN’T STAND Taco Bell’s food.

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    In the same vein that everyone needs a nemesis I get the distinct feeling that the one million moms, LOVE to be offended. Also they make a lot of assumptions. What makes them think they are married? What makes them think she didn’t have a bra on? When they look at abstract art do they complain they are looking at dirty pictures?
    One thing about advertisement, it doesn’t care if it offends, it is only a failure if it is ignored. So in the end one million moms ends up failing by giving them free publicity.

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    I’m continually amazed at the poor quality of writing exhibited by the religious right. There are a lot of intellectual people posting in-depth analyses of many different subjects, but the OMM rant demonstrates again their lack intelligent proponents. For example, is Monica a child psychologist? Does she have evidence that viewing TV ads leads to certain behaviors? What about this pearl of wisdom: “Showing a female flashing a man during a television commercial is completely inappropriate. This act has nothing to do with the food product.” Ya think???? That’s what makes it funny…and we all know “sex sells!” I hope she keeps it up; this is only accelerating the downfall of their own cause.

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