John Oliver Starts a New Church, Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption

john oliver

Pastor John Oliver, Lady of Perpetual Exemption Church

John Oliver, host of  Last Week Tonight, has started a new church, Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption:

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  1. Aram McLean

    This was great. I’ve enjoyed John Oliver’s show for quite some time now. Stoked he took this nonsense on. Of course as Marjoe showed us in the seventies the true believers will only double-down, but I’m sure many people who were on the fence will fall back to a better side thanks to this. Not to mention the tax codes need to be seriously addressed.

  2. Troy

    It was good to see it. Will it make a difference to the victims. Not likely. When Peter Popoff was exposed on Johnny Carson he did go off the air for a while, but people have a short memory and he was back at it in short order. I think most of them are sincere with the exception of Robert Tilton, he is just a scam artist, “So to kasada kadota!”


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