The Least of These: Sparrows and Finches

Colder temperatures and snow have led to an increase of birds stopping by our feeders to eat. What follows are photographs of some of the sparrows and finches that have graced us with their presence. I love watching them swarm the feeders, only to quickly retreat at the slightest sound of unexpected movement. While many people find such birds boring, I am fascinated by their diversity, with no two birds exactly the same.  These photographs were shot from our living room window.

sparrows and finches

sparrows and finches-001

sparrows and finches-002

sparrows and finches-004

sparrows and finches-005

sparrows and finches-006

sparrows and finches-007

sparrows and finches-008

sparrows and finches-009

sparrows and finches-003

sparrows and finches-010


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  1. Becky Wiren

    Lovely pictures. You’ve even captured some of the personality of each bird. (I don’t know why but that’s how I feel when I looked at the high resolution.)

  2. Len Koz

    Sparrows aren’t boring. My cats and I love to watch them as well as the pigeons and squirrels. More fun is the occasional winged escapee from the zoo, one of the perks of living in my part of The Bronx.

  3. sgl

    might find this of interest:

    Birds-of-Paradise Project
    Cornell University

    video of colorful birds doing elaborate mating rituals.

  4. Angiep

    Thank you for feeding them and the other critters that come to visit.


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