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Bruce, the Pornographer: Why I Really Left the Christian Faith

this was your life

Evangelical Christian apologist William Lane Craig writes, in response to a question about doubt (link no longer active);

…..Be on guard for Satan’s deceptions. Never lose sight of the fact that you are involved in a spiritual warfare and that there is an enemy of your soul who hates you intensely, whose goal is your destruction, and who will stop at nothing to destroy you. Which leads me to ask: why are you reading those infidel websites anyway, when you know how destructive they are to your faith? These sites are literally pornographic (evil writing) and so ought in general to be shunned. Sure, somebody has to read them and refute them; but why does it have to be you? Let somebody else, who can handle it, do it. Remember: Doubt is not just a matter of academic debate or disinterested intellectual discussion; it involves a battle for your very soul, and if Satan can use doubt to immobilize you or destroy you, then he will.

I firmly believe, and I think the Bizarro-testimonies of those who have lost their faith and apostatized bears out, that moral and spiritual lapses are the principal cause for failure to persevere rather than intellectual doubts. But intellectual doubts become a convenient and self-flattering excuse for spiritual failure because we thereby portray ourselves as such intelligent persons rather than as moral and spiritual failures. I think that the key to victorious Christian living is not to have all your questions answered — which is probably impossible in a finite lifetime — but to learn to live successfully with unanswered questions. The key is to prevent unanswered questions from becoming destructive doubts. I believe that can be done by keeping in mind the proper ground of our knowledge of Christianity’s truth and by cultivating the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives….

First, Craig describes infidel websites like mine as:

  • A tool of Satan used to destroy the souls of Christians
  • Pornographic (evil writing)
  • Something that, in general, should be shunned

Craig readily admits that websites like mine can cause a Christian to doubt their faith. While I have no interest in converting any Christian to atheism, I do think the tenets of Christianity and the teachings of the Bible should be carefully investigated. If my writing causes a Christian to question and have doubts…good!

If Christianity is worth believing it will withstand any questions or doubts a believer might have. If Christianity is what it claims to be, then websites like this one will do little to no harm. Of course, I am think that Christianity is NOT what it claims to be and that is one the reasons people are leaving the faith in droves.

Second, Craig attempts to dismiss people like me by calling our testimony of loss of faith a Bizarro-testimony. (not to be believed) Craig contends we lost our faith, not for intellectual reasons, but because of spiritual or moral failure.  Craig believes former Christians use intellectual doubts as a cover for moral or spiritual failure. In doing this, Craig moves the focus from Christianity and the Bible to the individual. According to Craig, I am no longer a Christian because of some moral lapse or spiritual deficiency in my life.

I will leave it to Detectives for Jesus to ferret out my moral or spiritual failures. I doubt they will find much to hang me by, but I will readily admit that I, like every other Christian and pastor, had moral and spiritual failures. After all, since I STILL had a sin nature, moral and spiritual failure was sure to happen, right? That said, I have no affairs lurking in my closet, just in case someone thinks moral failure=screwing a church member.

Craig lives in a world of willing delusion. He refuses to accept the fact that many of us, especially those of us who were pastors, left the ministry and the Christian faith for intellectual reasons. I have written many times about this subject. The primary reason I left the Christianity was because I no longer believed the Bible was the Word of God. I no longer believed the Bible was “truth.” I no longer believed that the central character of the Bible, Jesus, was who the Bible says he was. (and I use the word “was” because I don’t believe Jesus “is”)

I didn’t have a moral or spiritual collapse that led to me leaving the Christianity. Instead, I decided to investigate again the claims of Christianity and its divine Holy Book. Conclusion? I weighed Christianity and the Bible in the balances and found it wanting. (Daniel 5:27)

At the end of the day, it really is all about the Bible.


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    Craig said: I myself was not raised in an evangelical home, but I became a Christian my third year of high school, not through any careful consideration of the evidence, but because the Christian students who shared the Gospel with me seemed to be living on a different plane of reality than I was. Their faith in Christ imparted meaning to their lives along with a joyous peace, which I craved.
    This seems to say that the intellectual side of things, except perhaps the intellect as it pertains to perception of emotions, was quite at bay here. I do not think (and I am surmising here) that decisions are made regarding a life of faith/delusion on intellectual grounds first: They are of the feelings, the non-I.Q. part of us. Craig wanted to feel what those Christian kids felt, that joy (gah-gah denial haze), he wanted to escape his pain. What was Craig’s pain in childhood is the question to begin with, or so I suspect.

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    “I firmly believe, and I think the Bizarro-testimonies of those who have lost their faith and apostatized bears out, that moral and spiritual lapses are the principal cause for failure to persevere rather than intellectual doubts.”

    Even if that were true, why does it happen? Why would the Holy Spirit let it happen? Why would the believer himself, if the Christian religion delivered on its promises as claimed, let it happen?

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    I don’t know, Bruce. Does WCL know nothing about human nature?? Best way in the world to encourage someone to do something is to tell them NOT to. . . 🙂

    . . and I thought it was PHOTOgrapher . . .

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    Demons, demons everywhere! Run, run, RUN!!!

    Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. I so don’t miss those days of worrying that Satan and/or his minions were lurking around every movie, song, book, non-Christian, outside the front door, just waiting to drag me away.

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    Matt Martin

    Fear, uncertainty and doubt — the time honoured tactic WLC and his kind always employ against unbelievers.

    I think what really scares the bowl-cloggers out of this mob about atheists is we offer the possibility of morality without God.

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    I was wondering if a Christian should test their faith? Searching on it I found 2 Corinthians 13:5 Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you–unless, of course, you fail the test?
    Craig, who is wrong about everything else, so it is no surprise he is wrong about the meaning of pornography. Instead the porno- etymology refers to the price paid to prostitutes.

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    No moral failure here, either. Did I fall short of the Christian ideal? Yep, all the time. But, no adultery, theft, or any of the “big ones” that seem to plague the leaders of Christianity. My children were pretty well behaved, my wife respected me and all was pretty good at home. Even now, I don’t worry about my kids sneaking out and drinking, having sex or doing drugs. (I know they’re not perfect, but they are pretty good.) How many pastors can say the same? Most preacher’s kids are hellions and cause their family grief.

    I don’t flatter myself as being intellectual. I do try to be honest, though. Honesty was what caused me to study and honesty was what caused me to leave Christianity. Most Christians won’t look at the truth because it hurts. I know, I was in the same boat. Christian intellectuals are the ones who flatter themselves that they know the answers.

    He asks, why does it have to be you (me) who reads things to refute them? It has to be me, so I actually know what I’m talking about. Everything I ever knew about atheists, while growing up, I learned from the church. And Chick Tracts. Most of it wasn’t true. I never knew any homosexual people growing up, so I assumed they were all pedophiles. Not true. In fact, most of the pedophiles I have come into contact with are “straight” white men. Those two examples prove I was lied to, over and over. Why shouldn’t I seek out the truth for myself?

    So, William Craig has no clue about me or where I came from. It wasn’t trying to answer questions that made me give up Christianity. It was trying to prove Christianity that did it. Side by side comparison without books and people telling me what to think. The Gospels fell apart and the writings of Paul went in crazy directions.

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    I think WLC is actually on to something with this business about learning to live successfully without answers, but he wouldn’t like my interpretation of it. My experience is that if you stop thrashing about on things like The Meaning Of Life — which he would insist is explained by Christianity, and only by Christianity — life acquires meaning organically. If you stop trying to find Objective Morality, but keep working on developing your compassion and understanding of humans, real morality becomes clearer. No deity required.

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    I used to arrogantly go around thinking this way about ex-Christians when I was a Christian. Now that I am an atheist, I realize how patronizing I was. My problems with the Christian faith are entirely intellectual. The reasons I became an atheist are mostly scientific/philosophical. I was raised as a creationist and taught my Christian faith depended on creationism. When I began to research the evidence for evolution and the age of the earth, I realized everything I had been taught was wrong. I also watched debates on the existence of God and realized my philosophical arguments for believing in God did not hold up to critical scrutiny. So after many months of doing my own studying I became and atheist.

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    HAHAA the fact that this Craig guy is clearly SO terrified of christians using their brains says all there is to know. This guy perfectly exemplifies what I consider to be one of the most dangerous things religion teaches (brainwashes) followers – to never, under any circumstance, trust THEMSELVES. Look to the bible, look to that guy who leads your church, but don’t ever look to yourself.

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