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Is Religion Another Away of Understanding Truth? by Sean Carroll


Contrary to what many Evangelical apologists think, scientists do not have (or think they have) answers for every possible question about the universe, life, and human existence. While science does answer many questions that humans deem important, there are yet many unanswered questions that scientists diligently seek to answer. Because science does not have ALL the answers, Evangelicals often say that religion is another empirical and equally valid way of determining and understanding truth. Of course, when science conflicts with religious truth what happens? Most Evangelicals reject that scientific truth, and put their faith in what the inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God says about the matter. This is why there are millions of American who believe the universe is 6,021 years old, Adam and Eve were real people, and the earth was destroyed by a flood 4,000 or so years ago. This is also why snake oil salesmen like Ken Ham can build million dollar monuments to ignorance such as the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter.

As Physicist Sean Carroll makes clear in the following two-minute video, scientists do not have all the answers, nor have they ever claimed that they do. But, regardless of the lack of answers, science still remains the best way for us to understand our world.

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    Jonathan Kiser

    Sean Carroll is brilliant. He is also right on target. If an omnipotent God did exist his description of the universe and his stories would not be like the Bible which is full of inconsistencies and contradictions.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      Yep. Since this God knows EVERYTHING, he possesses ALL scientific knowledge. Why doesn’t this God write an updated Bible, reflecting where humans now are scientifically? Sure would make things simpler. ?

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