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Jim Veitch, Pastor of Bible Truth Baptist Church, Rails Against the Boy Scouts and Homosexuality

What follows is a video clip from a sermon by Jim Veitch, pastor of Bible Truth Baptist Church in Griffin, Georgia. According to the church’s website, Bible Truth is a church that believes:

…in what the Bible teaches.  If the Bible says it’s sin, then we believe it’s sin.  If the Bible commands it, we believe it to be the commandment of God.  We strive to live out the commandments of the Bible in our lives as the Holy Spirit gives us power.

Evidently, Pastor Veitch’s King James Bible doesn’t have those verses that call gluttony a sin.

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Pastor Veitch is a typical southern Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) preacher. His camp meeting style of preaching is quite common in the south. If you would like to listen to more of Veitch’s preaching, please check out his page on You can check out Bible Truth Baptist Church’s Facebook page here.

Back in my camp meeting days, I heard numerous sermons similar Veitch’s. Fundamentalist Baptist crowds eat up this kind of preaching.


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    That guy is a truly scary, bigoted fool.

    His delivery is reminiscent of the recordings we see of Adolf Hitler. “How to manipulate the gullible.”

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    Oh, memories
    LOUD railing against all that is scary to ’em. As if they have the superior knowledge just because the world changes and they do not. Everything that is progressive about humanity is considered not only suspect, but SIN SIN SIN!
    Good LORD, the hours and days and months and years wasted listening and trying to agree with this crap.

    On the other hand, if what he said made sense, I love the preaching style. Guess it’s just a weird appreciation of the shouting and walking about whilst making a point. Use his style with worthwhile substance, Baby, and I’m there!

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      kittybrat, you Thrillseeker, or is it Shrillseeker? … For me, as a child, listening to this kind of bullying, it was sort-of a cross (sic) between deeply frightening and complete and utter gob-smack.
      But Jimmy here: I listened to a bit of his other ‘work’ and I see he is both emotionally deranged and sadly, rather stupid. He reminds me of grade school bullies who bashed themselves around us to make a point because they were incapable of putting together a coherent statement.
      Seemed to me in watching the vid that could be repeating himself sometimes because he just cannot remember that he just finished saying what he is beginning to say again. Somebody say AMEN! And his Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! That’s the thud at the bottom of dumb: I’m turning on the Batman light.

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    I’ve never thought it appropriate personally to make public comments on anyone’s size. But as I read this post, I was also listening to the news. Medicins Sans Frontiers was announcing the deaths from starvation of at least 16 people in the besieged city of Mosul. If these crazy fundies shifted their obsession with sexual ‘sin’ to the ‘sin’ of gluttony while most of the world is underfed or starving, they might, just might have a teensy bit of credibility….or not….but maybe they wouldn’t be such a laughing stock to most of us. IMO.

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