Young Feral Cat

Last December and January I wrote posts about helping and feeding a feral kitten that frequented our backyard. You can read these posts here and here. Here’s a few photographs I took today of the kitten/young cat.

feral kitten (6)

feral kitten (5)

feral kitten (7)

feral kitten (8)

feral kitten (10)


  1. Becky Wiren

    This kitty looks like a genetic duplicate of our cat, Katzy, who was a kitten living outside who came purring up to us about…12 years ago. I have seen several of these cats and think they must be cousins.

  2. Brian

    What a beauty, and it looks so comfortable with you!

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Yes, over time he’s gotten used to us. 6-8 feet is as close as I can get. He’ll let Bethany pet him. He has a traveling buddy, a black and white cat, and he was quite skittish, but over time even he has become less afraid of us.

  3. Kate Bartlett

    What a handsome boy!

  4. Lydia

    Thanks for the update. It looks like the cat is doing well.

  5. Karen

    I love all cats, but tabbies hold a special place in my heart. My current masters are both tabby cats, though Maria has more gold in her fur than Paddy. They’re not related; Paddy is 10 years old and Maria is 3, coming to us from different shelters at different times. We really didn’t choose either of them, though. On the days we went to look for a cat to adopt, they were the ones most in need.

    In the 1970s or so, there was a popular graphic artist named Klieban who did a lot of fun tabby cat graphics. I was charmed, especially by a coworker’s poster of a cat sitting on a stage with a guitar, singing
    “Love to eat them Mousies
    Mousies what I love to eat.
    Bite they little heads off,
    Nibble on they tiny feet.”

    Maybe Klieban sparked my love for tabbies.


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