Bruce, You Are Just Like Lucifer

I recently received an email from an Evangelical who said that Lucifer and I have a lot in common. Of course, I have a leg up on Lucifer. Unlike the Devil, I actually exist. And that is why frustrated, angry, outraged Evangelicals continue to send me email.

This email writer (who goes by the name Duane) came to this site as a result of a Yahoo search that led him to Holy Spirit Tells Jeremiah Johnson That Donald Trump is the Trumpet of God. He also read Why I Hate Jesus. All told, Duane spent less than ten minutes reading my writing. I am always amazed at how quickly the Holy Spirit leads Evangelicals to pass judgment on my past and present life.

bruce you are like lucifer

Text of email:

Man you have a really big problem. You talk about Jesus as if he let you down. Only you can reconcile with Jesus, in your time before he calls you to the throne of his judgement seat. This is promised to you and everyone who has walked this earth. You seem to forget one thing. The Paraclete is the only friend you have. The third part of the trinity of God. Oh of coarse you do have a choice to go with the other guy. You know, the guy in the Bible who was God’s favorite creation. The highest Angel that God created in the very beginning of the story. Yes the story that you seem to mock in your philosophy and writings that I have briefly read. That’s right, the other guy, who wanted to be God. Lucifer, not too different than your self who is self proclaimed and looking to lead people down the wrong path, with the lies of the world. You do have a destiny that is promised to you and everyone who lives and breathes the same air, that God breathed into Adam. Yes you too are not getting off this planet alive. And then you will meet the face of Jesus, who was and is and is to come. I know this all sounds familiar to you yet some where along the way you lost yourself and all that God has promised you. I love you and pray for you and all your family. I love you and God loves and Jesus loves you. You know how I know this. Because His tomb is empty! Amen and Amen Sincerely, Duane **********


  1. Steve

    I thought you were more evil than lucifer?

  2. Geoff

    It must be true because his ‘tomb is empty’.

    What a truly great intellectual genius.

  3. Neil

    Christian love – a wonder to behold! I am , in all seriousness, coming to the conclusion that those of an evangelical persuasion, in whichever faith, are actually pretty seriously mentally ill. Exhibit A – Duane A. Rose.

  4. Ami

    This is exactly why I’ve always thought of you as Brucifer.

  5. Beth Uncapher

    Compare Lucifer’s kill score in the Bible with God’s. I’d say the proper response to being compared to Lucifer is “Thank you.”

  6. Randy

    “I love you and pray for you and all your family. I love you and God loves and Jesus loves you. You know how I know this. Because His tomb is empty! ”

    I’m always disappointed when I read stuff like this from fellow evangelicals. After comparing you to Lucifer, implying you are going to roast eternally in hell, then Duane proclaims his love for you. I guess he believes his poorly conceived words are going to make you do a facepalm, repent, and start praising Jesus. It’s not a very compelling email nor a well thought out one. In fact I bet it’s quite frustrating and infuriating when you read stuff like this.

    Well, here’s the deal. I visit here frequently. Sometimes I read stuff that makes me laugh, sometimes I read stuff that makes me think and sometimes I read stuff that truly and totally makes me angry. Your blog is the only one I follow regularly. You keep me on my toes, and even though I’m still a follower of Christ I believe we both share the same disdain for many in the evangelical camp. As an evangelical I promise to never send you some half baked email imploring you to turn or burn. I can’t say I “love” you because I don’t know you that well. However I bet we could have a good chat over a couple of drinks. I don’t pray for you because I don’t think you want me to. I’m just trying to do my best to encourage some semblance of sanity amongst my fellow believers and teach them that attitudes like Duane’s have no chance of offering any encouragement to others of different beliefs.

  7. Troy

    Lucifer means “light bringer” so yes Bruce it suits you.

  8. Sarah

    Obviously this guy didn’t get past the part about how evil conversation corrupts good character. How can people think that name calling leads people to do what they want? What’s the idea here? I’ll be rude and then you will want what I am selling you because I seem so great?

  9. Suzanne

    I see the public schools in Wayne, New Jersey are doing a bang up job teaching spelling…

  10. Dale

    Suzanne, of COARSE they do!


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