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Samantha Bee’s Devastating Critique of Evangelicalism and its Connection to the Republican Party

What follows is a short video by Samantha Bee detailing how Evangelicalism and the Republican Party became bedfellows. Wickedly funny, Bee gives a concise survey of how Republicans have co-opted the religious right and used them for political gain. Enjoy!

Warning! This video contains language that might offend children and Evangelicals.

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    Ooooh, flashbacks to the days in the mid-1980s when I was a reporter covering the local school board. A woman had run for one of the seats because while she was mowing the lawn one day, God showed her a vision and told her to do so. Most of what she proposed got voted down because it was so controversial and bizarre, and she didn’t have much of an impact.

    I did a story on her when she was leaving at the end of her one and only term. One of the other board members said, “I really wanted to thank her for being the devil’s advocate, but I didn’t think she’d appreciate that.”

    So glad to see these people going down. It was tough being a liberal Democrat in this crowd.

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    On point with witty sarcasm! I had a good laugh and needed it.

    And TLC, I am a flaming liberal myself in the wasteland of republican politics in SC. sigh – I feel your pain.

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