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1998: Statements Concerning Social Issues

our father's house west unity ohio
Bryan Times Advertisement for Our Father’s House, West Unity, Ohio

What follows is an excerpt from the Constitution of Our Father’s House, West Unity, Ohio. I started Our Father’s House in 1995. I pastored the church for seven years.

Statements of Morality, Ethics & Doctrine


We as a Church believe homosexuality to be a sinful and wicked behavior. (Romans 1) Such behavior is contrary to the teaching of Scripture and no practicing homosexual will be admitted as a member of the Church.

Living Together

We as a Church believe that a man and woman living together (as husband and wife) without being legally and morally joined together as husband and wife are living in a state of fornication and/or adultery. (Exodus 20) Such behavior is contrary to Scripture and no couple living in such a manner will be admitted as member (s) of the Church.


We as a Church believe that abortion (that is non-spontaneous or not a medical emergency) is sin and such action is to be considered murder. (Exodus 20) We believe an anti-abortion stand is consistent with the morality and ethics of Scripture and no one may be a member of the Church if they promote or advocate abortion .

The Gifts of the Spirit

We as a Church affirm a non-cessationist view of spiritual gifts. We believe that God spiritually gifts His people for the evangelization of the lost and for the mutual edification of the body of Christ.

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    I know I’m a ‘stuck record’, but once again, the fundie view of sex sins as the BIG BIG ones, others are way down the list. My father left the church in the years after the 1904 welsh revival because men who led chapels on Sundays ranting against the demon alcohol, got drunk secretly in the week and beat their wives. Some who had the ‘best pews’ on Sundays were employers who treated their employees badly but put a lot in the collection plate. They were never denounced and I suggest today, mega corporations who rape the planet for profit….well, the list is endless, I have never gone hungry, so I am guilty of the sin of not doing more to help the 8million folk who won’t have food today. If there were to be an actual judgement day, I think every christian would be very surprised to discover what god judged them on…..I venture to suggest not at all what they think are sins and that he’ll give them extra brownie points for being ‘filled with the spirit’.

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