So Glad for a Place Called Hell, A Jack Hyles Loving Christian Says

jack hyles 1973

Jack Hyles, 1973

My posts on Jack Hyles,David Hyles Jack Schaap,and the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) church movement and its bombastic luminaries have wide circulation on the internet. With wide circulation comes an increase in comments from Baptist fundamentalists who feel it is their duty to expose their ignorance for all to see. While they THINK they are putting the preacher turned atheist in his place, what they are really doing is illustrating the bankruptcy of the IFB church.  Their emails, comments, blog posts, forum comments, and sermons are reminders that IFB preachers and church members are unable to embrace or accept any form of criticism. When you are certain you are right it is hard to accept anything/anyone that says you are not right or that your thinking is flawed.

Several years ago, I received an email from a Jack Hyles loving older woman in Florida. I assume she is older because she references a picture in the post from the early 1970’s. Without further adieu, I present to you yet another reason why I am glad not to be a Christian:

Hi, I want to thank you for the picture of Dr. Hyles on your article. I am going to copy and print it for my husband who was in Hammond at the time of this photo. He dearly missed by us and we both think he was honor to be in his ministry for seven years. By the way, I am glad that you are an atheist and out of all church. Maybe you can join Madame Murray O Haire in Hell one day and you both can have a heyday criticizing each other. Good luck with the hereafter, there is one but you are going to in the dark place where no one can see your ugly face again. So glad for that place called HELL.

*all spelling and grammar errors belong to the email writer.

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  1. Jo


    Do all of them destroy the English language? I make no claims of a grammar police but damn! Do they read what they write? I’ve been having a fun time with one of these bullheaded IFB’ers and I realized I was arguing with a child. OMG, I verbally molested a “man child!”

    I don’t even do religion. I don’t talk about it; do not care about it; do not want anything to do with any theology. I don’t have to understand everything. I understand enough to know what I was born into is a crock of malarkey!

    I hope there is a hell because I know a lot of preachers who deserve nothing less. Sadly, I can’t think magically.

  2. Geoff

    The appalling grammar and general lack of literacy skills seems symptomatic of the lack of education that exists in fundamentalist circles.

  3. Jada

    Why is it that I always read ‘Jack Schaap’ as ‘Jack Shit?’ 😉

  4. Sindyana

    I too have left the IFb CULT. Their wrongs, rapes & mind games with children is simply unforgivable. They put themselves on a pedestal, where Christ belongs. The rules are only meant for others and not themselves. Since they have made themselves god, rules do not apply to them. The rules are a tool of control & part of the mind games they play.

    It makes me sick to read a letter like this. So typical, though, of their mentality. But you attacked their “god”, so they believe what they were taught. They can’t think for themselves or even read the Bible on their own intellect. I’m so sorry that she wrote this letter. God loves you whether or not you believe Him.

    After I left FBCH in 1997, I did not believe there was a Church for me. I was still brain washed & did not attend another Church for many years. I found a good Church, though. I didn’t know the Pastors name for 7 years. But i knew how much God loved me. I did not know how many sermons the Pastor preached, but i knew about Jesus.

    I am so grateful that you make public the truth. That is something that hurts the IFB cult. They don’t like truth. I believe what you are doing, is putting light on the darkness in this World. Thank you for reconciling what is right & what is truly wrong.

  5. I'll take a pass

    Look at the bright side, if you are more of a Calvinist than a Arminist, you will still go heaven. I don’t ridicule fundamentalists because I believe they at least have the consistency of the Bible as their core. I wouldn’t call IFBs a cult. They are true Christians. All the other wishy washy Christians basically make it fit to what they want to believe. Why bother. If you are going to believe in the God of the Bible, then you need to believe in the rest of the book. Ergo, the concept of good Christians gays is clearly a contradiction. Hence, it’s best to just walk away.


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