An Errant Inerrant Bible


Wander into any Evangelical church on a Sunday…

You will likely find the pastor preaching from the Bible.

Pastor, is the Bible the Word of God?


Pastor, is the Bible the truth?


Pastor, are there any errors in the Bible?


Pastor, is the Bible inspired by God?


Hundreds of millions of Christians believe the Bible (translation) they hold in their hands or hear preached from on Sunday is THE Word of God. They believe every word is true because God inspired (breathed out) the words. Not one time has their pastor told them differently.

Come Monday, the pastor gathers with fellow clergy and talks a different line.

Come Tuesday, and throughout the week, he prepares his sermon, consulting commentaries, lexicons, and the like, hoping to find an answer to the discrepancies, errors, and contradictions in the text. He says to himself, how can I best explain this so the church will still believe the Bible is inerrant? Should I tell them the truth about the text?

All of a sudden, the Bible is not quite as perfect as the pastor led everyone to believe on Sunday.

In other words, he lied.

Why did the pastor lie?

To tell the truth would bring  down the Evangelical house of cards. The entire movement is predicated on an inerrant Bible.

An inerrant Bible must be maintained at all costs.

So they obfuscate by playing word games. What do you mean by the word error? What do you mean by the word Bible?

As Bart Ehrman showed in his debate with William Lane Craig, the basic question remains…….are there any errors in the Bible?

An honest pastor must, privately, in a whispering voice, say YES.  In public however, they lie and tell their congregations,  YES, the Bible is without error; the Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God; every word of the Bible is true.

If a pastor can’t be trusted to tell the truth about inerrancy why should he be trusted to tell the truth about anything else?


  1. Gene Stephens

    Where did the bulletpoints at the top of this post come from? Are they part of a PowerPoint presentation that went along with a church sermon?

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      A graphic, I presume a power point, I found through an image search. I used the first four points.

  2. Kerry

    Yes I know this whole conversation well. My late father, a fundamentalist pastor, used to say that the Bible was inspired and inerrant in the “original autograph” or the text that were first written by Matthew, Mark , etc. Well in those days, I did not have the good sense to ask the follow up questions…How do you know, since no one has ever seen the “originals?” Of course that response would have been the mental gymnastics, or theological masturbation, about how carefully God “kept” his word pure through all the ages and we can have EVERY confidence that what we have is what HE intended…blah blah blah. And so it goes…round and round and round with no empirical evidence to demonstrate the truth of the belief.

  3. Lynn123


    How can letters that Paul wrote to churches be considered God’s Holy Word? I’ve never understood that. Also, I recently read Philemon. That’s a letter from Paul to a particular man about his slave. How is that Holy Scripture?


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