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Added PRINT Post Function


Have you ever wanted to print one of my posts and mail it to all the Independent Baptist preachers in your town? Well, now you can. I have added a PRINT post function (using the Print Post and Page Plugin) which is located at the bottom left of each page (before the mailing list signup form). This functions strips the HTML from the page and formats it so it can be easily printed. Due to the vast number of browsers and printers, I can’t guarantee that this new function will work with every browser/printer combination.  I tested this function with Firefox 47.0.1 and a Brother DCP-7065DN Laser Printer. The text and graphics printed correctly. I am quite impressed with this plugin’s functionality and I think you will be too.

iOS and Android smartphones and tablets handle printing differently, so this plugin will not work on these devices. Most iOS and Android devices/browsers have a built-in printing function and there are apps that can be used to handle page printing.

Let me know what you think.


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    Grammar Gramma

    I use Chrome, and have an HP LJ 300-400 series laser printer. When I clicked “print,” the print screen opened, but the default destination was to save it as a PDF. I changed to the destination to my local printer and it printed up nicely. 🙂

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      So. (That first word is for you, Grammar Gramma.) I have noticed in the past few years that people being interviewed on radio or other media, particularly intelleckchewels, like to begin their responses to questions put to them, with “So…” So, what do you make of that? So, if I print the post as a .pdf, and save it, it can be emailed by attaching it to the email, correct? The .pdf is actually a picture of the post so should remain in the format it appears as a .pdf? Is it so? 😉

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