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Church of Christ Preacher Al Shannon Says There are Only 2 Million Christians in the Whole World

one true churchAccording to Church of Christ preacher Al Shannon, there are about two million True Christians® in the entire world. In a post titled Do You Have a Snowball’s chance in Hell of Being Saved?, Shannon stated:

One third of the world’s population claims to be Christian (2.1 billion). Yet, only a few of those have obeyed the gospel of Christ. So few that they are nearly invisible (approximately one in one thousand or 2,034,338). Now consider this, of these few who have obeyed the gospel of Christ, only a handful of these will be saved. And if only a handful will be scarcely saved among these, imagine how hopeless it will be for those who know not God and have not obeyed the gospel of Christ.

Shannon knows EXACTLY who is going to hell when they die:

This means every Catholic will be cast into hell. Every Baptist will be cast into hell. Every Presbyterian, every Methodist, every Adventist, every Mormon, every Pentecostal, yes and every denomination under the sun will be cast into hell. These are the ones who claim they are Christians, but have not obeyed the gospel of Christ. The other two thirds of the population of the world who know not God will also be cast into hell.

Of course, Shannon is one of the select few who will make it to Heaven. Cultists such as Shannon always think they are numbered among the True Christians®. The same goes for Calvinists. I have yet to meet a Calvinist preacher who didn’t think he was one of the elect.

I have often wished that preachers such as Shannon could die, see that there is no life after death — no judgement, heaven, or hell — and then be brought back to life to live the rest of their days knowing that everything they preached is a lie.


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    I think its 144,000 depending on the denomination or cult. Of course it could all be humbug which is much more plausible

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    I remember the first time I ran into these people as a kid. They were schoolmates. They soberly informed me that they were the only true Christians, because they were the Church of Christ. THE Church of Christ. It’s right there in the name. Seriously, that was their rationale.

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    Yulya Sevelova

    Looking up this Al Shannon in Kentucky. He does sound like a typical Southern fanatic preacher. If he is so certain most people born will wind up in hell, then he should lobby for diligent use of birth control, right ? As in why be born at all.

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