NW Ohio: Secular, Non-Religious, Same-Sex Wedding Ceremonies

bruce gerencser 2015

Are you having a hard time finding someone to perform your wedding ceremony? Are you non-religious, secular, humanist, atheist, agnostic, or pagan and want to get married but can’t find anyone to perform the service? Are you religious but not affiliated with a church and are looking for someone to perform your wedding? I can help!

Are you a same-sex couple looking for someone to officiate your wedding? Now that the Supreme Court has legalized same-sex marriage in Ohio, same-sex couples can now be legally married. Now is the time to book a date for your special day.

My name is Bruce Gerencser and I am duly licensed by the state of Ohio to perform wedding ceremonies. If you are interested in having me perform your ceremony, please contact me at defiancecounty@gmail.com

Service area: Bryan, Montpelier, West Unity, Alvordton, Pioneer, Wauseon, Napoleon, Archbold, Paulding, Hicksville, Defiance, Ayersville, Antwerp, Sherwood, Farmer, Ney, Holgate, Deshler, McClure, Malinta, Evansport, Ridgeville Corners, Pettisville, Fayette, Liberty Center, Stryker, Edon, Edgerton, Blakeslee,  and all points in between.


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  1. Henry T

    Way to go Bruce !!!

  2. Jada

    I hate to use such an overused word, but, awesome!

  3. Brian

    When i was married in the 90’s and wanted a balanced authority, I searched far and wide and finally chose a retired engineer who was legally registered….. It would have been such a pleasure and honor to have invited you to do the honors, Mr. Gerencser. I am envious for the lucky couples who have the good fortune to know you are there….

  4. Steve

    Dude, this is all well & good, but have you forgotten about Sodom & Gomorrah??

    1. Brian
  5. Kath

    Well done Bruce. It would be an honour to be married by you.

  6. Dale

    Just for shits and giggles awhile back, I was ordained as a minister of The Universal Life Church. It was hard work, but I’ll never regret sacrificing that five minutes of my life filling out the web form. However, knowing that few preachers in my neck of the woods (Okiehoma) will officiate gay marriages, I’m seriously considering getting registered at the county courthouse to perform weddings and make myself available. I’m sure that most couples would like something more than a courthouse ceremony at 8:00 am! The LGBT community should have the right to a dignified wedding as straight couples have had.

    As a sidenote: my wife and I did NOT have a normal wedding. We were married at a preacher’s house, his wife and the retired teacher next door were the witnesses, at 11:00 am. Then we both went back to work.


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