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No Muslims Allowed: Was Islam Banned From the USA in 1952?

I’ve seen this graphic a handful of times recently on Facebook, always posted as a legal justification for Donald Trump-like bigotry towards Muslims. In every instance, this  meme was posted by someone claiming to be an Evangelical Christian. As Polly and I were watching last night’s episode of The Trevor Noah Show, I mentioned that Donald Trump has exposed an ugly truth about the religious right; that bigotry and racism is flourishing among those who say they are followers Jesus, a man who had far more in common with Middle Eastern Muslims, Palestinians, and Jews than the white Americans who worship him today.

Last I knew, Evangelicals still consider lying a sin. Why then, do Christians continue to post falsities like those mentioned in this graphic? It took me all of 30 seconds to determine that this graphic is false. While this meme might express the wet-dream sentiment of white, redneck Evangelical bigots, there’s no truth to it.

Here’s what the venerable has to say on the matter:

The meme sharply escalated in popularity following an unprecedented statement from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who on 7 December 2015 suggested that the United States should bar all Muslims from entering the country until such time as lawmakers could “figure out what [was] going on” in the wake of a mass shooting in San Bernardino that had occurred five days earlier.


Simply put, the rumor maintained that Muslims as a group were ineligible for admission to the United States based upon a law that prohibited entry to any alien who “belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by ‘force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.'” The meme didn’t directly reference the Islamic State (ISIS) as the organization in question, instead suggesting that Islam itself (particularly because of Sharia law and adherence to it by devout Muslims) was a prohibited group.

The law referenced was the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, also known as the McCarran–Walter Act. Its text is available in full at the U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization Services (USCIS) web site, where a preface indicates that the law has “been amended many times over the years, but is still the basic body of immigration law.” The meme cited “Chapter 2 Section 212” of the Act, which is subtitled “INA: ACT 212 – GENERAL CLASSES OF ALIENS INELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE VISAS AND INELIGIBLE FOR ADMISSION; WAIVERS OF [INADMISSIBILITY].” Subsection (A) of that section pertains to “Classes of Aliens Ineligible for Visas or Admission,” subdivision (3) of which is titled “Security and related grounds.” Paragraph (a), subsection (iii) excludes as ineligible for admission the following persons:

In general any alien who a consular officer or the Attorney General knows, or has reasonable ground to believe, seeks to enter the United States to engage solely, principally, or incidentally in any activity a purpose of which is the opposition to, or the control or overthrow of, the Government of the United States by force, violence, or other unlawful means.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 was not without critics, among them President Harry S. Truman, who vetoed the bill on 25 June 1952. In a letter titled “Veto of Bill to Revise the Laws Relating to Immigration, Naturalization, and Nationality” and addressed to the House of Representatives, President Truman described the bill’s provisions as both antithetical to American values and discriminatory:

The greatest vice of the present quota system, however, is that it discriminates, deliberately and intentionally, against many of the peoples of the world … The desired effect [of selective admission of immigrants] was obtained … People from such countries as Greece, or Spain, or Latvia were virtually deprived of any opportunity to come here at all, simply because Greeks or Spaniards or Latvians had not come here before 1920 in any substantial numbers.

The idea behind this discriminatory policy was, to put it baldly, that Americans with English or Irish names were better people and better citizens than Americans with Italian or Greek or Polish names. It was thought that people of West European origin made better citizens than Rumanians or Yugoslavs or Ukrainians or Hungarians or Baits or Austrians. Such a concept is utterly unworthy of our traditions and our ideals. It violates the great political doctrine of the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal.” It denies the humanitarian creed inscribed beneath the Statue of Liberty proclaiming to all nations, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

It repudiates our basic religious concepts, our belief in the brotherhood of man, and in the words of St. Paul that “there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free …. for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”


The “ISLAM WAS BANNED FROM THE USA IN 1952” meme proved popular following a period of increasing rhetoric similar to that which Truman decried as discriminatory and outdated in 1952. The meme’s basic claim hinged on the tautological assertion that adherence to Islam alone constitutes participation in an “organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by ‘force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.'” Most major religions involve basic, agreed-upon sets of tenets by which their faithful live, and no widely-accepted understanding of Islam encompasses a prohibition on following the laws of any country or advocates the overthrow of government.


The meme “ISLAM WAS BANNED FROM THE USA IN 1952” claimed that adherence to Islam and/or Sharia law constituted definitive membership within an “organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by ‘force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.'” Multiple non-factual statements or implications were presented in the meme, including the notions that all Muslims strictly adhere to Sharia law, that Sharia law is a cohesive faith-based form of governance, that adherence to Sharia law is mutually exclusive with adherence to the laws of the United States, that Islam in some way demands the eventual overthrow of the United States government, or that any “organization” to which Muslims purportedly belong by merit of their faith somehow places them under the provisions of section 212 of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. Not one of those assertions or implications is supported by extant law, precedent, or any accepted interpretation of Islam, United States immigration policy, or the act in question.



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    I get sick and tired of these false memes (where did that word come from?) that seek to appeal to the emotional doubts, often bigotry, that many people have. For example, a few years ago the UK was awash in righteous anger over a falsely planned rumour that British schools were to be banned from teaching about the holocaust. ‘Pass on this email’ or become anti-Semitic happened thrice daily, and comments sections of the tabloids were full to bursting on the subject, and how the government was pathetic and pandering to the Muslims. Then there was the recent one about the White House refusing to allow Christmas trees. Both these stories were nonsense of course.

    I still can’t properly fathom the reason for all this without looking at Nazi Germany. Those who created the ‘meme’ knew it was false, so clearly did this out of mischief. Probably they recognise that they can stir up the populace with little trouble, because so many refuse to exercise any sort of reasoned discernment. Instead of reading the meme, appreciating it’s unlikely to be true, then spending two minutes confirming this, they prefer to be taken in, allowing confirmation bias to subconsciously rule them.

    Hitler understood this, of course, and look at where that led. All it took was a cynical leader, prepared to exploit a credulous population. Donald Trump, and supporters, take note.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      History tells us that inflamed passions coupled with fear often results in people acting according to what I call their tribal instincts. It’s us vs. them. Once these tribal instincts are aroused, people are capable of doing anything, including mass murder and genocide.

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        Thank you for providing a much needed dose of sanity to counteract these false memes. Back then, the fundamentalists were much more afraid of Communism than of Islam. It seems that they require a changing series of endless enemies to oppose. I am really concerned about a lot of the baseless and hate-filled commentary that I see on a daily basis, and I know that other readers are too.

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        Gary Taylor

        Hey Jesus never rubbed shoulders with any muslims, this ideologue wasnt around when he walked through Israel, and the only Palestinians in those days were Jews, now living in the renamed Palistenia of the Roman occupation, but then again research is not a high point with regressive leftards is it.

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          Gary, I have little idea of what you are talking about, but commenting about Jesus rubbing shoulders with Muslims is somewhat silly, given that, if he actually existed, he pre-dated the birth of Islam by some six hundred years. Your comment implies that you know this, and I can assure you that every regular reader of this blog is as aware.

          As for your final comment, it’s best you leave insults out entirely, but especially until you are sure of your ground, which clearly you are not.

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            It is very true and indeed you have well said that Christ superceeds all other religions with His eternal truth.

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        Thanks for that. As soon as I opened your link I remembered that it was Dawkins, but had completely forgotten. Probably age!

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      William Sperber

      “Instead of reading the meme, appreciating it’s unlikely to be true, then spending two minutes confirming this, they prefer to be taken in, allowing confirmation bias to subconsciously rule them.”

      My wife has called out her good christian uncle for passing on these sort of “memes” by email forward; all the usual stuff like “Obama is a secret muslim that is going to take your guns away” and “Sharia law is coming to your town tomorrow” and all the rest. His reply — “I don’t care if it’s true as long as it makes Obama look bad.” He actually said that to her.

      Maybe everyone won’t be that truthful about participating in a lie but I can’t help but suspect that that is what is inside the craniums of people that pass this stuff around. They excuse the falsity because the ends justify the means. Wait, what?

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    So, Bruce, I adore being part of the “political correct crowd”! So gullible. So naive. So wrong. Alas! How DARE we THINK and RESEARCH!?!? So damn PC!
    This is my uncle’s consistent type of trade, by the way. Ah, he knows it all. After all, he watches FOX.

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      Mark Anderson

      However, Muslims do want to take over the USA, and establish sharia law. This is seen throughout Europe now. That’s a fact.

      • Avatar
        Bruce Gerencser

        However, SOME Christians do want to take over the USA, and establish Biblical law. This is seen throughout The United States now. That’s a fact.

        Operative word is some. Same goes for Islam.

          • Avatar
            Bruce Gerencser

            Plenty of terrorist attacks perpetrated by Caucasian Christians. Oklahoma City bombing for one. Most serial killers are white and Christian. All of white men who murdered abortion doctors were Christian. The list goes on and on…use Google to seek and find, or not. Either way, white Christians have plenty of blood on their hands.

            How about extending the field to the Middle East and Christian America’s use of drones to terrorize and murder innocent civilians.

          • Avatar
            Bruce Gerencser

            Deserve what? No one deserves terrorist attacks,and that includes the people the United States terrorizes with drone attack. Dust the constant threat of death from the sky causes non-combatants to live in fear of their lives.

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    I still have some FB church friends and I swear not a day goes by I don’t see something negative about Islam or Obama being a Muslim, etc. Those evangelicals are afraid and hateful of anything Islam and Muslims but I still don’t get why. Even the preacher at my wife’s church will say some pretty negative comments about Muslims that are very negative and judgmental. They pretty much believe they are all terrorists and that Christianity would never harm anyone.

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      You should spend some time becoming familiar with the Qur’an. Familiarity with it will help you understand why all Americans should be concerned!

      • Avatar
        Bruce Gerencser

        One can be concerned without being paranoid or delusional.

        Why do you assume we haven’t read the Qur’an? I’m pretty familiar with the passages you likely consider offensive, just as I am familiar with the passages in the Bible that few Christians find offensive. Fundamentalist religion breeds violence.

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        Michael Mock

        Seconding Bruce’s comment: I’m less concerned with the Koran than with Muslims themselves, and the Muslims I know are just people trying to get by with their lives. (This is true of Christians, also: the Bible says some pretty outlandish things, if you really look, but most Christians are just people, and just trying to get by.) I can’t be deeply worried about Muslims; I live and work with/around far too many of them.

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    Michael Deangelo

    Clearly, its you HACKS on the LEFT who love to claim and embrace everyone, calling people like TRUMP a Bigot – You were keen to swoop in and do a lot of “investigating” about this 1952 law – Yet, like all LEFT WING HACKS – You lie about Trump and what he said – Let me help you out on that…

    He said; “There should be a Temporary ban on Muslims coming to this country until we can figure out who they are”

    Even the Director of the FBI stated there’s no real way of knowing who they are…But being YOU LOVE Muslims so much, are you going to have them stay at your house?

    Didn’t think so – Fatso…. You don’t have the BALLS to post this either because everything with THE LEFT is SILENCE!

    All you hacks do is get people killed….

    Have a nice life

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    Jack Perry

    CAIR has stated that a devout Moslem is above the law of the land in the United States. So how can anyone say that this is not to subvert the Constitution when their own lead organization states that’s what a devout Moslem does?

    This is not extremism, this is reality. If a Moslem is not seeking to overthrow a government then according to CAIR they are not being devout.

    But do not worry about this. Let’s just pretend that Moslem seeking to enter the United States is not a devout Moslem and then we can all sleep at night.

    Also, while on the subject can you recall in the last century or two or three or four when an christian, hindi, buddhist, atheist (essentially someone not a devout Moslem) on a regular basis parading around cut off heads, car bombs, suicide vests, screaming “Allah Akbar” as they killed people?

    Perhaps you need to read the quran better. Chapter 9 is the last revelation, not the ninth chapter in a book of 114 chapters arranged largest to smallest (with the exception of chapter 1).

    This is not about Trump his followers or even Obama, it’s about your state of mind in that you are afraid to look at the cold hard evidence. Spain was invaded by devout Moslems in a 700 year war; cannot imagine that anyone actually lived 700 years so there was a constant influx of devout Moslems. Sept 11, 1683 the Moslems were stopped at Vienna over a two day battle (Sept 11, 12 – either of these dates ring any bells?).

    Why don’t you look at Islam for a change of pace and stop making excuses for it?

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      No one is making excuses for Islam. I, for one, refuse to allow my thinking to be driven by irrational, xenophobic, bigoted paranoia. I’m quite capable of seeing things as they are.

      Have you read the last book of the Christian Bible? Tens of millions of Americans believe the events recorded in the book of Revelation will literally come to pass.

      CAIR, BTW, doesn’t represent all Muslims (it is an American organization). Here is their goals and objectives:

      CAIR’s former board chairman and North Carolina State Senator Larry Shaw summed up the truth of the organization’s mission when he issued the following statement in March, 2009:

      “CAIR exists to uphold the right to liberty that Americans are guaranteed under the Constitution. We will challenge any attempts to erode constitutionally-protected liberties. We will also continue to work to ensure that American Muslims play a positive and productive role in our society.

      In carrying out our mission of promoting justice and mutual understanding, we honor and will continue to learn from groups who have faced similar challenges, including African-Americans, Asian-Americans and many others.

      CAIR embraces the cultural and religious pluralism that is a hallmark of America and repudiates any misuse of Islam to falsely justify violence or intolerance.

      “We look forward to partnering with the Obama administration to help defend civil liberties and to project to the world the best of our nation’s universal, constitutional and pluralistic values of freedom and justice.”

    • Avatar

      Your comment about the Muslim invasion of Spain is very misleading.

      Whilst Spain was undoubtedly an attractive target for the various Caliphates of Northern Africa, the invasion of the Iberian Peninsular was almost casual, being a way of occupying the fighting instincts of the recently subdued tribal Berbers. Although initially bloody, the history of the relationship between the Muslims and native Spanish was one of remarkable amity. Indeed the tolerance shown by both sides stands as a great example of how different cultures can co-exist. Then along came the Crusaders, the brutality of whom, even for their time is rightly regarded as shocking, and the age of peaceful co-existence between Islam and Christianity was at an end.

      I have no idea about the Vienna events to which you refer, but Spanish history is something with which I am reasonably familiar.

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    The rampant xenophobia is fed by a nation that lives in delusional worship of flags and Gods, hefting up their weapons in proud chest-pounding and bullying threats. Trump is our version of an extremist cleric in the world of Islam, screaming outlandish nonsense while the mob roars with approval. Jack Perry can see very well out there in the copyrighted read Muslim world but he seems to have no clue about what has happened to his own country. Is there another country in the world more brainwashed, more billboarded, more told what to think and how to talk than the United States of America? Maybe North Korea?

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    Bruce is right. Islam is by definition banned from the USA. Islam’s goal is WORLD domination through demographics and terrorism. I don’t want Muslims here in this country. Everybody should familiarize themselves with Islam’s violent past.

    But it’s too late now. There are too many of them here already. The world will turn to crap within the next few years.
    A day is soon coming when the world as we know it will no longer exist.

      • Avatar

        I meant to say Islam should be banned because the article you posted indicates Islam should be banned from the USA.

        I was watching the North Tower burn on Sept. 11 and then saw the other plane hit the south tower. My friends ‘maid of honor’ was on that plane. Islam originated in The Arab Middle -East. Looking at that part of the world today, and how people are leaving, makes me want to shut the immigration door to Muslims.

      • Avatar

        actually yes islam would fall under the same category as immigrants, and under the definition set in 1952, would include such, it might not state islam but it still falls under the same pretext

  8. Avatar

    Jim, maybe you could consider looking closer to home for your bans…. The history of Christianity is full of mass murder and horror but you want to look at one big-deal murder because? You had a relative on the plane? Okay then Jim, let’s fucking go after those fundamentalists over there because we have no vision to see over-here…. Bullshit, Jim… go Trump yourself.

  9. Avatar
    Jim McLaren

    Folks, just read the Koran, Hadiths etc.
    That’s their docrine, underpinning Sharia.
    Statement of facts is not bigotry.
    Look at 1400 years of persecution of other faiths, especially Christians, who were lucky if they became dhimmis.
    Our tolerance has imported an intolerance which will only grow, and apologists will reap the results too.
    The US is partially shielded by geography, but look at the gradual hijrah happening in Europe.
    Many muslims do not know the mandatory verses, or choose to ignore them, but still remain part of the ideology through fear of death, as the mandated punishment.
    We need to educate ourselves with critical analysis of the facts, not woolly-headed political correctness, before it’s too late.

  10. Avatar

    Jim, you have been led down a path of xenophobic nonsense. Read the Rational-wiki on Bible laws and see how wacko it has been over time, how it has routinely harmed countless people over the ages and then see that it is no different than the whacko Islam you speak of… Stop spreading your fear of strangers, your narrow views of so-called doctrine.

  11. Avatar

    Sorry to interrupt with facts. But facts are still facts.

    1. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952; Other short title: McCarran-Walter Act, has never been reversed. It has been legally modified as late as the 1990s, but never legally reversed.

    2. Sharia Law, in whatever current forms, is inherently contradictory to nearly all elements of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

    3. Opinions published in Snopes and other similar web sites are written and submitted by contributors. If you read all of the Snopes attribution, you will see that it was written by a contributor who was originally rejected by Snopes personnel because she had a personal interest in promoting a particular slant. She was later accepted as a contributor due to pressure from outside interests.

    Not everyone who believes in and lives by the U.S. Constitution is a bigoted redneck. Can you say the word “Patriot?”

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      1. I just said the word patriot.

      2. I never said the act was invalidated.

      3. The article author’s bio on the article is satire.

      4. I know racist, bigoted rednecks when I see them.


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    Hi – I’m a Hawaii Girl – born and raised. Hawaii is a Democratic State for the most part. I don’t think that any of the Radical Islam Terrorists should be allowed anywhere near us. You truly don’t need to be well versed on the Koran/Kuran/Quran (total Evil),..However look at the signs they carry when they march through our streets,.,..”All Christians Must Die”, “Insult Islam We will Behead you” “Fuck the Jews”, “All women should be raped”, “Convert or DIE” – there’s so much more. Top that off with the interviews with these INBRED SUB HUMANS ( I use that term lightly), they have ZERO problem saying they intend on over throwing our Nation and Dominate,.. along with the Western World. I must admit,.. regardless of them being barbaric and insanely SOUL LESS to the core,.. at least they are honest about killing us, raping our children and women, beheading Christians,.. hey they speak their truth. They must all be EXTERMINATED – TOTAL EXTINCTION. Make NO Mistake – they plan on killing or enslaving us,.. total Genocide would be a treat for them. Friends – Kill them first before they kill you. Don’t have a GUN? GET ONE! There are over 50 ISIS TRAINING COMPOUNDS (1 FOR EACH STATE) ON OUR SOIL. AS WELL AS 2200+ MOSQUES (ANY MOSQUE RAIDED SO FAR LOCKED AND LOADED – ALL THEY NEED IS THE “WORD” AND WE WILL BE UNDER ATTACKED.

  13. Avatar

    Nicole, please stay in Hawaii (far away from me) and consider seeing a therapist trained in focussing on feelings. You are in dire need of this kind of assistance. Your rant is so mud-puddle shallow, I want to call a Poe on it but instead I’ll bite and will refer you to the Christian Crusades. Google Christian Crusades CBC and please listen to real history regarding Christianity. You have convinced yourself that Islam is essentially different than Christianity but if you care for yourself and reality in this world, you might do well to read some history and realize that both religions in their fundamentalist forms are heinous, murderous beasts.
    (You won’t heed my words because you are in need of the kind of love you feel. You need to have it and to vilify others. It is necessary to you but it has made you a shockingly dumbed down extremist yourself.

    • Avatar

      Brian, sorry to disillusion you but Nicole is right. In no way, shape or form is Islam a religion. Do some research. The murderous false prophet Mohammad – meaning he dubbed this title on himself in his 40s – then invented the false “religion” Islam is an idealogy of oppression and violence started by the Prophet of Islam

      • Avatar
        Bruce Gerencser

        What is was at its foundation is irrelevant. What is Islam today? A religion, just like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etal. Christianity wasn’t started as a new “religion” either. Does this mean that modern, twenty-first century Christianity is not a religion? And as far as violence and oppression? Have you ever read the OT? Plenty of old fashioned violence and oppression. The same can be found in the NT with Paul’s misogynistic view of women and the book of Revelation.

        So, follow your own advice and do some research. Start with the Bible, beginning in Genesis 1-3 where a violent God murdered innocent animals to provide fur coats for Adam and Eve.

      • Avatar

        You know John Wayne, Sharon? Well, please hear this comment using his drawl: Well, you better jus listen up, Missy, cuz I sure had a read through all the cult books myself and there are no true religions but mine, Missy, the triune God with the Son and Holy Spirit. All those others, Mooslums and Jehovahs and the like are downright devil totin’ hombres. You hear me, Missy? (John Wayne departs to accompany Trump to fix the Muslim problem, Israel and any other place or thing that needs his magic.)
        By the by, you might attempt a bit more breadth than Larson’s Cults. Try some of Bruce Almighty’s offerings to begin with…. No? The only book you need is the Good Book? I’m being sarcastic, Sharon but seriously, millions and millions of folks practice the world religion called Islam. Don’t you find it the least bit odd that you deny them all in one fell-swoop? Let us prey…

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    Just one question for the good folks here: Have you read the Qu’ran? It is loaded with admonitions and directives for Muslims to enslave and/or slay “kaffer”. The problem is not with Muslims; it’s with the Quran and the belief system it generates. Islam actually DOES call for these things and does call for the entire planet to submit to “Allah”. ie: a totalitarian state is exactly what is called for. Being aware of this and saying it here is not bigotry. This is simply statement of facts; facts that people find unbelievable and don’t want to face. It is what it is. Another fact is that the Quran states that the penalty for apostasy is death; if you convert to another faith or just quit islam you are marked for death. Makes it pretty difficult to stay on good terms with your community & family if you decide to quit the cult. This may not happen here very much, if at all, as yet because Islamic population has not yet reached the stage where Sharia law has been imposed. But that is the goal of organizations such as CAIR (Council on Islamic-American Relations). English Quran is available on line. Go read for yourself. There is also something in Islam called “Taqiyya”

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Have you read the Bible?

      No one here thinks Islam is a noble, peace loving religion. The same, however, can be said of Christianity.

      Fundamentalism is the problem wherever it is found.

    • Avatar

      It always astounds me how far into denial people can go. They can be born in a system that is really closed and believe it is open. They can accuse the other guy of following a vicious God while being comletely blind to the vicious God they call Love. They can take a bunch of scripture and suggest that is far superior to another while lazily ignoring the simple fact that it is not and that it is as full of viral shit as another bunch of scripture.
      It seems to me, Scn911, that you are fixated and have little imagination. Sorry, the Muslim scripture is equal to yours, every bit as viral. Your God wouldn’t even look after his own son but used him for sick entertainment. Your faith roves over the earth killing strangers because you lack the common decency you claim as uniquely yours. Your religion is a thug and, just to add my hearty agreement to your very one-sided words, yes, the Quran is a thug of a scripture, another thug. Let us prey…

          • Avatar
            Bruce Gerencser

            And this fool says to you, the cap key on your keyboard is stuck.

            Comments such as yours are masturbatory acts meant to make people feel good. Sure told those atheists, you are thinking, failing to realize that such ejaculations may make you feel good, but they do nothing to advance the cause of Christianity. Atheists are immune to such things, knowing to steer clear of Christians who are ready to Jesus orgasm.

  15. Avatar

    Scn911, Apologies for suggesting such a thing. But why the one-sided focus on Islam when you are aware that exactly the same kind of hateful nonsense can be garnered from the scriptures of Donald Trump’s family Bible? You encourage people to read the Word of Islam so they can see what it says and that is a good way to approach it but when you then cherry-pick the juicy parts, you might get further by doing some cherry-picking among the Bible’s bedtime stories too. If there is a logical reason you are not offering that insight here I would be happy to hear it but if you are an atheist who believes that Islam is somehow terribly more degraded than Christianity, then I wonder why that would be?

  16. Avatar

    Scn911, in fairness I spend more time myself railing about Christianity than I do about Islam. I do that because my upbringing was fundy Christian so I never threw the virus off entirely, I guess. Perhaps you speak of Islam for these same reasons, that you were brought up inside a sick version of Islam?

  17. Avatar

    Why the one-sided focus? How about this, just for starters?…

    When’s the last time you saw Christians (or any other “religion”) do this? Islam is not just a religion; it’s an entire socio-political and religious ideology which includes the assimilation/conversion of the entire planet over to Islam and according to Sharia, not necessarily in a peaceful way. When they call Islam the religion of peace, they’re referring to the “peace” that will follow in the wake of complete planetary submission to “Allah”. Is it insane? Of course, but when did that ever stop the planetary manipulators who are aiding and encouraging this as it also suits their purposes, for now… They require social mayhem and breakdown first in order to gain social acceptance of their draconian solution to it… Cue Islam.

  18. Avatar

    Ah, now I believe I am getting the idea. So, you have not heard of the Crusades. There is a CBC radio show from the Ideas program that would offer you some more balance in your views. What you ascribe to Muslim extremists can easily be seen in Christian history, if you have the kahunas to view it objectively. That will be a challenge to you because of the shitload of feelings you carry about Islam. (I am not preaching for Islam or Christianity in any way here.) I think when you refer to the ‘planetary manipulators’ you fall outside the realm of what it is possible to affect in our world. We can do something about our own neighborhoods, something significant but when you talk planet-wide you step into a realm that is rather meaningless to me except in theory. Your Muslim neighbor might not be at all like the thing you think he is and he might embrace his Islam in a very mild, gentle fashion. Some Christians do this too. But if you insist to him that his faith is murderous and worse, he will balk and call you crazy. That is because you are crazy, Scn911. You seem assume that all Islam wants to kill and conquer and you are very wrong. I have no interest in supporting your extremist views unless you are willing to talk of them as a theory exemplified only in extremist Muslims and admit that there are Chritsians every bit as sick, with the Bible to back them up.

    • Avatar

      Human lives hang in the balance… just consider what I say, please as I have tried to consider you. By the way, what is wrong with being personal unless asked not to do so? And should we not presume to carry the cconversation forward? Do you need to remain impersonal and not dare to presume? Do I dare disturb the universe?

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        Bruce Gerencser

        Polly went to the doctor today, and I went along with her. Her doctor was young, personable, patient, and very detailed in her medical explanations. As far as bedside manner goes, she’s the best. Oh, and she was wearing a head covering. She’s a Muslim. We never had a thought about her religious beliefs. She’s a mighty fine doctor, and that’s all that matters to us. And if she had been Christian we would have thought the same way.

        Yes, people commit violence in the name of Allah. The same can be said for Christians who commit violence in the name of their deity. I don’t judge individual Muslims or Christians based on what’s done by others in the name of their religion. Yes, worldwide there’s widespread violence committed by people who worship Allah. There was a time when the same could have been said of Christianity.

        • Avatar
          little dingo

          ‘There was a time when the same could have been said of christianity’

          The time of the inquisitions was just such a time where they perpetrated brutal torture on people, drawn & quartered after having things shoved into your fingernails, being put on the rack, then being half hung & de boweled, even the great Galileo died in jail after being caught up the Roman inquisition.
          How bout another couple for the doubting thomases that think christianity is beyond reproach, the puritans & the way they interwove their strange side beliefs into sermons, manipulating scripture from the pulpit, burning witches & believing the ridiculous tales of young girls being sexually ravaged by wolves, who were really men that were possessed by the devil, others who were burnt or drowned for other sundry misdemeaners.
          Many churches still have the attitude of enforced family separations because of the old – one rotten apple parable, which causes a lot of people unnecessary pain.

          I’m agnostic but I think its fair that if you take the quran literally, so must you take the bible, for as many items of violence you can find in the quran, you can also find in the bible,
          ‘An eye for an eye’ being the most well known.

  19. Avatar

    Hope all is well, and Polly received a good report, Bruce.

    I agree that there are many Muslims who are wonderful and good people. I’m part of a group at my church that is working to support and connect with Muslim refugees from northern Africa and the Middle East. Many of these people are fleeing from the terrorist extremists. The terrorists are killing more innocent Muslims than anyone else. It’s truly a tragic situation, and there is a lot of fear on all sides.

  20. Avatar

    Rebecca, Thank-you for your service. I say that because you are doing something in your own neighborhood to heal and to sustain the earth. In this day of instant news/internet, I think it is more difficult for sick murderers out there to go scott-free. News travels fast.
    My calendar this morning said, The sun of real happiness begins when you start to care for someone, (or something along those lines) I wish we had the heart necessary to arm our soldiers with reading materials and health aid rather than just new and better killing tools. They want us to stay afraid, very afraid so the business of war can be eternal profit. Religion, I am afraid is used a tool to perpetuate that fear as well as sometimes (as in your service) it is used to care for others.

  21. Avatar
    Colossus of Rhodes

    “President Harry S. Truman, who vetoed the bill on 25 June 1952”
    Just one tiny factoid that snopes omits is that the House and Senate voted to override Truman’s veto.

  22. Avatar
    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Chapter 2, Section 212 of the McCarren-Walter act does indeed ban anyone whose ideology is in complete opposition to the principles of which our Constitutional Republic are built upon and whose intent is to replace said nations ideology with that of their own and that you blind, completely delusional and in a total state of denial fools defines islam.

  23. Avatar

    At work lately, I have been discussing Canadian racism, particularly the racism that is in me, in us. I work with elderly volunteers and many of them are entirely racist concerning native Canadians. Tea chats can quickly turn into hate sessions where, within two minutes, half a dozen hateful things can be said about ‘those people’. I realize I am racist too because although I hear the hatred, I do not quickly speak to it in its bald ignorance. I sit quietly and tell myself that people are not likely to change in their old age, ‘those people’, the volunteers.
    Racism is rampant in the USA as Mr. Vandertie demonstrates. He knows that we are fools for being duped by religious (Islamic) people. What he does not seem to want to address in a like manner is his own delusion, that Islam in and of itself wishes to overthrow America. He is entirely the same as my volunteer friends in my work. Also, I would hazard that he is duped by religion himself but that is just a guess by the way he expresses his half-sense about the Constitution’s ideology…

  24. Avatar
    Craig Michael Vandertie

    There never has been an allah only the existence of a extraordinarily psychologically disturbed as in afflicted with the symptoms of Paranoid Schizophrenia/MPD, narcissism, sadism,and pedophilia, phony god Muhammad.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      But your God is real, right? And Christianity makes perfect sense. It’s perfectly rational, right, to believe virgins have babies, dead people come back to life after 3 days, people walk through walls, people walk on water, people dematerialize and materialize, and spit and dirt mixed together cures blindness? One man’s truth is another man’s insanity.

  25. Avatar
    Yulya Sevelova

    C. M. Vandertie, the problem basically is that the Abrahamic belief systems all have similarities. They are more alike than different. The Massachusetts Commonwealth had the melding of church and state. The Enlightenment did more for human freedom in any case.

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