Jewelry by Karen, Modeled by Bethany

Karen, a regular reader of this blog and a friend of mine, makes custom jewelry. Recently, she contacted me about making a piece of jewelry for me, and after we kicked it back and forth a bit, Karen made a piece of jewelry for Bethany instead of me. The only jewelry I have ever worn is my wedding ring, so we decided to let Bethany model Karen’s custom work. Here’s several photographs I took over the weekend:

bethany modeling jewelry

bethany modeling jewelry-001

bethany modeling jewelry-002

bethany modeling jewelry-003

bethany modeling jewelry-004

If you are interested in having Karen make a custom jewelry piece for you, please let me know and I will put you in contact with her. Once her website is active, I will publish the link. You can also contact her on Facebook.


I got Bethany to smile by mentioning all her love interests: Rascal Flatts, Loki, and Captain America.


  1. kittybrat

    Beautiful photos. I adore Bethany’s smile. The piece looks great on her.

  2. Michael Mock

    Very lovely!

  3. Becky Wiren

    A girl can dream, right? 😉

  4. Steve

    She is such an adorable little lady!

  5. Jada

    Bethany and her new necklace are beautiful! That piece is perfect for her. What a special gift, to have someone design something just for you.

  6. Troy

    Hmm jewelry in the shape of a bull’s eye…Looks very painful to wear. I used to wear bull’s eye apparel and would routinely get poked.

    1. Michael Mock

      It doesn’t look like a bull’s eye to me; it looks like a full rainbow, with no landscape to get in the way.

  7. Zoe

    Very pretty. Bethany and the necklace. Bethany is very photogenic! She makes me smile. 🙂

  8. Karen the rock whisperer

    Karen the artist here, and wow! It was just a piece of jewelry when I made it. With Bethany wearing it, it has come into its own. Nothing like having a beautiful model!

    The website has a technical problem, and I’ll have it fixed in another day or so.

    1. Becky Wiren

      I love what you did! Can’t wait to visit your website etc. And of course Bethany wears it so very nicely. Well done.

  9. Beth

    Beautiful! And she looks so happy!


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