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Local Church Says The Morality of the Bible is the Safety of Society

church of christ of west unity sign

According to the Church of Christ at West Unity, the morality of the Bible is the safety of society.

Hmm…so…we live in a nation where every home has a Bible, often multiple Bibles, and there are churches on virtually every street corner. Shouldn’t this mean that our society is quite safe? How’s that working out for Christian America? And exactly what “morality of the Bible” should we follow? The polygamous, genocidal one of the Old Testament? The Ten Commandments? Or is that just the Nine Commandments? Which version of the Ten Commandments? The socialist morality of Jesus or the capitalist morality of Paul? If we obey “the morality of the Bible” does that mean, for a fact, that our society will be safe? Or is this just a cheap cliché that is not believed or practiced? So many questions…

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    I assume they mean if everyone follows the Bible, the world would be a better place. However, there are tons of Christian denominations out there now. This goes to show just how hard it is (I would say impossible) to truly know how people should live if they follow the Bible.

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    “Gee Pop, why do you have that big basket of stones”
    “Well son, your little sister Annie got raped by a hobo within the city limits and didn’t scream. So we’re going to stone the adulterous whoremonger. It’ll be a family event!”
    “That sure is swell! I feel SO safe. I sure am glad those godless atheists aren’t forcing their relative morality on us. That would be horrible. Praise Jesus”

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