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Bruce, Your Blog is Disgusting

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Email From the Peanut Gallery

After reading two posts (Bethel Redding: A Dangerous Evangelical Cult and About), an Evangelical man sent me the following email:

Name: Freddie Valdez

Email: ****

Subject: Disgusted with your blog

Comment: I wonder what the apostles and martyrs of the christian faith would day to you….? I feel sad that your convictions, after having “pastored” are so mushy. I do hope you get converted back someday. I feel sorry for your children and your blog followers. You Atheism is as inspiring as you “theism”. You should express yourself through a hobby rather than preaching your humanist void…I never write to people I encounter on the web, but I find your material disgusting, but I guess that ud fine with you anyway. May the void bless you.


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    Freddie Valdez: I feel sorry for your children. I was the child of a believer who sounds somewhat like you and I grieve to think that your children are imprisoned by your sorry, judgemental ‘faith’. Your desertion of your humanity in order to worship woo is very sad.
    Bruce Gerencser has never prevented his children from following their religious delusions, as they please…. unlike you, Mr. Valdez. Your feelings of disgust are misplaced because you have denied your own worth and abandoned yourself to woo belief. Sad for your kids, very sad.

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    Mary Ellen

    I know humanists, some in my UU congregation, and humanists are NOT void…and, you DO share other interests with us…I happen to think you are quite a good photographer…

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      It’s hard to take them seriously to start with but when their spelling and grammar is “worser” than that of my dyslexic son I lose my shit lol

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    He knows exactly what you have to do! Isn’t that a miracle? I think God whispers it into his ears, don’t you? “Bruce needs a hobby other than blogging about atheism….”

    I have to say that Jesus’s message to Paul on the road to Damascus was a bit more convincing and theatrical….. I think those grand gestures went out of fashion. They might have become too expensive to carry out…

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    I don’t find Bruce’s convictions mushy. People should be allowed to change as they learn new information.

    I’m sure the Calvinist brethren didn’t think Bruce was mushy when he started following their way. But, I know what they said when Bruce moved on from them. Why are we considered mushy or having no conviction when we don’t agree, but considered strong men of god when we do? I’ve seen this over and over through the years.

    From everything I have read on this site, the one thing Bruce can never be accused of is being mushy. I have never had to guess what Bruce has felt about anything.

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    As I get older, each time I void, I feel blessed and relieved in it. I do not see anything wrong with being blessed by the void. Hell, to be condemned by lack of the void just burns eternally! (Have I missed the point again? Bruce may the void bless you indeed! May your prostate glory in the void, your bladder be gladder and may Mr. Valdez someday, with luck, become more regular, less stuck so to speak.

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    And furthermore! Your blog is disgusting and allows talk of elimination and other stuff better left to dirty animals across the tracks and not spoken of by decent folk who know how to dress for Sunday service. Elimination is not something decent people do! Why, I have a friend who has not farted for fifty years because he respects the Church! I am not at liberty to reveal his name but I assure you, he has not allowed the gas to foul his faith. Frankly, he is proof of the Almighty if anything is! He stands as an example I cannot deny. How else could a man accomplish what he has accomplished? I must go now and consider my challenge, my lot.

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    Yulya Sevelova

    Freddy Valdez, you sound rather like someone with a mind made of mush ! Why DOES America crank out these religious cults as no other country would lower itself to do ?! I went to Bethel 40 years ago, and the materialistic geeky types there at the time, are the same sort who go there now. Do you really think anyone with previous negative church experience will bother listening to YOU, with your childish way of expressing yourself and petty, wheedling demeanor ? You’re the last person qualified to comment on a blog.

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