Satan is Behind the Push in Ohio to Legalize Marijuana


According to Bryan, Ohio resident L. Jay Nafziger, Satan, the head toker himself, is behind efforts to legalize marijuana in Ohio. Nafziger had this to say in a letter to the editor of the Defiance Crescent-News:

Did legalizing alcohol in the USA make our world a better place to live in? Why not ask one of the thousands  who have had a loved one tragically killed by a drunk driver.

Did legalizing abortion make the world a better place to live in? Definitely not for the millions of unborn children who never had the chance to live outside the womb.

Has legalized tobacco smoking made the world a better place to live in? Long before medical science “proved” that cigarette smoke is not good for the smoker or anyone else, good, old-fashioned, outdated, uncommon, common sense could tell a person that drawing smoke of any kind into your lungs over a period of time will probably cause problems.

So who is to say that legalizing pot will make the world a better place to live in? Time and time again, many FDA  approved “safe” prescription drugs have been pulled off the market because they were found to be “not so safe” after all.

I will admit that I think it is hypocritical for any government, society or culture to accept and allow alcohol, abortion and tobacco while not allowing marijuana. But then, on the other hand, how about this gateway drug thing? If marijuana is legalized, why not heroin and methamphetamine, and why limit prescription drugs?

Why not get rid of all hypocrisy and judgement and let anyone do anything they want to at anytime as long as they are not “hurting” someone else? And it could all be so good for the economy! Did you just detect my sarcasm?

The greatest evil of all is not alcohol, abortion, tobacco or marijuana, but Satan himself, the father of lies. One of his biggest lies is that we (human beings created in the image of God) can/should disregard the laws (ten commandments) of God (creator of the universe and everything in it) and instead, find happiness and fulfillment in life by “doing our own thing if it feels good, do it.” Then, when we get into trouble and aren’t feeling so good, he (Satan) offers us a short term solution or “fix” like alcohol, abortion, tobacco or marijuana, which can ultimately cause us more pain and dissolution than we had in the beginning.

My  new,  progressive,  updated,  upgraded,  evolved  mindset of 2015 says, “No, do not legalize pot.” Any outdated mindset that keeps another “evil” from being legalized is far better than any updated mindset that says “smoking marijuana is good for you.” How can a person know for sure that they are not being lied to, not by just another human being but by Satan himself?

God did not send his Son into the world to condemn it, but to save it. John 3. 17.

Jesus is the way, not cannibas. Jesus is the truth, not cannibas. Jesus is the light, not cannibas.

I think Nofziger’s letter speaks for itself. He asks “did you just detect my sarcasm?” No, but I did detect the signs of a fundamentalist lobotomy.

I have several questions for Nofziger. If God is the creator of everything, who created marijuana? And tobacco? And alcohol? If drinking alcohol is a sin, was Jesus sinning when he drank wine and turned the water into wine? What about the verses in the Bible that suggest giving a sick and dying man alcohol to ease his suffering? If marijuana can ease the suffering of someone, shouldn’t they be permitted to use it?

I did like the last sentence of his letter: Jesus is the way, not cannibas. Jesus is the truth, not cannibas. Jesus is the light, not cannibas. Ignoring the fact that Nofziger misspelled cannabis, I think Christians churches should start an evangelistic campaign that touts the superiority of Jesus to being high on marijuana. Get High on Jesus!

reefer madness

Reefer Madness


  1. Friend

    Some lady my mother knew used to buttonhole me every time she saw me. She said the same thing year after year: “’Puff the Magic Dragon’ isn’t about dragons and boys. It’s about marijuana. The Socialists are using marijuana to get America’s children addicted, so the socialists can take over America.”

    “Puff the Magic Dragon” came out in 1963. During the Reagan era, this lady was still warning me about the folk-song-driven child socialist pot addict takeover of America.

    1. Appalachian Agnostic


  2. Becky Wiren

    I am one of the few people of my generation who NEVER smoked pot. And yet, now I am 100% in favor of legalization. Marijuana is WAY more beneficial to people than cigarettes or alcohol. Also, I’ve had friends with chronic pain tell me it helps them a lot. Since I’m in chronic pain, I would love to try it. And Nafziger is an idiot.

    1. Brian

      Oh Becky, using words like ‘idiot’ is not fair to those who are clinically diagnosed as such! I know, I know, but the word is not correct! There is another more accurate word but I don’t know it today and my posts here tend to be zapped so I must take great care… Sometimes anger, honest anger that needs expression, leads to inaccurate statements like your use of ‘idiot’. An idiot would not say such floridly delusional things about marijuana or Jesus. Only somebody flogging woo-woo religion because they have undergone what Bruce G. calls ‘fundamentalist lobotomy’ is able to make silly and wild statements about life’s meaning and claim to be reasonable. Remember, post-lobotomy, everything that falls outside the direction of your local pastor at your local church address is essentially of the Devil. The Devil is the proverbial straw man used to bully those whose brains and feelings remain in any way intact and who therefore might for instance, ask a question like “why?” Why did Abraham have to tie his son and almost gut him as a sign of faith to God? Why did the whole world have to be murdered by God because God was fed up and said so? You know, just questions…. they are not allowed once you have proper churching, unless those questions go like: “Why am I so unworthy and fail so miserably at being obedient to God? And why do I use the Lord’s name in vain in my head!? And why can’t I please my husband/wife no matter how hard I try, and why do I hate myself!? I’m so unfaithful etc.” It goes on and on in the cyclical torture of so-called faith. And perhaps you might pass along to Bruce that the wine mentioned in the Bible was really grape juice. Jesus would never use or make wine. The use of the word is misguided and surely incorrect…. there is proof, not right at my fingertips now, but real proof. Etc.

      1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

        Not sure if you are being serious, sarcastic, or funny with your comment. Please clarify.

        As for wine, the word use in the Bible is for fermented wine, not Welch’s grape fruit. There’ no possible way to make the Greek or history say that the wine was grape juice.

        1. Becky Wiren

          What a wild and weird rant because I used the word “idiot.”

          1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

            See, you should have said fundamentalist lobotomy. 🙂

            I have no idea if Brian is being serious. I hope not. I don’t know of any comment from him before this one.

          2. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

            I checked. Brian has commented before. He left the V off is name and that sent the comment to moderation.

            I suspect Brian is doing some leg pulling. 🙂

          3. Becky Wiren


          4. Brian

            Becky, rant though it was (my tendency) don’t you agree that ‘idiot’ is not truly accurate? Idiots are not by definition delusional, are they? I have met several diagnosed folk who are idiots and they were all far more reasonable that this fellow in his comments on Jesus and weed.

          5. Becky Wiren

            Huh. You might be right. However, I don’t have the mental energy to spend on this guy anymore. 🙂

        2. Brian

          My dad had a book that I no longer have, explaining that there was a terrible misunderstanding about wine in Bible…. that it was not real wine but unfermented beverage…. He was content to accept that as reasonable and much more likely of Christ. I cannot provide you with the name of the book…. sorry, it is long gone. And my comment was sarcasm, yes.

          1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

            Yeah, once I saw your previous comments, I knew you were having some fun. 🙂

            I probably had that book too. I made the argument that even if Jesus drank wine it was a bad idea for us to drink alcohol. It’s the whole slippery slope argument for which Baptists are famous.

    2. mikespeir

      I’m another one. (Never had a drink of alcohol, either. How righteous is that! 😉 ) I just think we have to live in the real world, not an idealized one that will never, ever happen. The way it is, we’re enabling the murderous cartels down south. Legalizing the stuff would probably go a long way toward pulling the rug out from beneath them.

      1. Becky Wiren

        I was in a teetotaling denomination during my 20s, so I never got in the habit of drinking. I’m not against it, just not very interested. I’ll have a drink or 2 each year IF I feel like it. 😉

        1. mikespeir

          I’ve been tempted to go out and buy and bottle of wine and drink a glass just so I can’t brag about never having tasted alcohol anymore.

          1. Becky Wiren

            Well, if you just drink some cheap stuff you won’t be impressed. At least better wine can be said to taste good, although, since I never acquired a taste for alcohol, I usually skip drinking it.

  3. Ami

    But if you don’t sin, then Jesus died for nothing.

  4. Brian

    ahhhh geeez, I was born that way according to the teaching…. how can you not sin when you are born a sinner, a fallen heart? There seems to be no door number three, not even a door number two!

  5. Brian

    ahhhh geeez, I was born that way according to the teaching…. how can you not sin when you are born a sinner, a fallen heart? There seems to be no door number three, not even a door number two!

  6. Geoff

    Satan is a close anagram of Santa. Maybe he got mixed up.

    1. Stephen Jensen

      Oh, crap! And here I thought it was Santa who brought me an ounce of chronic for Christmas…like a fool, I sent my thank you note to the North Pole!!!

  7. Knoxville Freethinker

    But then, on the other hand, how about this gateway drug thing?

    Faux stream-of-consciousness is poor writing, and asking a rhetorical question about a topic as beat to death as “gateway drugs” is even cornier.

  8. gimpi1

    I live in Seattle. Washington legalized recreational marijuana a couple of years ago. We legalized medicinal marijuana several year ago. It’s working fine. No increase in drug-related crime. No increase in problems with other drugs. No spike in traffic accidents.

    The thing is, legalization really doesn’t affect much. It just eliminates the costs in the legal system in attempting to enforce a law that most people ignore – just like prohibition. What the fellow who wrote the original post fails to recognize is that alcohol-consumption, marijuana consumption or abortion go on at pretty-much the same rate – legal or illegal. The only choice society has is how much we’re willing to spend trying to stop something that we can’t control.

    Laws against (relatively) harmless drugs or common, frequently needed medical procedures just cost money in attempting to enforce the unenforceable. Need more evidence. Fireworks are illegal in most municipalities. Now, on the Fourth of July, listen… do you hear those illegal booms? Does anyone think we could actually stop people setting off fireworks? Do we want to put every kid with a cherry-bomb in jail?

  9. John

    Holland is a prime example of the problems from legalizing drugs.Children with mental problems cause their parents take drugs ,so to cope they take drugs. Children abused, sold into sex slavery, and of course these children grow up not be able to cope with society so you have high unemployment. Seattle elites ship all the drug problem people to small little towns where there is now high crime ,unemployment so they don’t have to see them. There are no free lunches as they say.


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