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Got the Holy Ghost?

As we were driving through Defiance, Polly pointed out a church sign that said:

got the holy ghost

This sign belongs to First Apostolic Church, a Defiance, Ohio congregation affiliated with United Pentecostal Church International.

The girl mentioned on the sign is in elementary school. (name blanked out/face cropped due to her age) She received:

holy ghost certificate

Just another normal day in Evangelical Land.


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    she got this mass-produced, bulk-distributed form-letter with her name written on it in ball-point pen, so that she’ll remember this moment forever… well after she would have forgotten it otherwise… which may be as little as two weeks, depending on other circumstances… 8/

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    FUCKING IDIOTS! This cruelty can only be accomplished by people who are both delusional and STUPID. I am so fucking tired of polite reminders to abusive fucking assholes who do this to children. WORDS matter because they are used to emotionally destroy young lives with woo-woo delusions. FUCK! How dare they hate innocence like this, make these children dance and perform…. FUCK THEM! It is stupid, Bruce, stupid and sick.

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    John Arthur

    Hi Bruce,

    This is a Pentecostal church so I wouldn’t mind betting that the “Holy Ghost certificate” is a reference to getting the young girl to “speak in tongues” (= gibberish). It is appalling that very young people at this church are (in all likelihood) being brainwashed to speak nonsense syllables under the guise that they are speaking genuine languages that they have never learned under the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and then to believe that they have received power from on high.

    It is very likely to be child abuse.This kind of church behaviour needs exposing, and it is occurring in many Pentecostal groups.


    John Arthur

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    Before you showed the picture of the tyke I was thinking Breina must be this hardened stubborn atheist who couldn’t be convinced. But finally, finally after prodding and cajoling finally saw the light. But, nah, it is the evangelist’s equivilant of fishing in a barrel, convincing a kid.

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