Two Interesting Granaries

No, granaries isn’t a misspelling. When I first typed the word I spelled it graineries. The spell check God objected and told me the proper spelling is granaries. It’s pronounced as I spelled it the first time. Just another one of those strange English words.

Earlier this year, on two of our short Ohio/Indiana/Michigan road trips, I photographed two granaries that I thought were quite interesting. Hopefully, you find them interesting too.

granary ohio michigan 2015-1

granary ohio michigan 2015-2

granary ohio michigan 2015-3

granary ohio michigan 2015-4

granary ohio michigan 2015-5

granary ohio michigan 2015-6

granary ohio michigan 2015-7


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  1. Karen

    My uncle the farmer in southeastern Minnesota used to talk about buying feed from “t’ gren-ree”. Minnesotan sometimes seems like a different language from English; my husband, born and raised a Navy CPO’s son in the Pacific Rim, can make sense of about half of what my Minnesota relatives say to him. 🙂

  2. Geoff

    I couldn’t understand your points about spelling and pronunciation. As an Englishman I’ve only ever heard ‘granary’. What is it they say about Britain and America; countries divided by a common language!

    1. Karen

      Geoff, we are divided by our common language indeed… both across the pond and within our own borders. I’ve heard English accents where I couldn’t make out one word in three. But what Bruce is saying is that the word “granary” is usually pronounced “grayn-er-ree” in the US. Unless, as I pointed out, you are from rural Minnesota… or probably many other out-of-the-way corners of the country.


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