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God, Satan, and Adorable Puppies

Here’s a set of signs I saw the other day as we traveled to Fort Wayne to attend the Dayton Dragons vs. Fort Wayne Tin Caps baseball game. I found the pairing of these signs together quite amusing.

adorable puppies god and satan too

These signs are on property owned by an Amish family.

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    The God/Satan sign is untrue. It is only those who serve God who also serve Satan and vice-versa. They are both a primary foundation of the business plan. If Baptists et al did not have their Satan, they would not have a congregation. Only atheists refuse to serve God and Satan. In Christianity, they are yin and yang.

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    Oh, great…I’ve heard all about those Amish puppy mills. Just horrible, awful, treatment of those “adorable” mothers who do nothing but breed their whole lives and never get to walk on actual ground. Yeah, that pretty much fits my description of evil, which I don’t necessarily equate with “serving Satan,” since I think that is harmless in reality.

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