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Several months ago, I wrote:

Good news, The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser continues to attract new readers. Bad news, The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser continues to attract new readers. Good news, because I write to be read. Bad news, because I had to move this site to a faster server, resulting in a substantial bump in costs.

As a result of writing the aforementioned post, a number of readers made a one time donation through PayPal, sent me a check, or signed up with Patreon to make a monthly contribution. I also added a Bookstore page which, thanks to readers buying books through the bookstore, has generated a small amount of quarterly income from Amazon.

I appreciate the kindness and support of everyone who has made a one time donation or committed to monthly support. Without this support, I’d be forced to either quit blogging or move the site to a cheaper service, a move that would result in slower page loads and greater risk of being hacked.

As of today, the combination of Amazon book sales, one time PayPal donations, and monthly support through Patreon, has gone a long way in helping to meet the costs associated with hosting this blog. Some months, there’s even a bit left over, which I use to either make blog improvements or take Polly to McDonald’s.

Your continued financial support is greatly appreciated.


My Facebook page has become an increasing source of traffic and reader engagement. There was a time when conversations were limited to the comment section, but now there are comments on Facebook and other social media that are every bit as important. I want to make sure I do my best to interact with readers wherever they read one of my posts, but I am finding that it is impossible for me to keep up. Fortunately, Michael Mock and Roy Madewell have been helping with the Facebook page. I no longer feel the need to answer every Evangelical who objects to something I’ve posted to Facebook.

Everything I write is posted to my Facebook page. This page is separate from my personal Facebook account. I also post news stories, articles, memes, and blog posts I think readers might find thought-provoking or a reminder of how much crazy there is in Evangelicalism.

I could use another person to help on the Facebook page. The ideal person would be someone who is conversant in all things Evangelical and is able to thoughtfully engage Evangelical critics without wanting to beat them to death with a copy of the King James Bible. I could also use the help of someone who has a science background. I get a lot of science questions that I do not have sufficient training to answer. If you would like to help administer my Facebook page, please send me an email.

Blog Comments

My writing tends to be a source of constant irritation to many Evangelicals. In previous years, every time they would express their hemorrhoidal pain and outrage I would respond to them. As long time readers know, doing so quickly drained me of physical and emotional strength, resulting in me taking an extended vacation or closing down my blog. Thanks to a handful of godless saints, I no longer have to engage every offended Evangelical. It’s encouraging and refreshing to have friends who are willing to enter Daniel’s metaphorical lions den and slay the lions. A great example of this is Michael Mock’s recent discussion with Susan-Anne White, a homophobic Calvinist from Northern Ireland. (An Email from a Fundamentalist Christian and Why Do Fundamentalist Men and Women Dress Differently?)  While I still intend to comment as I am able, I am grateful that some of you have been willing to engage God’s chosen ones. I find it amusing when an Evangelical gets upset over someone else responding to them besides Bruce Almighty.

Grammar Help

A few weeks ago, Carolyn, a regular reader of this blog, contacted me about helping with my spelling and grammar. Even though I proofread each post several times, I still make way too many grammar and spelling mistakes. Sometimes, these mistakes are due to brain fog and fatigue. Other times, I make mistakes because I tend to write like I talk, a common problem for those of us who spent a lifetime as public speakers. And then there are the mistakes I make because of improper usage. These mistakes are likely due to me not paying attention in English class. Carolyn, without remuneration or hope of eternal reward, is reviewing each of my posts and making the necessary corrections. Carolyn also plans to go through my previous posts and correct them. I appreciate her willingness to do this for me. (She did not correct this post. Any mistakes are 100% my fault.)

Guest Posts

I am still looking for readers who are willing to write a guest post.  The subject matter is of your own choosing. I’d love to have some first person stories and testimonies about leaving Christianity or deconverting.  Anonymous stories are welcome, as are stories that were previously published elsewhere. If you have a guest post you’d like to submit, please use the contact form to send it to me.

YouTube Videos

No, I’ve not given up on producing YouTube videos. I have the studio lighting in place, so all I need to do is sit down and record the video. No promises, but I do hope to have several videos recorded and edited in the next few weeks. Yeah, I know I sound like an Evangelical talking about the imminent return of Jesus…

As always, thank you for reading. Your love, friendship, and support mean the world to me.



  1. Brian

    Bruce wrote: “…or take Polly to McDonald’s.”
    So. Let me get this right. You finally find your way out of the church, only to land at McDonald’s. That’s pretty much the short version of your sordid tale, isn’t it…. You expose your dear wife to a good long IFB God-slap and then, before she has a chance for tea, you drag her to McDonald’s. You, sir, are the Devil.
    There is surely a more moderate middle-road! Where I am, one can freely visit a little family-run joint with home-made soups and decadent desserts! There are no uniforms and no Gawd dammit drive-throughs! Why must you do this to dear Polly?
    She requsts!?
    Oh nevermiiiiind.

  2. Heather

    YouTube videos would be awesome!

  3. Susan-Anne White

    Mr.Gerenscer, I am not a Calvinist and I am not an Arminian either. There are verses in the Bible that lend weight to both views of Scripture. Truth in the Bible runs along two parallel lines e.g verses that appear to teach sinless perfection (such as “whosoever is born of God sinneth not”) set alongside such verses as “if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.) Likewise there are verses that lend support to eternal security and verses that lend support to the view that we can be saved and lost. The truth is between all these parallel lines, so I am not a Calvinist nor an Arminian. However I am closer to Calvinism than to Arminianism. Your use of the word “homophobic” reveals that you cannot think for yourself and instead parrot out the script from the homosexual strategy book “After the Ball” by Madsen and Kirk. How tiresome and predictable! You are just like the robotic multitude today who cannot think for themselves and allow their puppet masters to dictate what they will say and think and how they should react to this or that person in this or that situation. When will you realise that all these “isms” (racism, sexism, ageism etc) and all these “phobias” (homophobia, Islamophobia) were coined to silence all opposition to the left wing global agenda, and, sadly, these epithets have silenced many, but not all. So if you think that I was figuratively “slain” by your colleague Michael Mock, that’s wishful thinking, Mr.Gerencser. Dream on.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      I call them like I see them. I could have used many nouns and adjectives to describe your vicious, abhorrent, anti- human views. For those keeping score Ms. White, you are definitely losing the game. For those of us not keeping score, you are great entertainment. Sad, to some degree, like a trailer park reality show, but quite entertaining nonetheless.

    2. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)
    3. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      I would also ask, Ms. White, what is your objective for commenting on this blog? You’ve visited this site 151 times, often multiple times a day. To what end? Whatever you think you are accomplishing, you’re not. Every time you leave a comment you provide a reminder of the mind numbing, judgmental, abusive Christianity thousands of us left behind. If your goal is to bring people to Jesus, you might want to change deodorant brands.

      1. Susan-Anne White

        Mr.Gerencser, If I had never been in America, and you were the only American I had ever encountered, I would not have a high opinion of you “Yanks” because you are one of the most despicable, obnoxious human beings I have ever come across. I have been to America twice, many years ago, in 1981 and 1983 and, happily, I can report that I met many friendly, civil and welcoming people. Mercifully, they are not all like you. I note your persistent use of the designation “Ms” for me, yet you know that my designation is “Mrs.” This has to be deliberate on your part and calculated to irritate and offend. Did you marry your wife so she would be referred to as “Ms” Gerenscer? Are you, as a married couple, referred to as “Mr. and “Ms. Gerenscer?” I think not! If you don’t want me to read your blog posts and comment on some of them, then close it down to all but your like-minded friends, because, if you do not, you will not stop me, and you cannot stop me reading your blog and commenting when I feel like it and especially when you mention me by name in a post (as you have done) or if you or some of your contributors/commenters state something that is untrue about me (or someone else) I reserve the right to reply. So go ahead, continue to count the number of times I visit your site (let’s see, it must be nearly 160 times now according to you) you won’t stop me, so close your wretched blog down to all but those spiritually impoverished enough to listen to your rants. Why are you concerned about the views of Arthur Pink? What he thought about churches is none of your concern seeing you have rejected them all and Christianity along with them. However, when it suits you, you will align yourself with those Christians who criticised Arthur Pink. How hypocritical. By the way, Mr. Gerencser, how is it “vicious” and “anti-human” to tell the truth about homosexuals and their disproportionate representation in the statistics on child abuse? Perhaps a cover-up of the facts would suit you better. Look at the case of Lisa and Isabella Miller in the USA, for an example of a child (Isabella) who was traumatised whilst in the “care” of Janet Jenkins, a lesbian who was the former “girlfriend” of her mother (Lisa Miller) and tell me that children are safe with such people. Look at the case of Pastor Chuck McIlhenny who was targeted for murder by homosexuals. I would say that the actions of those homosexuals was “vicious” and anti-human.”

        1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

          Yes, I use Ms. to annoy you, Ms. White.

          As far as Pink is concerned, I’m only making an educated observation.

          As far as you reading this blog and commenting, I Bruce Almighty, the Lord of this realm, have within my power to ban you from commenting and keep you from reading. The only reason I don’t is because you are entertaining and your comments are so offensive that they provide excellent exhibits of what happens when fundamentalism and right-wing politics seep into every part of a person’s brain.

          Normally, people like you are given one opportunity to comment. (Per the comment rules you read) That I, as the supreme potentate of this kingdom, allow you to continue to comment, is either a sign that I have dementia or that I love a good puppet show. Your time on the puppet stage is running out, Ms. White,.

          1. Susan-Anne White

            Answer/address the questions/points I raised, Mr.Gerenscer. Your wife’s designation, for starters i.e “Ms” or “Mrs” and all the other matters I raised in my comment. If you are unwilling or incapable or too cowardly to answer, ask one of your minions to answer for you. By the way, how do you propose to stop me reading your blog?

          2. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

            She’s neither. Her name is Polly.

            I have super powers I can use to block your access to this site. At an appointed time, I shall demonstrate to you my powers.

    4. Michael Mock

      For the record, Mrs. White, I wouldn’t wish you slain in any case — not even metaphorically. I’m not going to vanquish you, and I’m not going to silence you. If you decide to go away, it’ll be because you grew bored of us, or because something more important caught your attention. If you change your mind about some of your views, it’ll be because you decided to reconsider the evidence and came to new conclusions. It won’t be because you couldn’t answer my dazzling displays of logic and wit (though I’m egotist enough to think of my comments in these terms). No, the most I hope for in answering you is to give you some idea, some awareness, of the fact that most other people simply don’t see the world the way you do. We’re not being difficult, or rebellious, or stubborn; we’re doing the best we can with the information we have. And the information we have doesn’t appear to even vaguely support the conclusions you would have us believe.

      We aren’t defying God’s Truth — not knowingly or willfully, anyway. It’s just that as best we can tell, the world doesn’t work even remotely the way you say it does.

      1. Susan-Anne White

        It was Bruce Gerenscer who spoke of slaying metaphorical lions. Here is what he said, “It’s encouraging and refreshing to have friends who are willing to enter Daniel’s metaphorical lions den and slay the lions.” What a total inversion of truth. The lions were the ones threatening God’s servant Daniel. So Mr.Gerenscer is saying that atheists are doing battle with the lions who are threatening God’s servants i.e Christians. Mr.Gerenscer seems to think that the lions represent Bible-believers. What ignorance. Thank you Mr.Mock, for your civility in arguing your points in your comments, but beware, you will not be able to retain your civility (or your sanity) if you continue to allow Mr. Gerenscer to influence you.

        1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

          It’s Gerencser, BTW. I highly doubt that Michael Mock will be unduly influenced by me. He’s quite capable of thinking for himself.

          As far as my demeanor, I am 99% of the time a kind, decent, thoughtful person, as regular readers of this blog can, if asked, can testify to. They will also tell you I have dealt with hundreds of Susan-Anne Whites, and I have no regard for such people.

          Be glad Mock the Minion is your adversary. If it was me, Bruce Almighty, I would have already lopped off your metaphorical head. One reason I haven’t is that you are a publicity whore and you crave martyrdom.

          1. Brian

            Perhaps somebody more civil than this preacher’s son would explain to Mrs. White what happened to the Cathars around 1200 or so. The lions were the Christians and their minions, Mrs. White, and they slaughtered those who were also Christians but the wrong flavor. So Bruce actually is better informed than you are, perhaps, dear dear, proud believer. What ignorance, indeed. If one looks a minute or two at the Old Testament God, one is utterly shocked at how many must die for, well, you know, one thing or the other.

    5. Geoff

      I note, Mrs White, from previous comments you’ve made, that you think homosexuality should be re-criminalised, with an option to incarcerate the guilty. Okay, that’s your opinion, to which you are entitled. Bruce labels you ‘homophobic’, an opinion to which he is entitled.

      My question is this. Do you think the word ‘homophobic’ is totally redundant, or are there circumstances in which it is applicable? And if a law were passed which criminalised church attendance would you consider that some form of ‘phobia’ against the religious?

      1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

        And just to be clear, I use homophobic, homophobe, homophobia to mean an irrational fear of homosexuals and/or a hatred of homosexuals. I think this defines Ms. White accurately on both counts.

        I told Polly this evening that Ms. White is infected with the spirit of AW Pink, the Calvinistic preacher who withdrew from the larger Christianity community because he felt the Christian church was doctrinally compromised and infected with the spirit of this world. Ironically, many of Pink’s books were written during his voluntary withdrawal from the Christian church. Many think Pink was a bitter old man. I happen to agree with this sentiment, and I see a lot of Pink in White.

        This is also what I call the Elijah syndrome…a man who thought he alone remained the true prophet of God. This is a common syndrome among Evangelicals. I once had the disease myself. There’s little hope for someone with this syndrome. Until they realize the foundation of their beliefs, the Bible, is false, and are able to see themselves as a fallible, frail, weak member of the human race, there is no hope for them. Arrogance, which breeds certainty, keeps them from seeing themselves as the problem. Religion will do that to a person. I speak from experience.

        I’m sure Ms. White will vehemently disagree with everything I’ve said. ?

        1. Melody

          “This is also what I call the Elijah syndrome…a man who thought he alone remained the true prophet of God. This is a common syndrome among Evangelicals…. Arrogance, which breeds certainty, keeps them from seeing themselves as the problem.”

          I also think that goes for many Evangelicals and also accounts for many schisms. There will be a few minor points of disagreement in dogma or theology and a new church is born… Rinse and repeat 🙂

        2. Robert

          ” … and I see a lot of Pink in White.”

          My, my Bruce! … I didn’t know you took to writing porn scripts … times must be getting tough. 😀

          Peace, my Friend 🙂

      2. Susan-Anne White

        Yes, I think that the word “homophobic” is redundant as is “Islamophobia.” These words are hurled like weapons at those who are opposed to homosexuality and also to the Islamisation of the West (USA and UK and rest of Europe.) I do not hate homosexuals nor do I hate Muslims in general. I’m opposed to homosexual activity because it is unnatural, abnormal and destructive, but I am not calling for their execution. Islam is a violent religion and therefore, dangerous, and the Islamisation of a given town or country must be resisted. Look at the incidences of rape in Sweden, Germany and Norway. The perpetrators are mostly Muslims. I fear Islam when I see what happens to a town or country that permits an influx of Muslims. I fear the homosexual agenda because the goal of that lobby is a sexual free-for-all where anything goes and where no-one is safe (children in particular are in danger.)If a law was passed that criminalised attendance at true Christian churches, I would consider that law to be anti-Christian. I would not think that those who passed such a law had some sort of phobia about Christians.

        1. Geoff

          “Look at the incidences of rape in Sweden, Germany and Norway. The perpetrators are mostly Muslims. I fear Islam when I see what happens to a town or country that permits an influx of Muslims. I fear the homosexual agenda because the goal of that lobby is a sexual free-for-all where anything goes and where no-one is safe (children in particular are in danger.)”

          1. The countries to which you refer are accepted as having higher standards of ‘morality’ than countries which are heavily religious (especially the US). As regards rape, Sweden does have the highest level of recorded incidence worldwide, but that is almost universally accepted as being down to reporting methodology (eg husband rapes wife every day for a year equals 365 rapes; elsewhere equals one).
          It is also not generally accepted that any of these countries have a particular problem with rape by Muslims.

          2. The claim that gay people are more likely to molest children is a total myth. I thought it had been completely debunked until you re-opened the issue.

          3. I have no idea what you mean by a sexual ‘free for all’. People are gay because they are born that way, and all they ask is that they be allowed to conduct themselves in private, as they allow you. They ask also that they be allowed the same legal privileges that you are allowed, including the right to marry the person of their choice. Homosexual behaviour is, of course, repugnant if you aren’t homosexual by nature but, and here’s the point, don’t think about. I have little doubt that the only reason the bible appears to rail against it is because the author(s) felt the same revulsion toward it as you do. Well that was a very long time ago. Society has moved on, and the human race has matured to the point where it can largely be tolerant of such behaviour.

        2. KatieS

          “children in particular are in danger”
          Oh, I see the problem, you’re thinking of the Catholic church (and various other denominations) not gay people.

          “I would not think that those who passed such a law had some sort of phobia about Christians.”
          No, you would be screaming from the rooftops about how persecuted you are.

          “sexual free-for-all” I am in favor of this as long as everyone is a consenting adult, Ms. White. Everyone would be better off not being sexually repressed like you are.

    6. John Arthur

      Hi Susan,

      “The Truth is between these parallel lines”.

      Isn’t a simpler hypothesis the view that the bible contains different, often contradictory, views on some topics. How can eternal security and ‘saved then lost’ be reconciled? Rather than “two parallel lines”, both spoken by God, might we not rather have contradictory views on many topics in the bible which reflect ancient human views of the world within ancient Israel and contradictory views by human NT writers?


      John Arthur

      1. Susan-Anne White

        The doctrine of eternal security and the view that one can be saved and later lose one’s salvation appear contradictory but I think they should be understood as follows. Live circumspectly and soberly in this world, as if your salvation depended on it, but all the while knowing that once truly saved, one can never be lost. These two thoughts must be held in tension. It is the same with verses that state that Christians do not sin, while other verses state that if we say we do not sin, we deceive ourselves. The truth is this, Christians should not sin but they can and do sin. I hope my explanations, for what they are worth, are helpful.

        1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

          Or they could be viewed as contradictions, a reflection of the fact that the Bible can used to prove any and every theological belief.

    7. John Arthur

      Hi Susan,

      Would it be fair to say of you that you don’t seem to have any love for same-sex oriented persons? You have stated that you think that they should be jailed.

      Why campaign politically to have “homosexuals” jailed? Haven’t they suffer enough in past ages by being imprisoned, by being vilified, and by being ostracised? Why try to get laws passed to imprison them? Isn’t this going to add to their pain again?

      Instead of campaigning against their human rights, why not try to get to know more of them and listen to their stories, their heartache and their pain that they often suffered at the hands of the community when they have “come out”? Wouldn’t a good dose of compassion and tenderness be a more humane response than condemnation?


      John Arthur

  4. Brian

    Mrs. White did it, with a Bible, in the sitting room. (This is the Clue blog, right?)

  5. sgl

    Mr White,

    Kindly contain your woman. She’s off gallivanting around the interwebs, unsupervised. attempting to teach men, a clear violation of scripture.

    1 Timothy 2:12 “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

    This, of course, is a shameful blemish on your own reputation:

    1 Timothy 3:5 “(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)”

    If you are truly a man of God, I’m sure you will rectify the situation promptly. If not, it’s clear that you and your family are an imposters, and not a True Christians ™.

    1. KatieS

      Upvote. 😉


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