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Blog News: I Need Your Help


Good news, The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser continues to attract new readers. Bad news, The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser continues to attract new readers. Good news, because I write to be read. Bad news, because I had to move this site to a faster server, resulting in a substantial bump in costs.

Increased Costs

As readership numbers increase, site speed slows. Last week, thanks to Facebook and Reddit sharing and thousands of new readers, this site crashed and became intermittently unresponsive, forcing me to upgrade my service package with Flywheel. I am now on a service package that costs $75 a month.

flywheelDue to previous denial of service attacks, brute password attacks, and two successful hacks of this site, I decided to move The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser to a managed service company. Some of you may remember a year or so ago before I took the blog down that I was receiving thousands of spam comments a day. When I restarted this blog last December, I contracted with  a company named Flywheel. Flywheel  takes care of all the updates and security so I can focus on writing. I’ve found the folks at Flywheel quite friendly and extremely helpful. Every time I’ve emailed or called them they have been quite friendly and helpful. BTW, I now have a Flywheel affiliate account.

I’ve got to find a way to recover at least some of the costs for operating this blog. While I do receive a handful of donations each month, they rarely cover costs. Not only do I have server costs, but I also use WP Touch Pro, a premium mobile plugin and theme. Since the majority of readers now access this site on mobile devices, it is important that they are served pages that can easily and quickly be read on whatever device they are using.

I am uncertain about what to do going forward. While I can absorb the increased cost for a few months, it is doubtful that I will be able to do so over the long-term. Should I start using advertisements? I do have an Amazon affiliate account and it generates around $10 a month. Thousands of clicks, far fewer purchases. Should I try to maximize my Amazon affiliate account? Set up a bookstore? Use more aggressive advertising? Pimp myself out on the back lot of the local truck stop?

I do know that I do NOT want a blog littered with advertisements. I hate going a site where I am greeted with numerous advertisements, so I don’t want to turn this site into an advertisement site that has a blog attached to it.  If you have any suggestions, please send me a private email.


My Facebook page has become an increasing source of traffic and reader engagement. There was a time when conversations were limited to the comment section, but now there are comments on Facebook and other social media that are every bit as important. I want to make sure I do my best to interact with readers wherever they read one of my posts, but I am finding, in the case of Facebook, that it won’t be long before I am unable to keep up.

Every post I write is posted to my Facebook page. This page is separate from my personal Facebook account. I also post news stories, articles, and blog posts I think readers might find thought provoking or a reminder of how much crazy there is in Evangelicalism. In order to keep up with things, I am looking for several people to help me administrate the Facebook page.  The ideal person would be someone who is conversant in all things Evangelical and is able to thoughtfully engage Evangelical critics without wanting to beat them to death with a copy of the King James Bible. I could also use the help of someone who has a science background. I get a lot of science questions that I do not have sufficient training to answer. If you would like to help administer my Facebook page, please sent me a private email.

Guest Posts

I am looking for readers who are willing to write a guest post.  The subject matter is of your own choosing. I’d love to have some first person stories, testimonies about leaving Christianity or deconverting.  Anonymous stories are welcome, as are stories that were previously published elsewhere. If I can get enough guest posts lined up, this will allow me to take a break for a few days so I can get the videos I promised recorded.  If you have a guest post you’d like to submit, please use the contact form to do so.

As always, thank you for reading.



  1. Avatar
    Michael Mock

    I’d have to do some thinking on the financial side of it — I know people frequently think of blogging as free or at least cheap, but I also know that isn’t always true (and that it’s more likely to be true when you have few-to-no regular readers).

    I would, however, be happy to help administrate the Facebook page. (I might want a list of general guidelines, as I have — I think — an unfortunate tendency to extend the benefit of the doubt a little too far.)

  2. Avatar

    You could look into a blog. The hosting’s free and can apparently handle multi-million unique visitors per day without outages. (Not sure how much you get here to compare)
    I’m not sure about the spam control, though.

    The WordPress support might be willing to carry over your themes and plugins?

    If so, you could probably also setup a url redirect so your old links remain valid.

  3. Avatar


    You can also count me in if you do a paypal or Patreon. I’ll go to Paypal over the weekend, for starters.

  4. Avatar
    Richard Feynman

    I sent you a response via your link and would be quite happy to act as your science officer. I’d likely also enjoy writing a few guest post under this pseudonym relating to my own experiences rejecting the insane evangelical views of my ex family and the repercussions. It’s an amazing journey…

    “I’d rather have questions than answers that might be wrong”

    Richard Feynman

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    I think you should consider some form of advertisment. So long as it doesn’t pop up or make sound or play video it shouldn’t be any problem for readers. If done right I appreciate ads done based on previous web activity since they are tailored to me. Would that make it self supporting? 75 smackers a month seems really high, I’d let the site crash myself.
    Also I know you get a few shekles from amazon, maybe put the link in the margin? (Also I’m not quite sure how to do it.)

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