The Love of God

love of god 2

Dear Human,

Let me, the one true and living God, show you my love by

Starving you

Burning your house down

Killing your children

Sending a tornado to destroy your community

Giving you a terminal disease

Giving you a child with a severe birth defect

Taking your health away

Reducing you to poverty

I do all these things because I love, love, love YOU

At times, I might even send other humans to

Rape you

Burn your village down

Spray agent orange on your village

Nuke your city

Falsely imprison you

Rob you

Murder your wife

I do all these things because I love, love, love YOU

There is nothing I won’t do to get you to love me

I will test you, try you, and destroy you, all so you will see that I love you and have a wonderful plan for your life

If necessary, I will reduce you to sitting in an ash heap scraping the puss from the boils that cover your body

I want you to know that I am the one true and living God

I do all these things, not to you, but for you

Surely, you can see that I love you

With much love and affection



  1. Steve

    Vicious, biting sarcasm! The best kind!! Superb!!!

  2. Kate Bartlett

    I suppose a Christian would say that God doesn’t do these things to us. That we have free will and behave how we choose and that he not only loves us he is love. And no matter what terrible thing happens that faith in his love will give us strength and sustain us. It seems that although he is an all powerful God he lets us sink or swim on our own most of the time. But we can pray to him which seems to make people feel like the power of his love will get them through anything. The more I write this the more delusional it all seems to me.

  3. Brian

    People are real.
    God is not.
    (It took me about 30 years to be simply honest with myself because GOD-from-birth.)


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