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The Sounds of Fundamentalism: There is No Santa Claus by David Grisham


This is the one hundred and fortieth installment in The Sounds of Fundamentalism series. This is a series that I would like readers to help me with. If you know of a video clip that shows the crazy, cantankerous, or contradictory side of Evangelical Christianity, please send me an email with the name or link to the video. Please do not leave suggestions in the comment section.  Let’s have some fun!

Today’s Sound of Fundamentalism is a video clip of Amarillo, Texas preacher David Grisham telling children lined up at the mall to see Santa that there is no Santa Claus. Grisham is oblivious to the fact that his preaching points against Santa could equally be applied to Jesus. Grisham is a member of Repent Amarillo (link no longer active) and evangelist for Last Frontier Evangelism.

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For more on David Grisham, please read How Would Evangelicals Respond if Atheists Acted Like David Grisham?

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    Christianity is designed to harm people. If the fundy evangelical version is your template, then you must join this informed pastor at the mall and tell the parents and children off for standing in line to see Santa Satan. The odd thing to me is that some Christians refuse to berate others with the gospel, refuse to obey their Lord and Saviour and continue to practice evil devil worship at Christmas. Poor Jesus died for your sins and yet you lie to your children and allow them to fantasize!
    (The next big laugh is the fellow who is verbally assaulting the public in a mall protesting when someone actually tries to move him physically away. Hey, don’t touch me! I am allowed to assault the public this way and you are not empowered to prevent it! I am surprised the idiot for God did not get himself a black eye. What an ignoramus. I think of what his own children have to endure from him. )

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    Susie Cue

    Since when do you think you have the right to address the children that are not part of your church. That is offensive and assumes that all people hold your beliefs. No wonder the hate of Christians like you who overreach is growing because of your actions.

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      The guy is certainly within his legal rights to do so. Of course the mall is private property and he is harassing customers. The mall would be within their legal rights to stifle his disruptive behavior. (“Sir, we’re going to have to ask you to stop harassing mall patrons or leave the premises”)
      The physical confrontation is exactly what he wants of course, and they played right into his plans in quick order. (And no, his goal wasn’t to get converts to his church at the mall, the video itself becomes a recruiting tool as in “look how bold I am for Jesus!”)
      I don’t understand why it is so important to adults that their kid’s believe in Santa. At any rate it will take more than an obviously mentally deficient person yelling down with Santa up with Jesus to change your kid’s mind.

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        J.D. Matthews

        The physical confrontation is what he wants, because I believe this guy wants to sue somebody. Grifters gonna grift.

        • Avatar

          I don’t think he wants to sue, merely look oppressed on the video.
          It’s all just show biz.
          It would have been preferable if mall security asked him to leave.

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    This is a sign that IFB-ism is falling apart, because if the church was stocked with parishioners, this pastor wouldn’t have time to waste ruining the Christmas fun of small children. Even if this guy doesn’t have a church and just street-evangelizes, he should know that this isn’t a helpful tactic….if there is such a thing as “kamikaze-evangelism”, this would fit into that category perfectly.

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      I am increasingly convinced that people who engage in this kind of “evangelism” are in fact seriously mentally ill, and should be treated as such.

      I was in line at a Walgreens a few years ago, when some guy came into the store yelling, very much like the man in this video. Only instead of yelling about Jesus, he was yelling about Obama being a space alien, wires in his head, the FBI and the CIA. The clerk did not let him stand there ranting; she called 911, and the police and paramedics arrived very quickly. They got the guy calmed down (without force, amazingly, maybe because the cops stood back and let the paramedics deal with him; he appeared to be bleeding from his arm) and transported him to the hospital.

      Why do we not treat these lunatics who rant about Jesus the same way? They are just as sick, and it is time we faced it. Call 911, remove them from the premises, using law enforcement if necessary, take them to a mental health facility, drug them heavily, and deprogram them. If that doesn’t work and they continue to persist in their delusions, then give them a frontal lobotomy. I’m quite serious. It is time we treated these people as what they are; seriously mentally ill.

      I know some Christians, mainly affiliated with mainline churches and denominations, who are very kind, intelligent, reasonable, and rational people (despite believing in a god who does not exist.) Unfortunately I know too many people affiliated with IFB and independent, fundamentalist churches (including some in my own family, sadly) who clearly have mental health issues and need help, and refuse to get it because Jesus. Guys like this idiot pastor are in full-on psychotic breaks, and need to be treated as such. Yes, they will scream persecution and First Amendment. I no longer give a sh!t. These people are seriously mentally ill and a threat to themselves and others. They need psychiatric treatment, by force of law if necessary. It is time to stop letting these very sick people hide behind a Bible.

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    The last time Miracle on 34th Street was made (1994) this exact theme was used. The judge allowed Kris Kringle to be deemed the real Santa Claus because the US Treasury, on its banknotes, uses the words ‘in god we trust’. As there is no evidence for god then, similarly, there need be no evidence for Santa. An important philosophical point, that wasn’t really the intention of the film.

    As far as this clip is concerned I can’t begin to understand his total lack of compassion. I think if I was one of the parents in the mall, not just a parent in fact, I’d want to punch his face.

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    Santa claus could be a dangerous idea if pushed too hard.Thankfully for most parents it is a bit of fun that is revealed as a game as soon as the child doubts.

    What is more damaging for a child… to find out your parents told you a fun but made up story about santa or to be told that friends and family are tortured for eternity??

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    As I recall, Santa had to do with behavior, the reward-punishment paradigm. You better watch out, you better not cry! He sees you when you’re sleeping and knows! Christianites fuck everything up for themselves and all the rest of us. Santa in a Christian home is an abusive fuck who will surely get you if you are mess up. Thank-you gentle Jesus for another gift from above. Get all excited now, children. Look at the Sears catalogue for Christmas and you better be very very careful now. Are you obeying? We don’t don’t want a bag of coal, now do we?
    Sweet merciful Father, you prick. It would be more honest and better to just kick all the kids up the side of the head instead of brainwashing them and threatening but then, where’s the fun in being decent and honest?

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        Its a joke song my dad sang to us after we all stopped believing santa. I would never sing it in front of kids or that brittany character from glee( the one who believed dolphins were just gay sharks)

        • Avatar

          Ohh.. Lol I thought you meant for Bruce to delete his post. At Easter I used to leave bits of the carrot the kids left for the Easter bunny around on the floor, then in the morning I would tell them “right, that’s it, next year I’m setting a trap and cook that bloody Easter bunny in a stew.” They started bawling and making plans to save the Easter bunny.. I know I was a mean mum but it was so funny.

          • Avatar

            I love the post, the the second comment was a duplicate that was then edited just wanted to flush the crap away. Now about the snl politically correct christmas. There is also another version of joy to the world i can post or jingle bells starring batman?. Bruce i think we need a parody christmas carol post?

          • Avatar

            My dad’s Xmas greetings;
            “Merry Syphilis and a Happy Gonorrhoea.”
            And yes he taught my kids to say it… Lol

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    Someone should have said to him “can you prove there is no Santa?” Just like when they say to us “can you prove there is no God?” Also has anyone else noticed how scared fundies are of their kids even knowing that there are different religions and non believers? But they have no problem in telling our kids whatever they want, if they truly believed that their religion is so true then they should have no problem with them learning about others. And 99% of kids are either told the truth about Santa by at the very latest 12 years old, but usually they start figuring it out about 9-10.

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    I bet if someone turned up to his sunday school class to tell the children some ‘truth’ he would go ape. Even if they didn’t tell the children that there is no God but simply told them about some scholarly views on the bible – he would furious. What a prick

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    I have a problem with Christians that say Christmas is only about Christ and that Santa doesn’t exist. If we go solely by scripture, there is no date for Christ’s birth in the Holy Bible. In regards to Santa, he is a much greater representative of what Jesus should be, because if they think about it in other than their religious view, Santa giving gifts to good children and coal to bad children, correlates very well with receiving a blessing from Christ or a curse from Christ, for example use the parable of the fig tree. When you think about the term Christlike, it usually means someone who is kind and merciful. The original St. Nick gave money to the poor unlike the Christians of today who argue that the poor should be worked to death. One of the most innocent people I have ever known, was totally disrespected at his funeral because those who supposedly cared for him did not view him as being worthy of being treated with basic human dignity. His obituary claimed that he would only be remembered for his love of walking (which no one wants to just be remembered for that) and was used to advertise the church that treated him with such disrespect as to write such an obituary. This just goes to demonstrate that Christianity is an evil religion based on cruelty, corruption, and roman paganism because after all the great fresco of God reaching to Adam in the Sistine Chapel is actually of Jupiter. A truthful ad for Christians would be “Do you enjoy breaking the hearts of innocent children and torturing everyone who disagrees with you? Let’s get together with our stupid book that is mistranslated. Join us on Sunday. All are welcome except the poor, woman, the disabled, LGBT people, critical thinkers, and anyone who disagrees with us.”

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    The legend of Santa Claus can be traced back hundreds of years to a monk named St. Nicholas. It is believed that Nicholas was born sometime around 280 A.D. in Patara, near Myra in modern-day Turkey. Much admired for his piety and kindness, St. Nicholas became the subject of many legends. Take that, you so called Christian Pastor!

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      Bruce Gerencser

      Grisham’s anti-Santa, anti-Christmas beliefs can be traced back to the Puritans. While some of Grisham’s beliefs are historically correct, his behavior is offensive and presents Christianity as a religion for nut jobs. I used to be anti-Christmas, but I never would have tried to force those beliefs on others.

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    His duty as a pastor is to win others for Christ. He is doing the complete opposite and is representing our Lord and Savior so incredibly poorly. I just cannot fathom what his goal is in harassing families. I’m embarrassed as a Christian as I watch this “pastor”. Sad.

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