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Several weeks ago, I switched The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser from using  HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). This switch was necessitated by Google’s plan to warn internet users when they are accessing an insecure (non-HTTPS) site. Doing so makes readers think that this site is insecure and unsafe to access. This is, of course, patently untrue. That said, it is in the long-term best interest of this site to use HTTPS.

Making this switch has one unfortunate complication. People using ancient browsers — say IE6 or Safari 5 — that don’t support modern encryption protocols will no longer be able to read this site. There’s nothing I can do about this. I encourage readers using unsupported browsers to update their browsers or switch to one that supports the latest encryption and security protocols.



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1 Comment

  1. Lara Snider

    I love it when a person takes care of themselves. I work with lots of people who just about kill themselves to get their FB for work to draw in people. You were very kind to be as open as you have. Don’t misunderstand what I’m about to say, but guard heart so people won’t hurt you or feel like they need to rebuke you. I wish you didn’t have to do this, but the world is full of assholes and have graciously allowed many to write and toally ignored the even worse. I hope Facebook can be enjoyable for you again, I couldn’t be on Facebook until after rigged election and did ok the first few weeks of January, and I only look at my relatives,funny dogs and connect with friends far away. The hope for ease and a small personal break is my wish for you. Here in Michigan it is grey grey white with gray splotches, and so on! April will be nice.


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