Pastor David Berzins Goes on a Preaching Rampage About Homosexuals

word of truth baptist church prescott

Pastor David Berzins, preaching at Word of Truth Baptist Church in Prescott, Arizona.

David Berzins, pastor of Word of Truth Baptist Church in Prescott, Arizona, is calling on all True Christians® to support the stoning of homosexuals. When a fellow King James Only Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) pastor refused to endorse Berzins and Steven Anderson’s call of death to Sodomites, Berzins went on a preaching rampage against his fellow pastor:

Video Link

I love how this guy enunciates ho-mo-sexual. Kind of like me saying after watching this video, this is one stuuu-pid, dum-b-ass preacher.

Here’s some of what Berzins said in the video clip:

“I like the guy. He’s a Christian, he’s saved, he does soul-winning, he believes in a King James Bible, it’s a Baptist church. Independent Fundamental Baptist church.”

“I think it’s very clear” in the Bible,that people with same-sex attractions should be stoned to death.

“Look, God came up with the laws of the Old Testament! They’re breathed by the Lord. And if you think that you know better on how to run a country than God has ordained, you’re against the teachings of the Bible.”

“Don’t break fellowship with someone who simply believes that Leviticus 20:13 should be in application in our government today.”

“Now, you’re gonna break fellowship over fellow Christians over this issue because you’re too scared! Because you’re scared about retaliation from these perverts! Don’t be scared! They’ve vile and wicked and you need to be standing up and standing together.”

It’s a good day, brethren, when Baptist Fundamentalists are turning on each other. It’s like a snake eating its tail.


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  1. carmen

    Bruce, you can make me laugh – “Stuuupid, dum -b-ass preacher” – yup, you said it. It would be really hilarious, except that there are people sitting in the pews sucking it all in and saying, “Amen to that!” Makes you wonder about their concept of themselves . . .

  2. j

    what about all the other laws in the OT?? what about the idea that Christ came to fulfill the law and it does not apply any more? so glad I do not live there …..

  3. Brian

    I sat for many years in a pew listening to this kind of drivel, often more sugar-coated…. You make me laugh, no roar about the limitless hatred of believers. But awhile ago, we were them, in a form…. And so my laugher becomes sad knowledge of self…. How the fucking hell did they ever brainwash me so thoroughly that I could sit in silence…. how utterly full of horror….

  4. Monty

    The verse in the bible where it talks about being freed from the OT laws except homosexuality is in the book of Cherry Picking 3:1.

  5. Fan

    Keep up the great work exposing fundamentalist hate cults & extremism.

    -latest subscriber.


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