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Beauty at the Bard Centennial Fountain

Bryan, Ohio is about five miles from our home. Bryan is the seat for Williams County and arguably has one of the nicest courthouses in Ohio. Nearby Defiance County has one of the worst. Two years ago, Bard Manufacturing donated the funds necessary to install a fountain on the northeast corner of the courthouse lawn.  Here’s two photos of a young woman who was enjoying the coolness of the fountain with her two children.

woman at fountain bryan 2015-001

woman at fountain bryan 2015

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    Ah, playing in the fountain! The city of San José, California, has a wonderful downtown fountain (it might be closed now, because of the drought). It is a plaza with regularly spaced water jets that point upward, and the water comes off and on sort of at random. Any given summer (non-drought) day, you can see a bunch of children and an occasional adult adult playing it it, with a crowd of too-self-conscious parental units around the edges.

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