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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Secular Scientists are Con Men

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The church has a problem. It has been invaded by those who take the words and methods of the unbelieving world who use those deceived ideas to alter God’s word and teach what God has not taught. They also misrepresent God casting a different picture about him, one that God does not paint of himself.

Sadly, these people are respected and held in high esteem and many in the church are led to alternative beliefs which are not of God and not Biblically taught. In this piece we are going to look at some of the favored ‘tools’ used by secular and alternative believing people as well as two theories, which are also held in high esteem.

There is an old saying, ‘when confronted with printing the truth or the legend, you print the legend.’ That is what secular science does. It prints the legend, the best explanation, not the truth. As Dr. Del Ratzsch recorded in his book, The Battle of Beginnings, and many other authors have done so as well, secular science does not want God as a part of their work and when you remove the truth from guiding you then you have no hope of coming upon the truth.

Yes they do get bits and pieces of truth but every con man knows that if your con is void of any truth it will not hold up. Some truth has to be included in order for the lie to sound convincing and work.
Observation: Many in the secular scientific field place a high regard on this very inferior tool as they think observation is a key to understanding any given situation. Unfortunately for them observation can only lead to a multiple reasons for any action observed and the multiple choice they are left with only includes the truth as one possibility.
Observation alone cannot ferret out the truth and it needs the help of other sources providing the correct information to get to the truth. Observation merely puts a person on the path to getting to the truth and if the observer makes an error or decides to go after false information then their work is worthless as any claims made from faulty conclusions could hurt innocent lives, just like interpretation does.

Prediction: This is pseudo-science dressed up to be factual science. There is no other term for this as predictions come from fortune telling not scientific, rational thought. There is no objective authority that states we are to use prediction in any of our investigations. In fact, in criminal investigations predictions are frowned upon and consider unjust and unfair.

Why secular science has adopted this as a lynch pin in its work can only be answered by the fact that secular science is evil influenced and led not God led or influenced. The fact that secular scientists only proclaim the predictions that work shows how dishonest they are. The many unfulfilled predictions that so many scientists encounter are ignored as the secular scientist tries to present an ideal picture of their field of research even though those failed predictions would disqualify the secular scientist from achieving any credibility and demonstrate that their theory does not work and is not true.
You will notice that the Bible does not teach the use of predictions but does state to thoroughly investigate a matter. Predictions are not part of a thorough investigation but a lazy, cheating way to avoid the truth and get one’s pet theory a hearing. These also allow for injustice to take place as well as teach people to accept lies over God’s truth.
Secular Scientists: The believer needs to remember one very important fact about secular scientists. They have not been redeemed by Jesus, they have not been made a new creature nor has the old man been removed from their lives.

These people are deceived, blind and under the influence of evil thus their ideas, theories, conclusions, etc., will not be the truth. Though they may contain elements of the truth, this is merely a trap to deceive believers into leaving the truth for the lies of evil.

No amount of education, no amount of experience, no amount of conducted experiments will overcome this fact. The secular scientist remains in sin, a prisoner of evil and blind to the truth. At no time does the Bible teach that we are to follow the unbelieving world and at no time are we taught anywhere in scriptures that we are to adopt or adapt their theories, ideas or conclusions.

The choice is you either believe God or you believe secular scientists (evil) There is no middle ground.
The believer is NOT anti-science, they are against the lies told by secular science and scientists. A guideline to this is if science disagrees with the Bible then it is not the Bible that is in error.
Science, any variety, does not know more than God or the Bible.

— David Tee, TheologyAcheology: A Site For the Glory of God


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    Karen the rock whisperer

    Of course “secular” scientists who just happen to be Christians are not True Christians. Aaaaand he’s not anti-science, but the scientific method is evil.

    What’s with the word salad about predictions? Is he saying that because we require a hypothesis to make testable predictions, that’s a bad thing? And why should we think unfulfilled predictions are bad? They give good data; they tell us our hypothesis is wrong. This guy does not have the foggiest clue as to how science works, he just wants to pontificate about how it’s bad.

    The thing that bugs me is that he will reach like-minded people who read this muddle and think “See! Here’s a Thinker who has disproven secular science!” Gah.

  2. Avatar
    August Rode

    David Tee keeps using the word ‘truth.’ I don’t think it means what he thinks it means.

    His entire argument looks like one huge “poisoning the well” argument to me.

    • Avatar

      Geoff, I feel that I owe you an apology. Bullshit like this needs to be stomped on hard and asshats like this Tee fellow shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near our schools. I’ll fight this bullshit right along side you.
      IF God is Truth (as I believe), then God and science cannot disagree. Since science can show me the evidence and faith (by its very nature) cannot, then science is correct and it is that part of my faith that is in error. I seek the Truth, I don’t claim to have found it.

  3. Avatar

    This Tee guy has it exactly backwards; it’s science that’s right, you asshat. People like this piss me off so badly, because when I say I believe in the Divine, I get lumped in with this shit. When science and my faith conflict, it’s only as I adapt to the new information, not because I’m denying it. Faith gives way to scientific fact every time in my mind.

      • Avatar

        I am forever in the debt of the leader of my youth group 1975-1977, Gene Keller (RIP) who was a conscientious objector during WWII. No topic was off limits. We discussed sex, drugs, rock music, racism, sexism, as well as our own faith, just to name a few topics that I remember fairly well, even after 4 decades. I asked him why he allowed us to talk about anything and he said: “An un-examined faith isn’t worth having. The truth can withstand any honest examination.” I’ve tried to live by those words ever since.

  4. Avatar
    dale m.

    Mr. T is under the impression that science is a belief system. Particularly when he puts “evil” in brackets beside it. He should put those brackets beside the biblical god. One only has to point to Rwanda where 900,000 Christians (that’s a lot of people!!!), mostly Protestants were massacred by Catholic Christians. So where’s the “truth” and “evil” there?!? But this is conveniently ignored. Mr. T desperately needs to be introduced to the concept of science and to the concept of freedom. Someone needs to open his mind.

  5. Avatar

    Yes, I completely agree with Tee. Setting logical analysis, science, and prediction aside is very important if one accepts the infallibility of the Bible.

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