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Amish Sheep in Southeast Michigan

Last Sunday, Polly and I took a short road trip to Homer and Albion, Michigan. We had been to Homer years ago. One of the photographs I took in Homer of our youngest daughter Laura won a local photography contest. Polly thought a return to Homer might provide an opportunity for me to take another award-winning photo. The weather God didn’t help me much, so Homer was pretty much a bust, but I took a lot of other pictures as we traveled the rural  roads of SE Michigan that I think are keepers.

We were delighted to stumble upon a small Amish community. This community is quite poor compared to their brethren in the eastern Indiana. Some of the houses were quite rough, in need of repair. Some were downright dumpy. One oddity was seeing sheep tethered or chained in the ditches in front of many of the Amish homes. I suspect that they were using the sheep to “cut”  the weeds and grass along the ditch line. What follows are photographs of several of the sheep that took time out from their grazing to pose for me.

sheep michigan 5

sheep michigan


sheep michigan 3

sheep michigan 4

sheep michigan 6


Slogan on Homer water tower? Homer is Home *sigh*

Cost for one year at Albion College? $51,000

Percentage of Albion residents who are black? 30% What made me look this stat up? A lot of churches with crazy sounding Pentecostal names that are typically found in bigger cities.

Favorite find? Whitehouse Nature Center, operated by Albion College. Will definitely have to return and walk the trails.

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    Becky Wiren

    Yes, I liked these on Facebook. It’s interesting that you found a poorer Amish community. When I first saw these pics, I wondered where they were. In one of the pics I actually saw a little bit of hilliness, which I didn’t remember too much around Harlan. I should have known they were from Michigan.

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